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September 23, 2013

This week’s highlights: Cleo Wattenstrom’s Tattoo Energy Cover, Klaudia Burman in FHM, Ana Braga in Playboy Israel, Anais Zanotti and Shannon Boothby.

Cleo Wattenstrom’s Tattoo Energy Cover

Model: Cleo Wattenstrom; Photographer: Christian Saint

Model Mayhem’s Cleo Wattenstrom just landed the cover of Tattoo Energy. She is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Landing this cover is great for Cleo because in addition to modeling, she is a tattoo artist. She has a very unique and exotic look primarily because she is a mix of Ethiopian and Greek.  We look forward to seeing more great covers from Cleo in the future!

Klaudia Burman in FHM

Model: Klaudia Burman

Norwegian model Klaudia Burman’s star is rising. Although she is young and has only been an MM member for less than a year, she has already been featured in FHM. Klaudia has a fantastic look. Her face is absolutely stunning. It’s clearly obvious that she is serious about her career as a model and her efforts, coupled with her beauty, will pay off.

Anais Zanotti in Entrevue Magazine

Model: Anais Zanotti

Model Mayhem’s Anais Zanotti is getting more and more international recognition. The Miami-based beauty just recently landed a major feature in Entrevue Magazine. Entrevue is the French equivalent to People Magazine. Not only that, but also Anais has graced over 30 magazine covers all over the world. She is very experienced and versatile which makes her a great person to work with. Anais is highly in demand as a model and her success is bound to continue.

Shannon Boothby in SnapMatter Magazine

Model: Shannon Boothby

Shannon Boothby just got a two-page spread in SnapMatter Magazine not too long ago. She is also becoming a well-known name and face in the MM News Roundups. Shannon has worked with dozens of photographers and has had multiple photos published in magazines. She is showing no sign of slowing down. We wish her all the best!

Ana Braga in Playboy Israel

Model Mayhem’s Ana Braga stated that being in Playboy was one of the best things that ever happened to her throughout her career as a model. Less than a year ago, she had her first Playboy feature. Since then, Ana has been able to take advantage of a large number of opportunities that have propelled her career forward. Many of those opportunities came from Playboy, such as recently being published in the Israeli edition of the magazine. Ana is quickly conquering the international editions of Playboy.

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