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 October 14, 2013

This week’s new member spotlight shines on a makeup artist from Washington, photographers from Hawaii and Belgium, and models from Los Angeles, Tampa, Milan and Canada.

Ashley Steyaert – Model, San Francisco, CA

Model: Ashley Steyaert; Photographer: Winokur Photography

Please welcome Ashley Steyaert to MM. Ashley is from San Francisco, CA and is looking for some fun and exciting work through modeling that will provide her with some awesome shots, memorable experiences and great stories.

EdenM – Model, Baltimore, MD

Model: EdenM

Say hello to EdenM of Baltimore, MD. Eden is 23 years of age and is looking for an opportunity to grow in this industry. She has no experience but is willing and eager to learn and is here to network to reach her goals.

Jose De Lore – Model, New York, NY

Model: Jose De Lore

Please say hello to Jose De Lore. Jose was born in Dominican Republic and moved to New York City, where he still resides, when he was one years old. He wants to do modeling and acting as a career and is looking for castings here on MM.

GHPphoto – Photographer, Rochester, NY

Photographer: GHPphoto

Say hi to GHPphoto of Rochester, NY. GH is a photographer with an interest in building and developing his fashion portfolio. He is here on MM looking for new and interesting models, stylists and artists to work with.

Geert Vanden Broeck – Photographer, Denderleeuw, Belgium

Photographer: Geert Vanden Broeck

Please welcome Geert Vanden Broeck to MM. Geert is a professional photographer from Denderleeuw, East Flanders, Belgium and has joined MM to network.

Indigo Dominique – Model, Killeen, TX

Model: Indigo Dominique

Say hello to Indigo Dominique. Indigo is a 20 year old, Black and Japanese model residing in Killeen, TX. She has modeled for a few boutiques and some portfolios and even made it to ANTM. She is now in the military but is still interested in getting back into the modeling world for fun. She is here to network.

Bulldog84 – Model, Seattle, Washington, US

Model: Bulldog84

Please welcome Bulldog84 to MM. Bulldog is a photographer from Seattle, Washington, who has decided to step in front of the camera for a change.  He enjoys working with artists that have innovative ideas and are open to partnering with him in order to create something together.

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