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November 13, 2013

This week’s new member spotlight shines on models Lina LaRue, Emmy Marie, Nicoliani and Ingrid In Lai, wardrobe stylist Diego Marquez, and photographers Deb K Leal and Siri Sanden.

Lina LaRue – Model, Worcester, MA

Model: Lina LaRue; Photographer: Autumn Underwood

Lina LaRue is a 30 year old Worcester, MA based model who does vintage styled pinup work but enjoys doing modern pinup and steam punk work as well. She is hoping to gain some more experience in the modeling world and meet fun new people here on MM.

Deb K Leal – Photographer, San Francisco, CA

Photographer: Deb K Leal

Deb K Leal is a photographer who has just relocated to San Francisco, CA from Milwaukee after obtaining a BFA in fine art photography from MIAD. She is looking to build a bigger portfolio and gain new experiences in fashion editorial.

Emmy Marie – Model, Los Angeles, CA

Model: Emmy Marie

Emmy Marie is a Los Angeles, CA based actress with a passion for modeling. She hopes to meet new and creative people to collaborate with.

Diego Marquez – Wardrobe Stylist, Brooklyn, NY

Wardrobe Stylist: Diego Marquez

Diego Marquez is a wardrobe stylist residing in Brooklyn, NY. He loves the art in fashion and enjoys traveling to get new ideas.

Nicoliani – Model, New York, NY

Model: Nicoliani; Photographer: H2ART LLC

Nicoliani is a 32 year old model from New York, NY who is easy going and who loves networking with creative photographers.

Ingrid In Lai – Model, Paris, France

Model: Ingrid In Lai; Photographer: Christian De Brosses

Ingrid In Lai is a 34 year old model from Paris, Île-de-France, France who has worked for American and Italian fashion houses as well having been in many other high end and noteworthy events. .

Siri Sanden – Photographer, New York, NY

Photographer: siri sanden

Siri Sanden is a New York, NY based photographer studying the graduate fashion photographer program at SVA. She has joined MM to network with stylists and hair/makeup artists.

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