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December 18, 2013

This week’s new member spotlight shines on models Lyndsey Chadwell, Mel Gasia, Tetyana Hulyo, Mia Lydia, photographer Brian McDougall and more.

Lyndsey Chadwell – Model, Los Angeles, CA

Model: Lyndsey Chadwell

Lyndsey Chadwell is a 5’11”, 20-year old model from Los Angeles with a passion for traveling the world. She’s an experienced runway model looking to broaden her experience.

Mel Gasia – Model, Los Angeles, CA

Model: Mel Gasia

Mel Gasia is a half Belgian and Filipino model based in Los Angeles. She’s walked the runway in a number of fashion shows and wants to shoot anything from editorials to body paint and avant garde.

Angie Williams – Model, Watford, England, UK

Model: Angie123 Williams

Angie Williams is a 23 year old model who has some experience and is currently building her portfolio.

Tetyana Hulyo – Model, Glassboro, NJ

Model: Tetyana Hulyo

Tetyana Hulyo is a 20 year old model with a strong passion for health and fitness. She is very interested in fashion and beauty but has only minimal experience.

Tetyana is here on MM to network.

Mia Lydia – Model, Chicago, IL

Model: Mia Lydia

Mia Lydia is an actress, writer, journalism major and a fashion minor. She is looking to network here on MM and is interested in fashion, swimsuit, magazines, calendars and headshots.

Brian McDougall – Photographer, Miami Beach, FL

Photographer: Brian McDougall

Brian McDougall is a professional studio, product and lifestyle photographer and is always looking for creative people to collaborate with.

Malayka Viney – Model, Charlotte, NC

Model: Malayka Viney

Malayka Viney is a 20 year old runway model looking to build her port with print/editorial work.

fjrStudios Photography – Photographer, Dallas, TX

Photographer: fjrStudios Photography

fjrStudios Photography is an experienced photographer residing in Dallas, Texas. He has been shooting since 2007 and has a serious passion for capturing moments and beauty through photography.

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