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March 12, 2014

This week’s new member spotlight shines on Cody Nathaniel Johnson, Jess Moy, Kimberlee Kessler, Cassandra Wages, Pablo Fonseca and TM Photo Trina Marie.

Cody Nathaniel Johnson – Clothing Designer, Phoenix, AZ

Clothing Designer: CodyNathanielJohnson

Cody Nathaniel Johnson is a Native American from the Tohono O’odham tribe from Arizona. He is a Local Fashion Designer in downtown Phoenix. Most of his garments have hand detailed work, such as embroidery, crocheting, hand sewing, and hand weaving. Cody is looking to network with great people with tons of inspiration to collaborate with in photography, hair, makeup, styling, modeling, etc.

Jess Moy – Model, Washington, DC

Model: Jess Moy

Jess Moy is a 22-year old who has always had an interest in modeling. She is currently a student, but would love to gain exposure and experience from MM in the hopes of also continuing to be involved in arts, and so she is here to network.

Kimberlee Kessler – Wardrobe Stylist, Sydney, Australia

Wardrobe Stylist: kimberleekessler1

Kimberlee Kessler has been working as an Art Director and stylist for the past 5 years now and has been lucky enough to work on a wide variety of shoots, with different concepts and creative themes. She is most interested in photo shoot art direction – and would love to collaborate with other creatives (models, hair, makeup, photography) and work together on future jobs.

Cassandra Wages, Photographer, Los Angeles, CA

Photographer: Cassandra Wages

Cassandra Wages was raised in a family of bikers and creative small town hustlers in California’s High Desert, and was drawn to the visual arts from a young age. She now resides in Los Angeles and works as a photographer, producer, and brand development consultant in collaboration with creative teams around the world.

Pablo Fonseca – Model, Los Angeles, CA

Model: pablofonsecaf

Pablo Fonseca is a 25-year old who has been modeling and acting for 5 years. He is interested in the world of art and entertainment and also has a deep passion for history. He is here to collaborate with other creatives.

TM Photo Trina Marie – Photographer, Las Vegas, NV

Photographer: TM Photo Trina Marie

TM Photo Trina Marie is a west coast photographer, born and raised in Los Angeles who currently has a studio based out of the fabulous Las Vegas, NV.

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