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March 19, 2014

This week’s new member spotlight shines on Paul Metra, Elise Cody, Maaya Martin, Alonzo Williams, Margarita and Trerese.

Paul Metra – Photographer, Los Angeles, CA

Photographer: Paul Metra

Paul Metra is an emerging photographer based in the Los Angeles area and I is in school pursuing a photography degree. He shoots everything from portraits, landscapes, to event photography, to just taking pictures of people in general. At this point, he is very interested in working with models for headshots/portraits, and networking with other models, make-up artists, and hairstylists.

Elise Cody – Photographer, Phoenix, AZ

Photographer: elisecody

Elise Cody is a graphic designer/ photographer with a visual communications degree from Collins College. He is the founder/ publisher of online Native Men’s Magazine and co-owner of Calendar Runway Beauty Native America.

Maaya Martin – Model, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada

Model: maayamartin

Maaya Martin is a 22-year old who is just looking to break into alternative modeling and has joined MM to meet other models and photographers.

Alonzo Williams – Model, Spring Valley, NY

Model: AlonzoWilliams316

Alonzo Williams is a 25-year old model who has joined MM to network and collaborate with a variety of photographers and other creative people.

Margarita – Model, New York, NY

Model: Margarita 1822

Margarita is a 22-year old model, originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, who has joined MM to network and build her portfolio.

Jay – Photographer, Green Bay, WI

Photographer: Jay2304

Jay is a photographer who likes to strip photos down to basics, and he loves to use black and whites. He is also passionate about lighting. Jay is here to collaborate.

Trerese – Model, Washington, DC

Model: Trerese

Trerese is a 20-year old graduate of Barbizon modeling school. She has joined MM to network and collaborate with others as well as to build her portfolio.

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