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Model: Maryna Nelson; Photographer: Bravo Mike

Bravo Mike is a self-taught photographer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. He first started experimenting with film in 2001, and, through trial and error, he developed his skills and distinctive style.

While big names, like Helmut Newton, were an early influence, he’s more “attracted to the works of a handful of amateur photographers – particularly in Europe. I analyze their photographs; not only for technique but also for the way they convey their message. There is talent around us at all levels and if I can gain insight for any outlet regardless of status, then I am moving forward.”

Mike states that “portraiture is inherently intimate” and he credits dialogue and communication as being the essential elements in his work.

He says, “When someone sits in front of my lens they aren’t an object.  They’re a real person with a real story, experiences, and beliefs. During a photo shoot, I spend an equal amount of time purely talking with them as I do shooting. If I am able to make them comfortable, open them up and get to know them on a more personal level then they become that real person to the camera. It’s recently forced me to slow down and if we only walk away with a handful of photographs, that’s ok. Photography is about capturing emotions and you lose that when it becomes clinical.”

Model: Yana West; Photographer: Bravo Mike
Model: Natali Gaidysh; Photographer: Bravo Mike
Model: Art Model Dakota; Photographer: Bravo Mike
Model: Anoush Anou; Photographer: Bravo Mike
Model: Lily Peterson; Photographer: Bravo Mike

Check out Bravo Mike’s Model Mayhem portfolio to see more of his work. You can also follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and his website.

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