How Photographers Get Noticed by Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health Magazine reaches 1.8 million readers worldwide, which is more than GQ and Men’s Fitness combined, making it one of the largest men’s lifestyle magazines on the newsstand. With a following that continues to grow, picking the right images and hiring the right photographers is the key to keeping readers engaged and excited about the content. But how can an emerging photographer get noticed or, better yet, get featured? The good news is that for a top-tier publication like this—with a diversity of imagery that would surprise many, they absolutely can.

Recently, Men’s Health Senior Photo Editor, Michelle Stark, joined PhotoShelter for an interview, and told us all about how she hires new photographers, what kind of promotions get her attention, what websites she likes, and where she finds photos of men who are sexy (yet surprisingly “relatable” for Men’s Health readers). Michelle keeps an open mind and selects a wide range of photographers to feature every month, including those “unknown” photographers who pitch to her through email promotions.

Among Michelle’s suggestions, here are a few tips to get your promo emails noticed by photo editors at large magazines like Men’s Health:

  1. Include the editor’s name and a personalized message, along with references to specific features from the magazine. Photo editors almost always delete mass emails.
  2. Include mentions of magazines that have featured your work in the past. This adds to your credibility.
  3. Send only 2 or 3 images, and embed them within your email—don’t send your photos through a link that requires additional time to open and click through. Make sure your photos match the visual style of the magazine!
  4. Don’t pitch weekly. Wait 2-3 months to circle back with the editor to showcase new work that could fit nicely with the magazine’s content and brand.

For new photographers reaching out to photo editors for the first time, Michelle stresses that you should always research the publication before sending along your portfolio, and you should ensure that your work is relevant to the magazine.

Check out the full interview with Michelle Stark, where she talks more about how she finds new photographers, what website features catch her attention, and which marketing moves will work in your favor.

By Allen Murabayashi, PhotoShelter CEO


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