Behind the scenes: T.H. Taylor

This is a great example of other people making me look good (THANKS STAN and the staff)! My normal shoots are like a Parliament/Funkadelic concert:  Random people walking around in underwear, screaming into mics, drunk and trying to look like they belong BUT, in the end…it still generally ends up “a funk-assed photo jam session.”

Thanks everyone for allowing me to indulge in my quirks!

T.H. Taylor

And, here’s one of the shots…

Photographer: T.H. Taylor; Model: Tiana Hunter

The team:

Art direction & Photography: T.H. Taylor
Fashion Designer/Styling: Audra E.
Hair: Erika Auth
Jeffrey James McConachie
Makeup: Neda Stevic & T.H. Taylor
Models: Dani Kamikaze, Christie Gabriel & Tiana Hunter
Image Editing: T.H. Taylor
Talent Couture Ft. .Justin Styles & Elise 5000
Talent Conture – Im Pretty Ft. Justin Styles & Tayse Solo
Aliesa Nicole – Back Up Chic
Kimberlee – Crazy
Prophetic – Hold on
Scott Knoxx – Tonight (L. isle Remix)
and background beat produced by Trak Runnaz
HD Video Produced by Stan Perry

T.H. Taylor

T.H. Taylor

T.H. Taylor is a photographer currently based in Milwaukee, WI. His work runs the gamut from commercial to high-end editorial fashion, and is featured both domestically and internationally. His website is:

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