How to format text on your profile

Your profile can act like a résumé. After your avatar, it’s often people’s first impression of you. It can list your accomplishments and give people an idea of what you’re about.

You wouldn’t a format a résumé with just plain text. Some things on a résumé are more important than others. For example, you’d probably put headings like “EDUCATION” and “EXPERIENCE” in bold and/or underlined text.

Likewise, you might want to format text on your profile. Here are some easy ways to do so. Note that this site uses BBCode, not HTML. So don’t paste code from, say, your Facebook or MySpace profile into your Model Mayhem profile editor. It won’t work.

On your Model Mayhem profile, BBCode allows you to format text in five ways: bold, italics, strikethrough, quote, and web links. (We’ll only discuss text here. To embed images on your profile, see here.)

To format text, simply add code directly (no spaces) before and after it. So:

[b]Bold text[/b]

[i]Italicized text[/i]

[s]Strikethrough text[/s]

[quote]Putting text in quote tags results in this.[/quote]

[url=]Text that links somewhere else[/url]

Yields this:

Note the final, sixth example – you can just drop a URL directly into your profile. Because this doesn’t require BBCode, every member can do this, including Basic members.

Now go jazz up text on your profile!

(Note that only Premium and VIP members can format text on their profiles with BBCode. To upgrade to Premium and VIP status, go here.)

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