How to Embed Images on Your Profile

Here’s how to embed images on your profile. (To format text on your profile, see here.) We recommend doing this in moderation. If you embed too many images on your profile, it may take longer to load, and people will have to scroll farther down to leave tags.

To embed images on your profile, you’ll be working in your “edit profile” page:

Note that we do not allow M-rated images on profiles.

Embedded images on your profile come from two places: inside your portfolio and outside your portfolio. We’ll discuss both options, as well as how to turn your images into links.


We recommend this first, as your portfolio images lack the bandwidth and date expiration limitations that third parties outside Model Mayhem sometimes have. There are two ways to embed images from inside your portfolio, using MM Forum Code and using the image URL.

A. Using MM Forum Code

This is the easiest way to embed images on your profile, as we’ve already done the work for you.

(1) Small

To embed a small version of a portfolio image on your profile, click on the “MM Forum Code” link below the image. That will reveal a bunch of code highlighted in blue. Simply copy (Ctrl-C or Command-C) and paste (Ctrl-V or Command-V) that code into the text box in your profile editor. Click “update” at the bottom of the page to save. The embedded image on your profile will link to the image in your portfolio.

(2) Full size

To embed a portfolio image in full size on your profile, follow the instructions in (1) above, except remove “_m” from the code (it appears just before “.jpg”).

B. Using the image URL

This way requires a little more work than 1A. Right-click on your portfolio image to get its URL. Depending on your browser, you’ll select an option like “Copy Image Location” (Firefox), “Copy Image URL” (Google Chrome), or “Properties > Address” (Internet Explorer). Copy and paste the URL into your “edit profile” page text box. Add [img] and [/img] to the beginning and end of the URL with no spaces. Your finished code will look like:



This is a little more uncertain, as images hosted elsewhere sometimes have bandwidth or date expiration limitations. Additionally, do not infringe upon others’ copyrights or trademarks. Make sure you have permission before embedding images that are hosted elsewhere.

A. Images hosted elsewhere

Add [img] and [/img] to the beginning and end of the image URL with no spaces. Your finished code will probably look like: [img][/img]. You can only embed image types supported by browsers, e.g., JPEG, GIF, PNG.

B. Images not hosted elsewhere (i.e., on your hard drive)

If an image is on your hard drive, you’ll need to upload it online somewhere. Here are three typical places to upload images: Photobucket, Imageshack, Flickr. Online image repositories like these typically have a sharing option called something like “IMG code” or “Forum code”. Simply copy and paste that into your “edit profile” text box. If that isn’t available, try the directions in 2A.


To turn your image into a link, add [url=URLWHEREYOUWANTTOLINKTO] and [/url] immediately outside your [img][/img] tags with no spaces. For example, to link an image to Model Mayhem’s home page, your code would look like this:


That’s it! Go embed images on your profile. (Just don’t overdo it!)

(Note that only Premium and VIP members can embed images on their profiles. To upgrade to Premium and VIP status, go here.)

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