GDPR: Control Over Personal Information Removal

With the upcoming release of the GDPR, we received a lot of inquires from members about how Model Mayhem can remove personal data from their accounts.

While Model Mayhem can certainly do this for you, you can actually remove most of your personal information from your account yourself! Removing your personal information is not only faster than waiting for someone at Model Mayhem to help, but it also updates the database immediately.

Control Your Personal Information with My Stuff

The first step to removing your personal information is your Profile. From here, you will want to remove your profile description and change any other information you no longer want on the site. You will need to leave some information up if you are making changes to your profile, such as a location, but this does not have to be accurate and you can change it to something else.

You should check if you have any Credit Notes, which you can also remove. Just don’t forget to save your changes!

If you’d like, you can also remove your Verified Credits. Just “Select All” credits and click the Trash icon, and you will delete your credit connections:

The next thing you can remove are your images. Model Mayhem can remove your images for you, but if you want your images to be permanently removed from our servers, the best way to make that happen is to remove them from your profile yourself. Just select all, and click the trash icon to delete. Please note that once you delete these images, there is no way for Model Mayhem to recover them.

The last place for you to be able to remove your personal data is in your Settings. From here, you can change your display name, modify your birthday, update your notification settings so that you don’t receive emails any longer, and modify your account privacy so that no one but Model Mayhem members can see your account. Here’s an example of how you can alter your Settings:

If you need help changing information on your profile, such as your profile URL or changing your avatar, just click Help at the top of any page and Contact-A-Moderator or email customer service and we will assist you.

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  1. June 22, 2018 at 8:04 pm, rocketdragon studio said:

    Is there any way to change the custom URL? I’ve explored everything I can think of and haven’t found that option anywhere.


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