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We’re now using Google’s AI image scanning tool to help moderate images. If it considers a newly uploaded image to be 18+ it will automatically be marked as mature in your portfolio. You will not be able to change the setting manually, but you can flag the image for review if you think the result is incorrect. All flagged images will be reviewed by a moderator. If the result of the scan is a clear and obvious error, the moderator will correct it. In all other cases, the setting will not be changed.

The current setting is that all other images automatically default to mature during the upload process. You have the option to change the setting if the image does not contain any mature elements (see Image Rules).

As stated above, the AI scan is to help with image moderation. It is not foolproof and will inevitably fail to identify some images that should be marked as mature. All images must be marked in accordance with the Image Rules, therefore, even if the AI scan fails to automatically mark an image as mature, it is your responsibility to comply with the rules and make sure your images are marked correctly.

Not marking images correctly is a violation of the Site Rules and may result in your profile being suspended.


  • Google AI is scanning images.
  • All images will continue to be marked as Mature on upload. 
  • Images not marked mature by the AI can be unmarked by the member if there are no mature elements (see Image Rules).
  • Images marked mature in error by the AI can be flagged for moderator review.  
  • It is your responsibility to comply with the Site Rules and make sure your images are marked correctly.

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  1. May 19, 2022 at 3:19 pm, Douglas L. James said:

    Google gets it wrong on here and I’m guessing Tumblr as well.


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