How to fill out your Model Mayhem profile

When you are signing up for Model Mayhem, you will be asked to fill out your "About Me" section with a minimum of 100 words. Yes, photos are an important component of starting your profile, but it is equally important to write something about you that will encourage your profile viewers to want to work with you, as opposed to clicking away from your profile the moment they read the first line.

The "About Me" section, your stats and details, and your avatar photo are the first things that people see when they go to your profile on Model Mayhem. This is exactly why it would be best for you to fill it out completely and accurately.

When I was first starting out on Model Mayhem, I made some mistakes in how I filled out my "About Me," and now I want to save you from doing the same, which is the only reason I wrote this article.

Filling Out Your "About Me" Section

For your "About Me" section, you can write

  • what type of modeling you are interested in,
  • themes you are interested in shooting,
  • with whom you would like to work,
  • if you have any past modeling experience, your general availability, and
  • if you have any scars, birthmarks, stretchmarks, piercings, or tattoos.

Filling out your "About Me" section

You may also indicate if you are or are not interested in nude modeling, as there will be people who ask you to pose nude. It’s OK to write, "I am not interested in nude shoots," but do not write, "I DON’T DO NUDE, DON’T ASK, I HAVE SELF-RESPECT." Writing such a statement (especially in capitals) can prevent others from wanting to work with you because you are offending a large majority of MM’s membership who shoot nude (and who make a living doing it). Everyone has his or her own views on nudity, but you don’t need to make overtly harsh statements one way or the other.

Mentor in modeling

What you also don’t want to write is that you are going to be a rich and famous supermodel, how you’ll be a star, how you will replace Kate Moss, and how you will revolutionize the modeling industry. Having dreams is great, but it’s also good to be realistic when it comes to your chances of actually doing such things.

It’s also not a good idea to have a bunch of negative statements in your profile about stuff that you won’t do. Having a long list of demands or negative assertions, such as "all photos on a CD immediately after the shoot" or "no signing of releases," can also backfire on you and prevent good people from wanting to work with you (especially when you are new and have those demands and positions).

You also don’t want to lie about your past modeling experience in your profile, nor do you want to say that you posed for Vogue, Maxim, or Playboy (and other such large publications) because people can easily tell if you are lying. First off, if you had posed for such magazines, you would have tear sheets or other evidence to back it up.

Additionally, don’t go on and on about your favorite food, favorite colour, or what you do in your spare time. When people are looking for models, they don’t care that your favorite colour is green or that you like to eat your pancakes with maple syrup in the morning or that you like long walks in the park. Basically, if it is not relevant to your performance or aspirations as a model or how you are at shoots, don’t write it in your "About Me" on Model Mayhem.

Filling Out Your Stats or Details Section

When you fill out this section, fill it out completely. It will ask for your weight, height, measurements, and other sizing information. Accuracy is very important because if you say that your measurements are 34-24-34, and you show up 38-28-39, people will notice. Also, if you say you’re 5′ 8" but you show up and are 5′ 5", it will get found out, just as it will if you say you’re 120 lbs and you show up at 150.

The point of this is simple: be honest. Whether you are 110 lbs or 210 lbs, there will be photographers for you on Model Mayhem who prefer one over the other. Therefore, lying about your measurements will not necessarily get you more shoots. If you do lie, then make sure that it’s not by more than 1 inch either way, and I realize that MM does not allow for half sizes.

Selecting Your Avatar Photo

Pick an avatar photo that makes the viewer want to open your portfolio. It should be one of the best photos you have that shows off your talent or look.

Selecting your MM avatar photo

If you are thinking of starting a Model Mayhem account, I hope you found this article helpful.

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