The Model Mayhem Facebook app

We’ve rolled out a new Facebook app for Model Mayhem!

My MM - Model Mayhem Facebook App

For those of you who want to use it (it’s an optional feature), the app’s called “My MM,” and it shares notice of basic Model Mayhem actions on your Facebook profile. You control what’s shared and how it’s shared.

Here’s how the app works.

Actions shared

The app shares three actions on your Facebook profile:

  • Uploading photos
  • Changing avatar
  • Posting a casting call/travel/availability notice

Model Mayhem side

The app affects two areas, your Model Mayhem profile and your Facebook profile. We’ll talk about the Model Mayhem side first.

In My Stuff > Settings > Facebook Sharing, you’ll see a check box to “Share My Photos and Castings on my Facebook Timeline.” This is a global setting that automatically selects Facebook sharing for the actions mentioned above.

Note: Even if you have this global setting checked, you can still opt not to share on Facebook for any individual action. Each of the above actions has a check box for that.

Note: The global setting might not work fully on Internet Explorer, but you’ll still be able to opt in or out of sharing for individual actions.

My MM - Model Mayhem Facebook app

When you first share on Facebook, you’ll be asked to log into Facebook and allow the app for your profile. Once you’ve allowed the app for your profile, sharing on Facebook will occur for a particular action only if you’ve checked the appropriate check box and are logged into Facebook. If you aren’t logged into Facebook, the act of sharing will ask you to log in.

Note: M-rated images or anything even close to M-rated SHOULD NOT be shared via this Facebook app! Remember that Facebook’s photo policies are different than Model Mayhem’s (stricter), and you do not want to get in trouble with the big FB.

Facebook side

Actions that you choose to share on Facebook will appear in a widget box called “My MM” on the right side of your Timeline. These actions will also appear in your Facebook friends’ feeds according to their and your feed settings.

To make an individual action appear on your Timeline, go to the pencil icon in the My MM widget box and select “View Individual Stories,” or click on the Activity Log link at the upper right of your profile. Then click on the right-side open/closed circle icon for the action, and select “Shown on Timeline.”

My MM - Model Mayhem Facebook app

Removing the app from your Facebook profile

You can remove the MM app from your Facebook profile in two ways:

  1. Log into your Facebook profile. Go to Account Settings > Apps and click the “x” for the My MM app.
  2. Click the pencil icon on the right side of the “My MM” app widget box and select “Remove My MM”.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy this app. Get out there and start sharing your Mayhem!

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