Recruiting Talent with Sponsored Casting Calls

Model Mayhem is the largest modeling casting network online, with hundreds of thousands of active members and tens of thousands of active casting calls posted by approved members at any given time.

As such, we are proud to offer Sponsored Casting Calls, which highlights and features casting calls posted by approved members and public Talent Recruiters alike.

What is a Sponsored Casting Call?

Sponsored Castings Calls are just like regular casting calls in terms of information, but Sponsored Castings are given prime real estate location at the top of all casting searches. This means Sponsored Casting Calls load first, are seen first, and are most likely to be clicked on before the basic casting calls below by the thousands of members who utilize Model Mayhem’s casting system.

In addition, Sponsored Casting Calls can be posted by Talent Recruiters, which belong to members of the general public who do not qualify for an individual artist member account. Talent Recruiters can be businesses, agencies, publications, event promoters, and casting directors – anyone who has modeling work can post a Sponsored Casting to offer work for the approved models on Model Mayhem!

Here’s an example:


How do Sponsored Casting Calls Work?

Sponsored Casting Calls can be set up pretty easily! See the image at the bottom of the article for a sample of how to start a Sponsored Casting Call.

  1. Ensure you’re logged into an appropriate account.
  2. Click on Castings at the top of the page.
  3. Select Casting Calls.
  4. Select Sponsored Casting Calls.
  5. Enter in the information about your casting – be detailed and thorough!
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review your casting call – make sure it is how you want it!
  8. Submit your payment information. This will activate your casting call.

Important Note!

Please observe that the field “Post on Model Mayhem from” will determine when and how long your casting call appears on Model Mayhem. If you want your casting posted right away, choose today’s date and select when you want it to end. The “Event Start” and “End” dates are when your project is actually going to happen.

You can change the “Post on Model Mayhem from” dates while your casting is active. Please note that if your new date range is greater than what you have originally paid for, you will be charged the difference for the new listing time.

What are Proactive Alerts?

Talent Recruiters will notice that they cannot send Private Messages to users about the project or job they have to offer. Unfortunately, that is a feature for approved members only.

That being said, while you are posting your Sponsored Casting Call, or even after you’ve posted it, you have the option of adding Proactive Alerts to your casting.

Proactive alerts let you select up to 20 Model Mayhem members and send them a private message that alerts them to your specific casting. You can either select from our recommendations or find your own members to contact with the Browse feature, and send everyone one message or individualize each message you send.

Please note that Proactive Alerts are limited to 20 per unique casting call, so if you would like to send more than 20 alerts you will need to create more than one casting.

Members may or may not respond. It is up to them and Model Mayhem does not guarantee or get involved with having a member respond.

Do Sponsored Casting Calls cost anything?

Sponsored Casting Calls also require a listing fee for the networking opportunities and real estate provided. The fees vary depending on your account type and membership level and are outlined when you login to post a Sponsored Casting Call.

The base costs are as follows:

Up to 7 days: $30
Between 7 days and 14 days: $50
Between 14 days and 28 days: $75

Approved members do receive a discount as a reward for meeting Model Mayhem’s membership requirements. The discounts are as follows:

Basic/Legacy – 10% off base cost
Premium – 15% off
VIP – 20%

There are other perks you can add to your Sponsored Casting Call, such as having your casting appear in all the cities in your chosen nation. These do have additional costs.

Nationwide Listing: + $50 to base cost
Proactive Alerts: + $20 to base cost

No one is responding! How can I improve my Sponsored Casting Call?

Model Mayhem is set up to give our members full control over their careers as artists. This means that they can choose to accept work or ignore requests for work if they so desire.

If no one has responded to your casting call, it could be for a number of reasons. The job, pay, or even the wording of the casting might not be attractive enough to members for them to inquire further. They may not be available the days of the project.

Here are a few tips to ensure your casting is the most effective:

How soon is your event? If you are casting for an event tomorrow, you will be less likely to receive responses, as most talent book their projects weeks to months in advance. Consider giving people more time to respond to you by posting your casting several weeks before your event!

Check your Title. If your title doesn’t grab the attention of someone, they probably won’t click on your Sponsored Casting. Model Mayhem can’t help you come up with what is best for you, but you can start by making sure your title accurately describes who you are looking for and what your project is.

Check your Details. Sponsored Casting Calls should always include the basic details of a job as required by the casting call rules, but this can leave your talent wondering what’s really going on. Giving precise information in your casting helps those reading about your project understand what they are applying for. If you have links to help reference what you are talking about – such as a product website, a video, or a portfolio – include those too!

Compensation makes the modeling world go around. Only being able to offer trade for work is not necessarily a demerit for responses, but it’s no secret that jobs that offer monetary compensation are more likely to be responded to than jobs that are only trading for images or products.

Tips for Success with Sponsored Casting Calls

  • Please ensure you follow Model Mayhem’s site rules and the casting call rules at all times. As outlined when you post a casting, if you don’t follow the rules, your casting call will be deleted without refund.
  • If you have questions about Sponsored Casting Calls or a specific question about your particular casting call, please contact Customer Support.

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