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Dear Model Mayhem Member,

As we’ve just passed our 8th anniversary, we wanted to thank you all for creating and supporting the greatest community of artists anywhere in the world. Model Mayhem is a unique and incredible place and we’re honored every day to be a part of it.

We also thought it would be worthwhile to give you a little update on the site and where we’re heading with it.

From your fantastic feedback and through a series of recent member surveys, we’ve identified three areas that consistently came up when asked “how can we make Model Mayhem better?” For each of these areas we’ve instituted immediate changes as well as ongoing projects for us to focus on.

Here they are:

Improved member quality

Predominantly, the feedback in this area has been around improving your ability to network with people who take their profession or hobby seriously. As such we have implemented the following changes to our member policies:

  • New member applicants cannot have low-quality, self-taken images (aka “No Crappy Cell Phone Pics”). We implemented this with the Gatekeeper team back in March and have seen a strong rise in the overall quality of new profiles coming onto the site. We will not be enforcing this policy on already approved profiles. This is just for those people seeking to become a new Model Mayhem member.
  • Zero tolerance on adult networking. Historically we gave members a warning if caught soliciting others for adult work.However, with the implementation of our PM flagging capability and based on your feedback, we have moved to a zero tolerance stance. Model Mayhem is not to be used to solicit adult industry work.

There were a number of other excellent suggestions that will help us improve the overall quality of the community and we are actively working on ways to implement them.

Improved photo capabilities

Most of the discussion revolved around your ability to upload better (and more) photos and videos to your portfolio. We’re excited to announce the following updates:

  • Higher res photos allowed. We have expanded the photo size allowance from 800Kb to 1500Kb.
  • Updated image processing. We’ve also recently updated our image processing software, enabling us to retain EXIF data when it is included in the image being uploaded.
  • More images! For VIP members we are expanding the number of available photo slots from 200 to 500.

We also have plans to continue to improve the portfolio viewing and managing capability as well as add the ability to link videos into your profile.These improvements will take some time to implement so expect them in future.

Improved look and feel

By far the biggest “look and feel” wish amongst members was to create a mobile-friendly version of the site. We are excited to have launched a true mobile version of Model Mayhem last month. If you haven’t played with it yet, please do check it out.

In addition to mobile, we’re currently working through how to improve the usability of the My Stuff and Portfolio areas and have some great new designs as well as features that we aim to introduce through the course of the year.

We will continue to apply new designs to the various areas of the site with the ultimate aim to make Model Mayhem a highly functional application to help everyone in the community network, learn and collaborate.

The Model Mayhem community continues to thrive. We fully believe that Model Mayhem represents the most robust, dynamic and valuable community of artists in the modeling and photography industries. We greatly appreciate the feedback and suggestions we get on a daily basis and hope to be able to continue to provide you features and services that you can’t find anywhere else.

Thanks for all of your support,
The Model Mayhem Team

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