How to Network on Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem is very much like a large city. The community is extremely diverse, people’s goals vary widely and there are lots of different ways to meet people. Though we try to keep the mayhem side of things alive (keep it fun), this place really does exist to help members connect and grow, so we thought we’d share some of the key places on the site where you can meet your next best friend and maybe get some work done as well.

Photo comments

Not a day goes by where we’re not amazed at a photo that comes across here on MM. There are millions of photos here and many are simply phenomenal. On each photo, members have the opportunity to write a short note and let them know what they think (be positive). These notes will be sent to the portfolio owner and no doubt they’ll take some time to check out your portfolio after reading your note. This is a great and worry free way to make an introduction.

Tags (profile comments)

We often come across portfolios that are so unreal that leaving a comment on each and every photo would surely develop carpal tunnel syndrome. So, to save healthcare deductibles, and avoiding looking like a spammer, it is better to simply leave a comment (we call them Tags) on the person’s profile page. Again, the tag will reach the profile owner and if your message is witty and compelling, there is no doubt that the person will respond. Ice officially broken.

Join the conversation – The MM Forums & Shoutbox

If you really want to start to get to know people, and have people get to know you, it’s best that you start taking part in conversations that are happening on the site. Stepping up and commenting in the forums or sticking your face into the Shoutbox can be like walking up solo to a bar and chatting with the person sitting next to you – a little intimidating.

Like any bar or social gathering place there are cliques that form in both the MM Forums and the Shoutbox, so you should take some time to get to know the personalities taking part in those conversations. The good thing is that you can “lurk” (read but don’t post) on these pages for a while and get a feel for things before anyone even knows you’re there. Once you find a place and a conversation where you feel you can add an insight or ask a compelling question, by all means jump in and post. Once you do it a couple of times, the anxiety of it will disappear and you’ll be an accepted member of the dialogue.

Casting/Travel/Availability Notices

These are great for more immediate needs. Heading to a different town for the weekend and got some spare time to shoot? Let people know. Just had some time come up next week and would love to be involved in a project? Post an availability notice.

Home page announcements

This fun little feature really helped to kick off the success of Model Mayhem. Though they tend to fly by pretty quickly, because hundreds of people look at the home page of the site every minute of every day, this is a great way to get your message and avatar in front of that audience. Post a fun comment, have a compelling avatar and you’ll get noticed.

Private Messages

Private messages really will be where your true networking dialogues will take place but I’d caution against just sending a message out of the blue. Use the above features to create your introduction to the individual and once there is a connection then feel free to reach out to them directly via the private message system.

Now get on along and meet some MMers.

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