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(This bio is out of date, but I'll update it sometime when I have free time.)


Hello, I'm Evan!

A little about myself... I love cameras, cats, cars, computers, karaoke, and Middle Eastern food. I'm a Michigan native, lived in California for several years, and a few in Ohio. Nowadays I live in Nagasaki, Japan. I taught English for the first three years, and it was a fun change of pace after ten years of working in photography and graphic design in various capacities. Nowadays, I’m doing publication design work full-time (fun fact: I letter and do design for manga!), and truthfully, professional photography has taken a backseat to that. That said, after four years of not being able to do as many shoots as I would have preferred (Nagasaki’s a pretty conservative part of Japan and I’ve also been crazy busy), I'm extremely ready to make lots of crazy, fun ART. Art of many kinds, but I have been especially missing photography. If you would like to collaborate with me, please do get in touch! I feel a wellspring of frustrated untapped creativity that's dying to get out and I want to share it with fellow creative types. Due to living in Nagasaki and being pretty busy, I’m not expecting to be able to shoot as much as I do stateside, but if you want to work with me, drop me a message and prove me wrong on that!

I like to shoot fashion-oriented shots, often with an unusual theme to them. I love to combine photography and illustration, as you'll see some examples of that here.

I speak fluent English and intermediate Japanese. Okay, maybe more like shitty-but-passable Japanese...

- fine art photography
- high-fashion
- automotive stuff, with or w/out a model.
- head shots & body shots for actor's portfolios
- product, lifestyle, and catalog photography
- pin-up, fetish, swimwear, nude. (I'm a published Zivity photographer and I'm looking to increase this kind of work)
- photography for album packaging, flyers, etc
- graphic design for print and web
- assisting, digital tech, or PA for other photographers / shoots
- much more, just ask me!

- surreal situations
- automotive-themed. I love cars, actually, and love using them as props.
- sci-fi type stuff, especially post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk
- robots!!
- lasers!!
- 60's, 70's, or '80s-style retro shots.
- anthropomorphic machines
- horror, especially Cronenberg-esque body horror or Giallo type stuff.
- vivid color & eye-shattering patterns
- avant-garde makeup and outfits
- anything STRANGE.

RATES: Reasonable, and depends on the shoot. I'm cool with TF/trade if the shoot's of a style that my portfolio is in need of, if it's for my fine art work, or if I contact you. I think honestly, when it comes to up and coming models, I'm happiest with TF. I generally save charging $ for agencies and commercial shoots.

MUA, HAIR: Not all of my shoots require a MUA (especially the illustrated-photography, since I do a lot of the makeup digitally), but I am always looking for a good makeup and/or hair wizard for high-fashion shots. (TFP/TFCD only at the moment, please)

WARDROBE: I'm looking for a good wardrobe person, so if you're that person, get a hold of me! I also make clothing once in a while (you'll see examples of my stuff in some of my photos). Sometimes I like to make a transient outfit just for the shoot at hand. So models, if we shoot together, I might want to suit you up in my gear.

ESCORTS: I'm cool with escorts on shoots as long as they are not of the "always in the way of the shoot" variety.

FLAKES: ...need not apply. Free time is scarce, so I can't afford to have it wasted. I've sort of turned into a "one strike, you're out" person on this, unless you have a particularly convincing excuse, or if I trust that you're otherwise reliable.

LOCATIONS: All my favorite places to shoot are back in Cali, and I know just a few interesting places around here. Please feel free to recommend interesting locales we can shoot in if you know of any.

ILLUSTRATED-PHOTOGRAPHY: I can't necessarily guarantee an illustrated-photograph for your portfolio, as those take me many hours to make (I'm working on figuring out how to speed up that workflow), but I can at least shoot some creative non-illustrated shots for your portfolio.  Bear in mind, if I have an illustrated-photo in mind that I think you would work well for, I'll definitely ask you for your help. A note about my technique, since some have asked. I don't use Illustrator or any other vector-tracing program / filters to get the hand-drawn look. It actually is hand-drawn, with a Wacom tablet. Most of my illustrated-photo pieces take about 20-30 hours of hard labor. Here's a neat little behind-the-scenes on one of my pieces if you're curious! Things like Illustrator, while awesome, don't get the kind of outlining style I want, and I wish to make art that is a seamless hybrid between my two favorite media, illustration and photography.

TURNAROUND TIME FOR EDITING AND GETTING YOU PHOTOS: I will be 100% honest with you. I'm not the fastest dude in terms of editing photos and getting them to my models, but I make sure to take my time and do a good job. My paid work has tight deadlines and people relying on me, so that always has to take precedence for deadlines over unpaid photography. I'm always excited to prepare my photos for my models, and get bummed if I have to delay it, but sometimes I have to "triage" my schedule on other stuff first. Rest assured I'll be in touch with you with a rough time frame.

- my portfolio
- Flickr
- my music
- Tumblr (my stop-motion animations!)
- Zivity
- Facebook
- Twitter

--------------------------------------------------- 日本語 ---------------------------------------------------

よろしく, エバン です!

ちょっと 自己紹介: 好きなもの が カメラ と 猫 と 車 と ビデオゲーム と カラオケ と 中東料理。アメリカ の ミシガン州 に 生まれ育ちました。オハイオ州 に 大学 に いきました。卒業 の あと で, 8年間 カリフォルニア州 に 住んでいた, 主にサンフランシスコ。その あと で, 10年間 に 写真家 と グラフィックデザイナー でした。リーマンショック の あと で, ほとんど の 美術 の 仕事 が 自由契約 だけ に なった。大変だ! それ から, 新しい の 仕事 やって みる。 長崎に住んでいます。 今、写真撮影 を しましょう! いま もう, たくさん デザイン と 写真 の プロジェクト できる。 もっ写真撮影 撮りたい!

これ が ぼく の 美術。 イラスト と 写真 コンボ スタイル: ここ

ぼく の 日本語 が 下手 けど, がんばっれ!

できる の 写真:
- 美術写真
- ファッション
- 車の写真
- 俳優 の ヘッドショット
- 商品 と カタログ
- ピンアップ, フェティッシュ, 水着, ヌード
- アルバムのパッケージ, チラシ
- グラフィックデザイン
- 他の写真家のために支援する
- もっとたくさん!

- 非現実的な状況
- 車!!
- サイエンスフィクション
- ロボット
- レーザー
- 60's/70's/'80s レトロスタイル
- 擬人化されたマシン
- ホラー!!
- クレイジーパターン と 明るい色
- アバンギャルド の メイクや衣装
- 奇妙なこと!

TF / トレード が とこどき 大丈夫。

もし メーキャップアーチスト, か ヘアスタイリスト, か ワードローブのスタイリスト, 私に連絡 :-)

もっと エバン の ウェブサイト:
- 美術ポートフォリオ
- Flickr
- 私の作る音楽
- Tumblr [私のコマ撮り]
- Zivity
- Facebook
- Twitter

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