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Melissa De

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New Bedford, Massachusetts, US

I"m new to this can anyone tell me what TFP or TFCD is? sorry if i sound stupid! smile

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The Alternative Image

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London, England, United Kingdom

TFP, Time For Prints, trade for actual photo prints

TFCD, Time For CD, trade for photos on a CD

Basicly you give up your time for the above, with no money involved, all parties get pics for their ports, normaly its TFCD, very rare people trade for prints.

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Conrad Sobieraj

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Hello everybody this ist my email -  [email protected]

I'm new model and i be wait for some offers for me.



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Kara Engelken

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Los Angeles, California, US

New To Nashville...
I just moved to Nashville. I have modeled before and am looking for trades and work with other photographers and models around the area. Modeling/Singing/Writing are all my passion so share the love! Love to have new friends.. Add me!

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thanks , i read all the rules.
the acronyms were helpful!
now i know a little more, about this wonderful forum.

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Andrew Oliver

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Good Morning from the UK > new person :S Awesome to be on MM! drop a message if you want to say HI.
Wish everyone the best of luck and hope you all find work from this site.

Andy x

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Helen Adams

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Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Hi! My name is Helen and I’m an aspiring model. I am new to Model Mayhem and would appreciate some constructive feedback on my profile.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, US

That's not a stupid question. I am a newbie and I have no idea what any of that means!!

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Salt Lake City, Utah, US

That's not a stupid question. I am a newbie and I have no idea what any of that means!!

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megan jarrett

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Haleiwa, Hawaii, US


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Not now

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Beech Creek, Kentucky, US

this is a cool forum. great info for newcomers.

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Daria Abramova

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New York, New York, US

I have found this one very useful.
Thank you so much!

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Brenna Rene

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Turlock, California, US

This is scary!! why are mean people on here!?

If I don't know the answer to something why would anyone call me dumb? thats not cool. Im new!!! i don't know things!

Thanks for all of the helpful tips =]

your all very kind.

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Zoe louise Plus

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Winchester, England, United Kingdom

Really helpful. Thank you

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Christopher Beal

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Reading, England, United Kingdom

This is really helpful and has helped me feel a lil bit more settled in and welcome, thankyou.


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A Special You

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Fort Myers, Florida, US

Can someone explain to me the difference between TFP and TF. I know TFP is time for print. I assume that is pictures for the time since I'm a photographer right? But was is TF.. not sure.
Thank you

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San Jose, California, US

I am new and looking for skilled photographers to help me build my portoflio so don't be shy say whats up?  Any experieced models with advice?smile
                                                                                 version 3.386g

Model Mayhem allows you to present yourself both with text and with pictures. Think of your 'About me' as your cover letter, and that your portfolio as your resume. Your bio should be concise, professional, and informative.

DO use proper grammar and spelling. We don't expect everyone to write like a Nobel Prize candidate, but it should at least show that you put in effort in composing your bio. Use spell checker if you're bad at spelling. Be extra careful with misuse of homonyms, such as there and their.

DO NOT use netspeak. There are places where netspeak is appropriate, like MySapce. Do not substitute the letter u for the word 'you'; or the number 4 for the word 'for'. You'll be viewed as lazy and immature rather than 'kewl'. In some cases, people might skip your profile entirely and you would lose potential assignments.

DO NOT include useless information or images in your 'about me' section.

DO NOT abuse bold, italic, or capitalization. Proper use of those elements can make your bio easier to read. Abusing them achieves the opposite.

DO use line breaks. Several short paragraphs are easier to read than one long block of texts.


Modeling is very competitive. The ratio for the number of assignments in existence and the number of models willing to do them is outrageously unbalanced. While "having the right look" is an important factor in casting, most photographers put "having the right attitude" way up in their lists.

DO NOT let your inner diva runs the show. Without an impressive portfolio to back you up, you're surely to get laughed at, or even publicly bashed in the forums.

DO introduce yourself in a humble, polite, and professional manner. Active MM members are very passionate about art. If you express that you have a positive passion about modeling, you are more likely to receive help.

DO NOT write anything about what people have told you at night clubs, shopping malls, or coffee shops.

Bad examples:
I've always been told in stores that I am very pretty and that I should model.

Everytime I go clubbing, I get bunch of guys asking me if I was a model.

Pickup lines are just that, pickup lines. Do not mistaken them for career advice. It takes more than pretty to be a model, and even more to be successful. Photographers see beautiful people on regular basis, if you want to stand out, do it through your attitude.


It is understandable that a new model would not wish to participate in projects that involves nudity. However, too many newbies are stating their policies in very wrong ways.

DO NOT write anything, expressed or implied, that degrades people who pose nude. On Model Mayhem, there are numerous respectful models who pose nude for the sake of art.

Bad example:
I do not do nude. I'm not a prostitute!!! My future is far more important.

What you plan to become in the future is really nobody's business. A legitimate photographer would not force you to explain whether your decision to not do nude is based on religious views, cultural background, or some sort of risk factor. Your decision to not pose nude should be respected and not questioned.

On the other hand, you should never judge those who do pose nude. Saying or implying that you are somehow better than them is unacceptable, and not tolerated by the wolves of MM.

DO NOT address nudity policy in all caps.

Bad example:

The reality is, there will always be some perverts who will ask you, regardless of the font size or capitalization of your statement. Using caps to address nudity issue, or any other issue for that matter, will only make your bio look unprofessional. Caps means screaming, and some photographer will think it's very obnoxious and ungraceful for a model to scream in her own profile. In short, caps won't scare away the perverts, but will annoy the ones you do want to work with.

DO address your policy in a polite manner. Also, it doesn't hurt to show some respect for those who do pose nude.

Good examples:
As a new model, I am not ready to participate in projects that involve nudity. Thank you for understanding.

While I can appreciate the artistic contribution of nudity in art, I am not accepting any nude offer at this time.

Currently, I am not considering offers to do nude, topless, or implied nude.

== Third-Person Profiles ==

People who wrote their profiles in third person perspective usually have something in common. They are very convinced that it's better than writing profiles in first person perspective. After some research, I am recommending AGAINST writing profiles in the third person perspective.

Since managers and agents are banned from Model Mayhem, self-representation is mandatory. With exception of minors, each individual should manage his or her own account, write his or her own bio, and answer his or her own messages. Given this fact, we know you wrote the bio yourself. The general attitude towards third-person profiles is negative.

Model Mayhem is a networking site with various channels to interact with other members. Eventually, you'll be answering mails and leaving comments. In those situations, it is almost impossible to keep on using the third-person perspective. Let you be yourself. Let you speak for yourself. The rest of the community wants to know you by how you represent yourself, and not by what you would say about yourself if you weren't yourself.

If you're still not convinced, and think there are valuable benefits to write in third-person perspective, allow me to assure you that the negative effects will always outweigh the positive. Below is a list of forum discussion on third person profiles:

In conclusion: Don't do it.

== Further Readings ==
A guide to "Head Shots" by TXPhotog

Know thy creatures of the MM forums.

The Wolves
These are the smartest creatures in the forums. They either have knowledge and experience in the modeling industry, or they have the talents to make up for the lack of. They are protective of their territories, and they often travel in packs.  Occasionally, wolves would disagree with each other, and when that happens, there would be two possible outcomes. 1. They work out the differences and respect each other more. 2. An alpha male emerges after an intense debate filled with external references. The wolf that lost would go into hiding.

The Trolls
These are creatures who seek joy from disturbing the peace in the forums. They feed on anger and chaos. They do so by starting threads with sensitive topics. The trolls are not welcomed in any community, and that goes the same for MM. Trolls don't stay very long, as they make enemies quickly and need to be on the run in order to survive. When they do linger, they are either killed by the Rangers, or get driven out by the Wolves.

The Rangers
Also known as the moderators. Their job is to maintain peace in the forums. They patrol the forum to kill trolls and herd back stray bunnies. Their number is few so sometimes they rely on others to help them do their jobs.

The Bunnies
Also known as forum junkies. Bunnies are lovable creatures who hop from one forum to the other. They post in playful, and often meaningless, threads. They post all the time, and they multiply. Bunnies are mostly harmless, but in large number, they form a powerful mob.

The Fawns
Also known as newbies. Fawns are vulnerable creatures because they don't know about all the dangers out there. Smart fawns go into hiding until they are bigger, stronger, and wiser. Other less fortunate fawns start stupid posts. 

The Hyenas
These creatures wander throughout MM Lands looking for trouble. They derive pleasures by preying on helpless Fawns. Sometimes they work in groups, sometimes they work alone. Like the Wolves, some Hyenas have the knowledge of the industry. But unlike the Wolves and more like the Trolls, the Hyenas are motivated only by the thrills of the hunt.

The Elves
The elves are mystical and secretive creatures. They formed their own sub-community deep in the forest of Mayhem-Land. The Elves are not fond of outside visitors; at the same time, they rarely wonder away from their territory. The Elves are respected for they hold the secrets to looking more beautiful.

The Monkeys
These are the annoying whiners in the forums. They are not as smart as the Wolves, but also not as disruptive as the Trolls. They like to beat dead horses and throw coconuts at the Rangers. They are not the most popular ones in the forums but they are not going away either. The Rangers can’t do anything about them, and frankly, they don't give a banana either.

- Know the rules. Click on info. Check both FAQs and Rules.
- Read this thread:
- No Spamming. Don't post the same thread in multiple forums
- Know the right place to post.
- Read up before you speak.
- Participate in existing threads before creating your own.
- Learn to use the search function.
- Do NOT give legal advice just because it "makes sense" to you.
- Do NOT bump a thread until it's buried in the 2nd page.

Generally, I recommend at least 2 weeks of intensive reading before you post anything. And at least 100 posts in existing threads before attempting to start your own.

- Avoid these topics at all cost:
--- escorts/chaperons
--- rant on pervert photographers
--- model didn't show
--- MUA's kit fees
--- When do I get paid?

- We're all tired of these topics:
--- Do I have what it takes?
--- Is this a scam?
--- film vs digital
--- skinny/fat/short/tall

If you found yourself being bashed in the forums. Ask yourself what you did wrong. Behind all the sarcasm, there are legitimate advice. The biggest mistake is when one rush to defend himself or herself. People who are active in the forums are expert debaters. You may think that you are smart, but these people are probably smarter than you. Survival of the fittest apply here, the post count under their name is a fairly good indicator of how long they've been around.

Treat the forums as territories. There are wolves that are very protective of their homes. It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, a newbie has zero chance of survival. The smartest thing to do is humbly back down, apologize, and ask if anyone would kindly help you correct whatever you're being attacked for. The dumbest thing to do is ignore this piece of advice.


CAM - Contact-A-Mod. This is a site feature where you can open a private conversation with the site moderators. To use this feature, click INFO and follow the link that says "contact us here".

GWC - Guy With Camera. A person who bought a camera solely for the reason to get close to models.

MUA - Makeup Artist. The person who put make up on the model.

OP - Original Post/Original Poster. This refers to first post of the thread, or the person who started the thread.

OT - Off-Topic. Refers to the off-topic forum. Or, if used in the middle of the thread, refers to a reply that has gone off the original topic.

QFT - "Quote For Truth". In forums, quoting a statement made by a previous poster to emphasize the importance of that statement.

TFP/TFCD - Time For Prints/Time For CD/Trade For Picture. Collaboration between people where the benefit is the service of each other's talents. By definition, no money is exchanged in such arrangement.

== FAQ On Forums ==

Q: What is 41? I keep seeing it everywhere.
A: The "41" bug is a forum glitch MM had experienced. When a thread receive its 40th reply, the post will go to the 2nd page. However, the 2nd page remains hidden until a 41st reply is made. The most common practice here is writing a reply that simply says "41" in order to force the 2nd page to appear. This bug repeat itself with 80th reply, 120th reply, etc. Since the bug had been fix, you'd only see this in old posts.

Q: What is "BUMP"?
A: The forums list threads by "last activity". Which means an active thread will always be on or near the top of the threads lists. On the other hand, an inactive thread gets "buried" down the list. Such thread can be revived by making with any reply. This act is called "bumping" and many do so by using the word "bump" itself.

Q: Why am I getting so many scam e-mails?
A: Scammers use special programs that collect e-mails from sites like Model Mayhem and target their members. The best way to avoid them is to not list your personal e-mail on your bio, and only share that information when another member contact you through the site's messaging system.

== Other Help Threads ==

How to post links and images in profiles:

Some suggestion on making your first post here in the newbie forum:

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dez mighty

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London, England, United Kingdom

How do I create an Avatar image

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

check my page...
greetz linda

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Dominic Devon

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Miami, Florida, US

Post hidden on Nov 09, 2009 03:32 pm
Reason: other

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US

CLT wrote:
Please keep this thread clean and informative.

*This is a read-only thread. If you have a newbie question, please start a new thread in an appropriate forum*

Welcome to my survival guide for MM newbies. This thread contains some tips and advices especially useful for people who are new to Model Mayhem. This thread will not help you become successful. This thread is designed only to help you stay out of trouble.

The guide contains mostly tips for people who are fairly new to modeling. Some tips are for models only, while some are universal and apply to photographers and stylists as well. There are two main components at this time.

1. Bio Do's and Dont's - talks about what are some of the things to avoid when you write your bio, as well as some other tips.

2a. The Ecology of MM Forums - learn the types of creatures that post in the forums.

2b. Basic Forum Survival Tips - avoid getting torn apart. It's not pretty.

- Acronym List
- FAQ on Forums

Disclaimer: This guide was written and provided to Mayhem members on volunteer basis. I, and other contributors, are not directly affiliated with, its parent entity, or its subsidiaries.

Notes to other MM survivors:
If you have other survival tips, please feel free to provide them in the form of a reply. I will continue to add to this guide per your suggestion. I also reserve the right to choose which tips to include. Thanks in advance.

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Posts: 3

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US

hi to all ....i am new to mm and i am luv'n it more everyday.....

Nov 09 09 01:23 pm Link



Posts: 3

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US

Melissa De  wrote:
I"m new to this can anyone tell me what TFP or TFCD is? sorry if i sound stupid! smile

Nov 09 09 01:23 pm Link


Taber Lacie

Posts: 11

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

This was very helpful and informative! I've been using this site for a few weeks now and I was really hoping I would find something like this to explain all the abbreviations. Thank you for posting this! smile

Nov 15 09 09:10 am Link


T L Sellers

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

New pictures up tell me what you thank ?

Nov 18 09 06:55 pm Link


the pixel ninja

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Montpelier, Ohio, US

Craig Thomson wrote:
Why not give the moderators some juice to deal with members that “tear people apart” in the forums?

ooh i just stated in a previous forum to use "pirhanna" or "sharks" for this term
sounds good yes?

Nov 25 09 06:50 pm Link


Bella Minerva

Posts: 5

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

thank you for posting this, super helpful to us fresh meat!... and i mean that in the least derogatory way possible.

Dec 02 09 09:45 am Link


kinah beena

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Allentown, Georgia, US

thanks this really hepled smile

Dec 06 09 07:41 am Link


Veronika Valentine1

Posts: 7

Detroit, Michigan, US

Hey there I am just wondering if anyone has any tips for me on how to get real work on here. I have already been approached by 3 scams as far as offers for work and dont know if I should believe in any offers now. Also what is TF thnx................ Veronika

Dec 06 09 09:20 pm Link



Posts: 10303

Los Angeles, California, US

Veronika Valentine1 wrote:
Hey there I am just wondering if anyone has any tips for me on how to get real work on here. I have already been approached by 3 scams as far as offers for work and dont know if I should believe in any offers now. Also what is TF thnx................ Veronika

Well, the scam thing is easy.  Take the email off your profile.  Let potential collaborators communicate with you via mm's pm system.  If you must, give out your email after the initial contact through here, same for phone, let them contact you here first.  Most scammers won't go through the trouble of doing so. 

TF* is an acronym for Time For or Trade For.  Generally it is images so you'll usually see TFP (Time for Prints) or TFCD (Time for images on CD or digital images via email, etc).

If you want work, you gotta network your butt off.

Have fun, and good luck smile

Dec 06 09 09:30 pm Link


Omaha Pro

Posts: 358

Omaha, Nebraska, US

Dec 17 09 08:40 am Link


a HUMAN ad

Posts: 1148

Miami Beach, Florida, US

Time Between Shoots and Recieving Photos ...?

It is better to communicate, be well informed as to what you will get and when -  and use it as filter to decide what photographer to work with.

MODEL - If the model is wanting edited or unedited photos within a specific time frame, then the model should ask the photographer "when can I expect edited and/or unedited photos".

PHOTOGRAPHER - If the model does not inform the photographer that he/she needs/wants edited or unedited photos within a specific time frame, the photographer should then inform the model when he/she can expect them.

Dec 17 09 01:52 pm Link


Dagmar Sanchez

Posts: 7

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the awesome guide to the forums!

I am definitely still a fawn, but I won't let those hyenas get me!

Dec 28 09 10:21 am Link


Joffery Hollsworth

Posts: 67

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

How does one post a photo? Because I only know how to post the link to one of my photos, and not the photo itself on forums... I tried to figure it out, but no luck.

Jan 05 10 06:09 pm Link



Posts: 381

Oakland, California, US

this is funny

Jan 14 10 01:59 am Link



Posts: 1

Miami, Florida, US

Hello and thank you for the informative post.  I am a novice in the world of modeling and would like to introduce myself.  My name is Maria.  Currently, I am Miami based.  Please check out my profile: Ganz MM# 1527956.  At this time, my picture collection is very limited but more is coming!

Jan 16 10 08:29 am Link


Brittany Swanson

Posts: 2

Rockford, Illinois, US

I am almost a newborn fawn here, not only on MM but in general. Hopefully I can become one hell of Deer .. just not one in headlights!

Jan 23 10 10:49 pm Link


Miss ChocolateHoney

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New York, New York, US

Really Helpful Info Thanks a lot!!Im new to the site just wanted to say hi:-)

Jan 30 10 03:55 pm Link



Posts: 94

Lutz, Florida, US

are we able to post a photo on the forum?

Feb 01 10 05:59 pm Link


Fotographia Fantastique

Posts: 17332

Lebanon, New Hampshire, US

Sam_Speaks wrote:
are we able to post a photo on the forum?

Yes, but there are rules about it.

First check out this:

And then this:

Feb 01 10 06:04 pm Link