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This thread was created because there are too many photo retouching service threads in MM Market, making finding other items more difficult. A compiled list will benefit everyone. Think of this as the yellow pages. If you're interested in someone's service, please PM them instead of replying here. Do not quote anyone or anything.

=== Directions ===

- List your name, MM number, and genres of expertise.
- You MUST state your base rate(s). You can note "negotiable".
- Post a sample or samples of your work via text links.
- Your entire ad should be 15 lines or less, including line breaks. 
- Do not bold your ad entirely. You may bold one or 2 words only.
- Post once, and only once. You can edit your post as often as you like.

=== Rules ===

1. Standard forum rules apply.
2. Your samples must be properly licensed.
3. There will be no discussion in this thread.
4. No praising, flirting, bargaining, or bashing in this thread.
5. Do not post recommendations. Post for yourself only.

Failure to comply to directions and rules will result in brigging with stated reason: "Lacking in reading comprehension".

You may make suggestions or report abuse of this thread to me directly. I will be actively moderating this thread; I will enforce the rules strictly; and I will brig people who don't follow them. For general forum violations, please report in CAM.

Update: I will be a pest about everyone following the rules. You will get progressively nastier tags if you don't comply. Your ad will be subject to force removal.

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Example Listing:

CLT  - MM#105170
Specializes in commercial, lifestyle, and glamour retouching.
Base rate is $35 per image (negotiable).
See my samples here:
E-mail: [email protected]

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Bianca Carosio

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New York, New York, US

Bianca Carosio- MM# 525154

View website for many samples. MSG me for rates

Specializing in Beauty, Fashion, Commercial, Celebrity, Editorial, and much more.

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Yahor Shumski retoucher

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New York, New York, US

Yahor Shumski - Mayhem #303674

I am 28, an experienced, Adobe Certified Expert with a solid 13-year Photoshop experience, 7 of them in advertising and fashion photo retouching.

Please, check my before-and-after samples, they are good smile

E-mail: [email protected]

Special rate for modelmayhem members: $25/hour

Adobe Certified Expert

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Victoria Leigh

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The Woodlands, Texas, US

Victoria Leigh Studios - Mayhem #605461
Retouching by Victoria - Mayhem #1015669

I have 13 years of Photoshop/retouching experience. I specialize in everything from light retouches to digital special effects, and everything in between. I can take your portfolio from 'blah' to outstanding.

My base rate is $20 per image for standard jobs, custom and high-end work to be quoted on a per-image basis. Discounts available on bulk work. 50% advance deposit required, payment via Paypal.

Feel free ask for more info!

My work can be viewed at:


Victoria Leigh

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BKI-Retouching please use my main MM #467742
I have over 5 years experience in photo retouching.I can do color correction,blemish removal, digital makeup and more!
Email is [email protected]
My rate is $ 15 per image  or I have a package deal of 10 images for $75 with each additional image $ 5 per picture. Payment via Paypal

Samples at my main profile MM #467742 or at my temp site … id=5786345 … id=5761704 … id=5580560       Thanks smile

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Los Angeles, California, US


Full service retouching services, with realistic results.
Other services include : graphic design, web design and photo editing

-Basic Website Portfolio Designs( request quote)

-And all marketing material for the creative minds ( comp cards, business cards, post cards, etc) (request quote)

-portfolio editing/selection ( request quote)

Current retouch price starts at $25.00/photo* (payable through paypal).

*price is subject to change depending on the amount of work required for your image

Please contact via pm to request a quote!

some samples … 59407e.jpg … 3528b0.jpg

Please view more work on our MM profile
and our soon to launch site

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Retouch the Untouch

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Greensburg, Pennsylvania, US

Hi there, I'm Retouch the Untouch
My rates are 100% negotiable

I can basically do anything from simple retouching, to repairing old photos, to even graphic design or animation. Yet I specialize in skin retouching.
You can contact me here or through my email
[email protected]

$5 per image

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Webspinner Studios

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Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

My areas of expertise are rates are 50 an hour, and I only edit for 8 x 10 print or larger.

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Kansas City, Kansas, US

Fredric Reed #308995

All genres

$25 per image, including skin work.

$75 hr. for composite images.

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Resonating Art LLC

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Los Angeles, California, US

Resonating Art
MM #369701
Professional Retoucher and webdesigner
I'm working with Patrick Hoelck now.
25-50$ an image email for more details

have edited published images for:
Don Cheadle; David Banner; Shannon Sassoman; Common; Beyonce; Jason Swartzman;The Black Eyed Peas;The Roots; and alot more!!!

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New York, New York, US

aaronology101  - MM#355998

Specializes in Beauty, Glamour, Skin, Fasion, Lifestyle, Editorial, Color Correcting Compositions, and MUCH more ..

Base Freelance Rate is $50 an hour, with 2 hour minimum. Rates do vary, and are negotiable depending on project size, and on-going traffic consitency.

Before/After Shots Can Be Viewed At:

E-mail: [email protected]

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Houston, Texas, US

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Elizabeth Jean Retouch

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Menifee, California, US

Elizabeth Jean- MM#575401

Specializes in basic retouching, backround change, graphic design, removing objects, resizing [more skills avaliable, I can make ANYTHING possible :]

Base rate is AS LOW AS $5 AN IMAGE

Paypal accepted

See my samples here:]

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Digital Artist


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Ankara, Ankara, Turkey

No I'm not a beauty retoucher.

But I check in as a photoshopper if you ever need one.


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Santa Barbara, California, US

Not accepting work.

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Davenport, Iowa, US

~JoannaRas~- MM#414120
Specializes in commercial, lifestyle, and glamour retouching.
Base rate is $15 per image (negotiable).
See my samples here:
Message me on MM. smile

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Jana B

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Hackensack, New Jersey, US

Good to know... I must add this page to my favorites!  wink

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Photography by John

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Prescott, Arizona, US

Photography by John MM#1043  - Photo-repair, photo-retouching, photo-editing, digital manipulation, digital-art.  (I shoot my models without makeup.) I do commercial work for magazines and other print and video media.  I redraw faces and facial features such as eyes.  I sclupt bodies, figure work such as slimming and adding muscle definition etc. Base rate is $40 per hour. Write for an estimate....

Samples are here:
and here:

I do the editing for Black Swan

Photo upload service at:

Upsizing service at:

Contact me here on MM or

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

I mostly restore old photos although I also do some retouching.

Mayhem #45731
Rates are $60 per hour to the public, $30 per hour commercial clients.

Restoration examples:

Retouching examples, here on my port or:


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Lynn Freeman

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Los Angeles, California, US

Offering beauty and fashion editing to spec.


$5 for the first image for new customers.

Samples are available in my profile.

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Makeup Artist

DanielleK MUA

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Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

DanielleK - MM#577972
Basic retouching, portrait, beauty, glamour, and fashion.

Base rate: $25/hour

More samples available upon request.

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Justice Graphic Art

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Jacksonville, Florida, US

Justice Graphic Art & Design, MM# 254855

– Natural headshots, glamour retouching or fantasy settings, I offer a variety of services.
– $60/hr (ie. body shots $10-$20, portraits $20-$30, drop swaps $10-$20 etc.)
– Please contact me for large samples of work.  Specify style you would like to see.

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Juli Adams-Custom Edge

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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

I am a basic retoucher, as in I do skin, eyes, backgrounds (basic removal of unwanted objects, etc.) and color correction.

My rates are $7.00/image with a 3 image minimum.

I like doing retouch work, so I would love to help those who are not yet comfortable with their photoshop skills.


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Kristina J

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London, England, United Kingdom


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Daniel Wysocki

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Kansas City, Kansas, US

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Stephen T Photography

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Santa Barbara, California, US

I am a professional image retouch- artist.
I do anything from color corrections, to blemish removal, to body slimming/enhancing. If you want it done I can do it, or I’ll recommend someone who can.
I have 5 years of image working and graphic design experience.
Base rate $25 per image (payable through Paypal) for almost any job
Simple retouching for a natural look … etouch.jpg
glamour/commercial/fashion … etouch.jpg
^photographs by:^

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Dgtal PROretouching

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Beverly Hills, California, US

and here I am smile below is my latest Glam style peice. Reasonable rates and fast turn around come check out my page smile

*starting* 25 and image on up depending on style of retouching as well as work needed wanted to be done
I accept Pay Pal and delivery pick up for charge in nyc 5yexp … ley/ff.jpg … 52db20.pbw … facial.jpg … dley/7.jpg

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Iona Lynn

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Oakland, California, US

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Łódź, Łódzkie, Poland

Mayhem #425779

High end photoretoucher, specialized in beauty skin work.

I have over 10 years experience working with photoshop for various advertising and fashion projects.

My standard rate 40$ per hour.

See examples at my webpage:

One free trial retouch possible, contact me: [email protected]

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London, England, United Kingdom

Marco - Mayhem #444233

Rates vary from £30 to £100+ per image for an average of £30 per hr.
My rates are negotiable and vary in front of a numerous set of images.

my web site
some samples

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Pro-Retouch  #597980

Hi quality retouching starts at $10 per image, volume discount available. Includes skin correction, removal of blemishes, colour and contrast adjustments, some body contouring, eyes and lips correction etc.

Images requiring more extensive work will be quoted before work begins so there is no misunderstanding.

Samples can be found at:

More samples and references available upon request.


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Fotographia Fantastique

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Lebanon, New Hampshire, US

fotographia  fantastique

Retouch from minor blemish removal to heavy artistic - glamor a specialty
Base rate ($20/image) but negotiable and varies by amount of retouch work needed.
basic samples: … rk/CCC.jpg … eAfter.jpg … ouched.jpg

E-mail: fotographia.fantastique (at)

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Montesino Photos

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Beauty Retouched - MM #564775
My Retouching Services include, but are not limited to;
-Acne/Blemish Removal
-Color Correction
-Skin Smoothing
Base Rate is $5 per image

See Samples of my work below:

Contact me at: [email protected]

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Prescott, Arizona, US

Ephotique Retouching

Over ten years experience in photography and image retouching

Genres: Pinup, glamour, nude, headshots

Base rate for Touchup: $10 per image

Raw image processing: Adj exposure leveles, white bal, saturation & contrast ($25/hr)

Paypal accepted

samples: … id=5033161 … id=5033002 … id=5033369 … id=5043629

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Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands

Iconogenic Retouching - info & prices

Prices vary depending on your images, requirements and budget.
Before & After
Priced at 3 to 5 euros per image.
Minimum order is 20 images.
Visit our website for examples and pricing.

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Christian Starr

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Barrington, Illinois, US

$25- a photo and you own all rights

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