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Welcome the new and improved MM Market!  We are changing the layout of this forum and there are now requirements that must be met in order to post.  So please read over all of the rules BEFORE posting!

- Price of item/service if it is FS
- A proper thread label (see below)

Thread labels
All threads must have one of the following labels at the beginning of the subject:
- FS (For Sale)
- WTB (Want To Buy)
- WTT (Want To Trade)
- WTR (Want To Rent)
- FREE (I think you can figure out what this means)

Use of Photos:
Any image used in conjunction with a product for sale must be of the actual product being sold, not a sample image of a similar or identical product, especially those obtained from other sources.  You must have permission from the copyright holder to use any image in conjunction with the sale of a product.

For the time being we have a consolidation thread for different services that is right here: Web-DesignersPhoto-Retouchers, and there will be a Sticky for Studio's shortly. Learn it, use it, love it. BUT this is a temporary solution at best so for the time being (i.e. this is also temporary and subject to change as i see fit) Please pay attention to the bumping rule and please do not spam the board with your ads. And here is another little Detail for you, if you are going to be posting a WEB/PHOTO/STUDIO Ad you need to have posted in the consolidation thread after you post there (only need to once, but feel free to update it by editing it) you can make your own thread.

You can start posting your own threads with these new headers:

WEB: - Web-Designers
PHOTO: - Photo Retouching
STUDIO: - Studio for rent

FS: Nikon D70
WTB: Cannon Lenses
WTT: Camera Body's

WEB: Cheap sites for cheap people!
PHOTO: Rates starting at $10 a pimple.
STUDIO: 10 Whole feet of space in my mom's basement.
(And while yes the examples are a joke, please keep the MM Market clean of clutter)

- You are using this forum at your own risk. takes no responsibility for ANY transactions that takes place here.  We do not have the time or manpower to investigate anything.  If something doesn't work out, it is your problem!
- No lowballing. Posting a ridiculous offer that everyone KNOWS shouldn't be offered.
- Flaming a thread starter about their prices.
- Responding with a post on where to get an item/service cheaper.
- No linking to other sites!  Informational links are OK with your description of the item, do not just post a informational link by its self.
- No buying, selling, or trading of CD-Keys, beta software or anything illegal.
- Do not bump your thread more than 3 times!  And do not bump anyone else's thread.
- You can not sell an item for friends or family, you must own the item you are selling.
- No selling of ANY software.
- No ads for photography-related or modeling-related specials
-No more then three active threads at a time (Active being on the first two pages)
-No more then 10 items in a thread

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Brian Diaz

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For complete site rules, please see:

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Wardrobe Stylist

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Do you have a studio to rent? Read this thread.


We have made compilation threads to find them all for basic areas of the US and starting to do so for other areas.
If you have a studio to rent, post an individual thread in the Market area of the forums.

The threads listed below are a way to list many studios together.
But you can also post here so that MM can have an easy to find resource of
Rental studios available.
If you know of good rental studios.
Post to these threads also.

Mid west/east studio resource thread.
East coast studio resource thread.
West coast studio resource thread.

I will get to making resource threads for England and Canada.
But I am not all that familiar with those areas so if someone could help me that would be great.

England - london Studio Resource thread read first
Studio resource threads for Canada? opinion needed

In this case I think one of the moderators should start the thread off.



The casting section as it is now is not to be used to promote a studio you are trying to rent.


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Dean Johnson Photo

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A Free elaboration of the rules by one of our Gatekeepers.

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Kev Lawson

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There is now a consolidation thread for equipment rental locations.

To have a location listed, please PM me the following information:

Phone Number
Website (if available)
Types of equipment available

Photo gear, prop houses - pretty much anything industry related that offers equipment rentals. If I have any questions prior to listing you I will ask via PM.

NOTE: That thread is not intended for studios that offer equipment along with the studio rental. Those must be listed under the studio rental consolidation thread.

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Kev Lawson

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Kev Lawson

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