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Please read the rules carefully before posting

This thread was created to consolidate web design service threads in MM Market. A compiled list will benefit everyone. Think of this as the yellow pages. If you're interested in someone's service, please PM them instead of replying here. Do not quote anyone or anything.

=== Directions ===

- List your name, MM number
- You MUST state your base rate(s). You can note "negotiable".
- Post a sample or samples of your work via text links.
- Your entire ad should be 15 lines or less, including line breaks. 
- Do not bold your ad entirely. You may bold one or 2 words only.
- Post once, and only once. You can edit your post as often as you like.

=== Rules ===

1. Standard forum rules apply.
2. Your samples must be properly licensed.
3. There will be no discussion in this thread.
4. No praising, flirting, bargaining, or bashing in this thread.
5. Do not post recommendations. Post for yourself only.

Failure to comply to directions and rules will result in brigging with stated reason: "Lacking in reading comprehension".

You may make suggestions or report abuse of this thread to me directly. I will be actively moderating this thread; I will enforce the rules strictly; and I will brig people who don't follow them. For general forum violations, please report in CAM.

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Now accepting submissions.
If your ad doesn't follow the directions in the first post, I will first leave you a nasty tag, then ask you to remove it, and then leave you yet another nasty tag, and maybe even have Evil CLT brig you.

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Luis Aragon

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Luis Aragon #45035

Hey guys! I posted about a while back but it has come through some big changes since so I wanted to give you all the  updates.

Since the first post, WebPhotoMaster has lowered prices (you can get started for $60-$100!). The photo size of the Flash sites have increased, they have added music/video/and blog capabilities, Search Engine Optimization, private password protected galleries, and DIY color changes. There have also been a  number of designs added to your options.

Oh, and one of the biggest updates: Mobile versions of your portfolio for those looking at your flash site through a phone/pda!

Check out the different versions and prices of their online portfolio websites here.

Hosting and domain name included w/ no additional fees. We do not use templates from template monster.

With this price you will be in complete control of the way you set up your portfolio including: create, rename, move, delete all photos and categories to your liking; drag and drop pictures straight from your computer to the website w/o having to resize them first, no compression compromised; and doing it all w/o having to call us to update your site for you. All examples below run on self admin system. Credit cards accepted. PM me or go to for more details.

Some examples of finished sites:

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The Original Sin

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Rule#5 Post for yourself only

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Skydancer Photos

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Santa Cruz, California, US


Rates vary, depending on size and scope.

Here's the basics:
1) Design standard HTML/PHP Website (Custom Design) = $500-750 (5-8 nav pages, w/sublinks... includes CSS menu, web banner/masthead & stock imagery)
2) Populate template-Based HTML Websites = $150 basic / $250 customized
3) Flash-Based Photo Gallery = $150 - $250
4) Create Online Newsletter/Blog = $300 (setup, email template, banner)
5) Photoshop Work = $75/image (Splash pages, montages, web banners, etc.)
6) SEO / Search Engine Optimization = $250/domain

~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Shonna Kinz

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

Model Mayhem #37499 | Payment Accepted: Paypal/Credit Cards
Base Price : $150 upwards for html , $100 for template tweaking. $250 upwards for Full Flash (negotiable)
Hosting Price if needed: Either $5 a month, $20 every 6months or $50 a year(FREE DOMAIN included for year package)

**Most of these sites are model mayhemers and are available for reference.

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Active Lifestyle Photo

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Laguna Niguel, California, US

Capturecharacter MM #14791  |  Base Price: $1000  |  Monthly Hosting: $15 to $115

I'm relatively expensive compared to most who will probably list here... but I do lightweight, fast, bug-free, CUSTOM, owner updatable, data-driven sites, often private communities protected by login access, with eCommerce capacity and very intelligent user interfaces and the ability to build up & serve a specific user base. Microsoft .NET and SQL Server. I'm a 13 year veteran in software engineering at Silicon Valley companies like Apple Computer, Macromedia, and Yahoo. NO FLASH.

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Nicolas E

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
• Evolve Thought | Media Group • •
We are a registered member of the Better Business Bureau, a Paypal verified business and a Canadian federal corporation. We've created 75+ fashion industry websites.

• Rates • (25%-Off to MM'ers)
All websites base pricing $400. Hosting base $3.99. Contact for exact estimate.

• Past Projects • (More available upon request)

• Contact Us •
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (416) 628 9411
MM: Adam #216181 or Grace #16417

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Big Toe Design

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Idaho Falls, Idaho, US

Big Toe Design Simple and clean sites (nonflash)

Sites are $175 for 5 custom pages or a CMS (Content Management System)


Hosting and Domain Name extra

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Asia, Lima Provincias, Peru

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Mark Ellison

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Brooklyn, New York, US

UPDATED 05-18-2013

Use promo code "modelmayhem2013" when ordering any shared hosting package and get 25% off for the life of your hosting package.

NOTE: We've changed our business model over to a web hosting provider versus a web designer focus but we still take on web development projects.

We specialize in providing web hosting for business and personal use. We welcome all creative individuals such as photographers, designers, actors, dancers, writers, visual and recording artists.

Whether you're looking for shared, cloud, dedicated, VPS, or our affiliate solutions, we have them all and our packages start at just $5.99.

You can message me on MM or contact me via:

Phone: 347-455-0501
Email: sales (at)

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omar percigo

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Woonsocket, Rhode Island, US

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Nadirah B

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Los Angeles, California, US

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Malleus Veritas

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Winchester, Virginia, US

I am not your typical "web designer".  I am a software engineer who designs and builds database driven web applications.   I have over 19 years experience in software development and systems operations.    Unlike a designer, my focus is on technology, not aesthetics. I make your web site work the way you want it to, and I make sure that it's secure, fast, scalable, reliable, and maintainable.

Services I provide include: general consulting, performance analysis and tuning, security assessment and vulnerability testing, UNIX/Linux system administration, and database administration. 

I am proficient in Perl, PHP, Java, SQL (MySQL, Sybase, MS-SQL Server), and numerous other languages and technologies.  My complete resume and list of proficiencies is available upon request.  Jobs are priced on a case-by-case basis depending on scope and complexity.   

Hosting is available - no restrictions, nudes allowed, high bandwidth caps and disk limits.   Rates vary on usage and administrative requirements.

I am also able to provide basic template based or package-driven  websites starting at $99 including 1 year hosting.  Inquire for details.

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Bello Giovane

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Fort Myers, Florida, US

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Destroy Inc

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Sacramento, California, US

//RansackNation Design  MM#381203
We create edgy, unique websites for your portfolio needs.  The sites are grungy, dark, and just different from the rest.  If you don't want a cookie cutter template site, hit us up for a simple, but cool portfolio site. 

Base Packages start at $300 for a complete UNIQUELY designed site.

//Past Projects

    * Graphic Design
    * Web Design
    * Flash Web Design
    * Print Design
    * Mobile Interface Design
    * Branding
    * Icon Development

Email: [email protected]
You can also message me VIA Model Mayhem

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dave wright phx

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Phoenix, Arizona, US

Dave Wright

I'm a San Francisco-based designer, accepting freelance design projects: $500+

I'm available for marketing consultation, branding, logo development, identity packages, business cards, websites, fliers, etc.
[email protected]

Dave Wright

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Brooklyn, Indiana, US

email:[email protected]

Get a new website for the New Year ..

Models, Dancers, Entertainers, photographers,ETC....

$149/year Website Design, hosting and management..
after this promotion the price is $365/year ..

Models, Dancers, Entertainers, photographers,ETC....
myspace page creations
and other website designs

[email protected]

what type of website do you need, and yes my pricing
does include
flash, i do have samples

myspace page creations
and other website designs

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Wardrobe Stylist

Dave the design student

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Detroit, Michigan, US

Dave  |  MM#23977   |  Base Rate $49   |   PayPal   |      
Nifty clickable name graphic and .com graphic, with links that go to your myspace or web space from le mayhem.  sample (.com graphic only)     sample banner

- I Will Rock Your Body

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Redlands, California, US

emma MM#346734

if you guys are in need of a website i can be of some assistance, i've designed for a few people on MM already & have been designing for 4 years this summer.

- [portfolio]

price varies from $75-$100 depending on what you need done, just talk to me about it & i'll let you know about the prices. message me for more information.

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Brian Avelino

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Personal/Business site created with custom vector graphics, and Flash animation with Actionscript - Glamour video - Wedding photo/video brand - A make up artist in Toronto - Site for Mix DJ - Site for a street magician

Design: Photoshop, Illustrator
Programming: HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Flash and Actionscript

Starting at $500

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Jelani Akin, for DTS, Ltd.

Base price: $1,500.00 - generally includes domain name registration and one year's web hosting, with additional details determined based on the functionality required of your proposed website.

Some of our previous web development work is available here:

Please fill out the questionnaire for price estimates on your web development project:

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No longer a member

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Matt Morency

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Canton, Michigan, US

Rising Star Productions - - MM# 479792
We are a young and hungry web-design and hosting company that focus on creating the best websites possible for reasonable prices.  We don't use boring templates and all of our sites are completely custom-made by us.  You can check out some of our previous work here:
Base price: $300 for 3-5 pages (negotiable) along with long-term updating available upon request.
Contact us by email at [email protected]  Thank you very much for your time and we hope you choose us to build your fantastic website for you.

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Tatianna Lavin

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Cameron Park, California, US

Tatianna Lavin #482608
Rate: negotiable

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Mike Distras

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Wakefield, England, United Kingdom

Michael Distras :: #475253

::: Base Price :::
£60 - £80 ($120 - $160) - One payment (domain not included in cost)
£20 ($40) - To be paid after 12 months of site being online

::: Past Work :::
More at:

::: Contact :::
Through MM is fine or at: [email protected]

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Santa Barbara, California, US

No longer accepting work.

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Sam Photoes

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Gurnee, Illinois, US

CLT wrote:
Now accepting submissions.
If your ad doesn't follow the directions in the first post, I will first leave you a nasty tag, then ask you to remove it, and then leave you yet another nasty tag, and maybe even have Evil CLT brig you.

lol, good idea.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Dizcount Design

Quality web sites at affordable prices.
Right now we'll create:

- A three page web site
- One month's free hosting
- Your own domain name
- One free email address at your domain

All included for one-hundred fifty dollars.

[email protected]

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Los Angeles, California, US


Custom Webdesign & Graphic Design - $500+

Custom Myspace Layouts - $200 - $350 (Depending on the layout)


my links for more info:

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bijan studio

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TARZANA, California, US

Rates starts from 400.  50% down and the rest when complete.

I can do static or dynamic websites where you can easily update your pictures/text with no programming knowledge.

For a list of websites I have designed visit my portfolio at:


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Danny Luna

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Los Angeles, California, US

Message me for Details.

I'm a Flash website designer that can Create most of thing you can think of or keep it very simple to meet your needs and budget.

Current list of Passed work available upon request.

Danny Luna
e: [email protected]

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Anaheim, California, US

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Kristie Carter

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Kansas City, Missouri, US

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Cusco, Cusco, Peru

madebyBOLD | | Mayhem #520275

HTML and Flash websites, logos, business cards, banners, etc


some examples (visit for more)



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Jared MM

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San Diego, California, US

MakStar Video: Unforgettable Videos of Your Images

What do you think of these wild, high-quality, video-like photo presentations?

Celebrate your next special event, occasion, or loved ones in a remarkable way. We transform ordinary photos into extraordinary video presentations. We'll Make You See Stars!

Keep in touch,

San Diego, CA
Graphic and Web Designer

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DJ Loveless

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Denver, Colorado, US

Hello! This is loveless neko(mayhem #:35572).
Im currently looking for clients right now for my design firm. So far, I have one good solid port site thats just my work. I went a little more for the artsy unique design with this one. Once me and my other 2 business associates get together and make more samples, I shall put them up. For now, until we get more clients, we are extremely negotiable on our rates compared to how much work you need done. Thank you for your time.

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Breda, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Hi there,

Name: JayBro | MM: 661716
Rates: €25 per hour, €250 for a portfolio (accepting paypal and other payments)
Me: I am a very experienced webdeveloper. From animation to programming, from design to markup. I have been creating websites for 8 years now.
Experience: I have been working for BMW, Microsoft, Vodafone and Smirnoff. I have great experience in PHP, XHTML+CSS, JavaScript, Flash. I also edit photo's, video's and music.

Some work Examples:
James Bond site (dutch)
My own photography portfolio
(for more PM me...)

PM me if you need hosting, website-design, or some simple programming...

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visual suite

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New York, New York, US

Hello there, I am very creative web / graphic designer, I will develop a basic website and the art (Background colors, Fonts and Layout) for just 95 dollars. In just a couples of hours you will have your website on the internet.
Hosting and Domian can be purchased at for 50-60 dollars (this includes e-mail with your domain name)
So if you would like the whole package we just need to add the fee for the hosting and the domain, i can take care of that and upload the site to the server if you dont know how to do it.
Please email me if you have any questions.
(accepting paypal and other payments)
More ellaborated websites with animation can be done as well, please ask for rates.
thanks for looking
some examples:

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Petersfield, England, United Kingdom

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