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Andrew Franciosa

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Albany, New York, US

- My name's Andrew Franciosa #1669524
- Full, new sites start at $400, modifications of existing, etc is $40/hr.
- Examples:

You pick everything, color, layout, etc. Give me a few examples and we take it from there! Get the site you're looking for!

Contact me if you're looking to get a site! I can get it done fast, with no compromise to quality.

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Leicester, England, United Kingdom


Flickr powered galleries on a sexy website. Update at your leisure!!

If your interested, then I can create a mock-up for you at no cost, should you like the look and feel I would ask for a small amount to transfer site to new domain plus a small hosting fee.

Send me your Flickr ID (create up to 5 'Sets') and a 3-4 paragraph Bio... It's all I need!

Hope to hear from you soon my lovelys.

x x

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coalesced photography

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Athens, Georgia, US

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- H T -

Posts: 1043

New York, New York, US

HT Portraits: MM#1777912

I'm a Wordpress CMS (content management system) expert.  I've been developing websites using Wordpress for many years.  I currently own 3 websites developed in Wordpress, and I can help you too.  I am also very experienced in SEO (search engine optimization).  I have taken websites to Google Page Rank (PR) 6 and 3 in the past. 

Rate:  $400 which includes 1 year of hosting on my server and email addresses


Contact me via MM or [email protected]

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Indianapolis, Indiana, US

$5 each for individual edits
5 edits for $20 or 10 for $40
email me at [email protected]

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Jaz Sheen

Posts: 37

Boynton Beach, Florida, US


jaz sheen / 1616297

minimal/clean portfolio web site $100.

high quality, low price.

keep it simple.


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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

United Creations

UK Based web design agency. Specialises in Wordpress development and design for creatives.

With over 10 years experience and clients that include BBC, Channel 4, Nestle, Schweppes...

Recent sites.

Feel free to get in touch.

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A M Johnson

Posts: 8024

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

I'm A M Johnson, MM 149230

My web sites are cross browser compatible and work great on mobile devices.

I can do photo themes, blogger style websites, client proofing, ecommerce, event registration, more.

Base rate is $199.95 and up for a website but run specials

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Renaldo Creative 2

Posts: 29

Williamston, North Carolina, US

Creative Mind | Mayhem #1778436

renaldocreative at
Phone 1 (252) 792-7505

01. XHTML Site with Flash Gallery $500.00-UP
02. PSD to XHTML/CSS $50 Per PSD
Hosting and Domain Name Extra

Design For
Photographer // Make Up Artists // Stylist // Models // Photoshop Wizards // Agencies


Example Work (Visit for more)

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Posts: 5

Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Stylish Portfolio Websites for only £149.99 / $230.

FREE TRAIL so you have nothing to loose.

See our website for more details

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Posts: 12

Katy, Texas, US

Base Rate: $150
We offer Hosting/Domain Names/Web Sites.
Dot Com Domain Names: $10.50
Hosting Month to Month Starting: $6 a Month

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John Fitch Photography

Posts: 194

Newquay, England, United Kingdom

I've been asked by quite a few people I know and work with to help sort them out a simple website. What I have done is worked on a simple template that incorporates a way to show your work as well as a point of contact for potential clients. Having worked on this for quite a while now, I'm offering my service to anyone who feels that they could benefit from a professional flash portfolio website. It is suitable for photographers, models, artists and designers alike.

The site is simple and consists of:
•    A home 'splash' page to make an immediate impact.
•    An 'about' page where you can put all the information your potential clients need to know (including links to PDF documents for prices etc.)
•    A portfolio split into 4 sections, that can be easily updated by simply uploading pictures with the appropriate names, no need to edit the site.
•    Finally a contact page that allows potential clients to contact you direct from your site to your email address without having to post your email address in the public domain.
A sample site can be viewed for you to see here:

My aim is to offer a very affordable professional website to anyone in the industry who needs it.

The template itself is extremely simple to update and has been designed so that the portfolios can be edited by just uploading new pictures. This includes the buttons for each portfolio, allowing for completely new portfolios with only the change of images. For the initial setup of the template I will use the text and images you provide and provide you with a fully finished website and everything you need to know to be able to update it yourself.

Included in the price I am willing to create you a simple splash image and create your buttons for your portfolios. If however you would prefer to create these yourself I will provide the image dimensions for these.

I have priced the template very reasonably at £38 / $60 and will accept payment over PayPal. I will not expect any payment until the site is complete and I have uploaded a watermarked copy for you to approve. Then following payment I will remove the watermark and send you the files. If you would like me to I am also willing to upload the files to your web space for you in the correct format so that it's all up and running for you.

The aim is to make this as easy as possible for you to get your site online.

Please note I am not selling web space.

If you are interested  please don't hesitate to contact me. Either here, via a pm, or directly to my email: [email protected]

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Posts: 3

Woodland Hills, California, US

I have been building and provided managed hosting for hundreds of web sites since 1997. We specialize in Wordpress CMS /multi site solutions,  The ease of use is unmatched! We offer complete L.A.M.P. development solutions.  Our goal is to always build clean automated site solutions.

We offer consulting on  SEO - BRAND RECOGNITION - EASE of USE - ADVERTISING and more.

Complete managed hosting solutions starting at $100 per year.
Wordpress solutions starting at $500 and up
Gallery2 - Hosting Solutions - Starting at $225 per year small sites
Plogger - Setup Hosting and CMS - $1200 - $225 per year small sites
PDG shopping carts  $5000 - $10000 for full automated solutions from .csv

Base price for a nice site is $125 per page - 20% of for MM - $100 per page
Flash- Video - Programming are extra - CMS templates $2500 - Web Templates $50-$100

There are many solutions on the web we will find you the one that fits!!
While the major sites are building islands we are building bridges!

Sample sites: (in development)

DarrinNupuf - 818 718 0406 - - 22425 Ventura Blvd #319 whills CA 91364

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Jeffries Photography

Posts: 120

Long Beach, California, US

I have experience in HTML, PHP, MySQL, and also utilize features such as flash, javascript, jquery and much more. I also have experience in Wordpress, joomla, Zen-Cart and vbulletin.

You can check out my site for my full portfolio:

For models looking to have a paysite built I also have experience in that. (although, kimmi never shot content for her sit so I took down the members area)
I can set the site up to where you shoot the content with other photographers or me if you are local and you can upload the photos or videos. I can also can set up a webcam if that's also what you want to do.

My rates are negotiable and I do not charge by the hour, I charge by the project. I do not believe in charging an hourly rate then taking 80 hrs when it really takes only 2 hrs to complete.

Some of my other work:

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Arlington, Virginia, US

Hi. I can do a site like mine for ~$100. Depending on number of pics...I can do more complicated ones as well, inluding ecommerce, shopping carts etc.

Hosting can be provided too..


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Tamara Rogers Imaging

Posts: 27

Derby, England, United Kingdom

Tamara Rogers - MM #1305935
I offer creative graphics and web design solutions - simple but full of character.
Rates start at £150 depending on requirements of site (eg number of pages, functions of site).
Simple CMS options available, or payment options available for me to continue to manage your site for you.
Samples available at

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Take care


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Scott Munster

Posts: 68

Fayetteville, Arkansas, US

Scott Hutcheson - MM #1609197

I am a graphic/web designer specializing in CMS (content management system), which is a complicated term that translates into you being able to update/add/remove/change most of the site yourself.

For $100 I will register your domain name, design your site, set it up to your liking and make it easy for you to update. Also included in the $100 is the first year of hosting. After the first year you pay $50 a year for hosting, $12 a year for your domain name.

If you are interested you can see some of my work here:

You can message me on here or email me: [email protected]

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Tamina Cherrybomb

Posts: 347

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom

Tammy - MM #1470861
Base rate: £20 per hour, set prices for packages or quotes for larger projects.

Caldera Web Design


Services: Static and dynamic websites, flash, cms, graphic editing, seo, blogs...
Currently offering Starter Package: 5 page website - £375 - perfect for portfolios!

Become a fan on Facebook for special offers … 9942144432

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Posts: 8

Little Rock, Arkansas, US

I'm looking for a reliable, unique, and creative web designer!

A little more info on the job:

I am actually building a company that will need right now at least one main page with a couple additional links as well. I need a website that I can expand to an unlimited link as I plan for rapid expansion. Can you help with this? I will not have any videos I don't think, pictures yes. The site will include my company's background info including a personal bio on myself and my business partner and a little more of course.

Look forward to your emails!

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Posts: 5471

Lake City, Florida, US

I design and host websites as well. You can see some of my work here:

Sites are cross platform compatible and very reasonable. Sites start at $125, including hosting. Send me a message if you are interested.

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David Reid Photography

Posts: 61

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

MM number: 699618
Base rate: $500 AUD
Post a sample or samples of your / / /

I am a website developer, working on a range of platforms from straight html code to wordpress, drupal, expression engine and Joomla.  I have designed many models, makeup artists and photographers websites along with other business sites.  I am located in Sydney Australia and i have my own hosting environment.

Your involvement can be as little as none or as much as you would like through the process.  I am able to develop on other platforms or jsut rehash and redesign your current site.


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dLQ Retouch

Posts: 148

Chattanooga, Tennessee, US

Base Rate: $350


** See examples on site
Comes with FREE Hosting for a LIFETIME (Limited offer)

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Videbimus Imaginis

Posts: 168

New Orleans, Louisiana, US

I am looking for a web designer that can give me a special site for an independent film production company.  Go to to get an idea of the feel that I'm looking for.  The sight will have a forum, e-commerce, video, and members only area.  The splash page will be an old movie theater with a ticket kiosk on either side of the door.  The left kiosk is to sign up and the right is to sign in.  The door is to enter the sight as a guest.  Inside the theater, there will be a row of movie posters on each side all.  Clicking on a poster takes to the viewing room for that film.  Members can see unrated content and guests can only view trailers.  At the back of the lobby is the concession stand where you can buy merchandise.  I'm looking for smooth transitions and an art-deco look.

If you think that you are the designer for me, message me with samples of your work and a price estimate.  I already have the domain name and hosting.

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Paul Venomous

Posts: 466

South Beach, Florida, US

Paul Venomous MM#205726

Premium WordPress site designs (Hosting can also be added for additional charge)

Couple sites as examples:

General turnaround time is 2-3 weeks or less pending workload.
Can also do logo design, posters, etc.

PM for more details or check out for more info on rates and site examples.

Paul Venomous

Aug 12 11 11:47 am Link


Vika Kitsune

Posts: 5

London, England, United Kingdom

Hello model mayhem people!!

if any of you should ever need a website making or updating keep me in mind please!! smile My partner is a web designer. I help make things look pretty he does the hard work haha. His rates are very reasonable for the standard of quality he gives in comparison to many other web designers who charge a lot for what you would call a micro site (basically a generic carbon made site that is actually pieced together on a programme) He writes all coding himself specific to what you want.

You can view some examples here:

There are a few more websites currently in the making that are not on there at the moment.

If you have any further questions feel free to message me either on here or you can e-mail me directly at: [email protected]

Thank's for your time!

Kind regards,


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Marcie Cobbaert

Posts: 545

Los Angeles, California, US

Marcie Cobbaert, MM 398725

$200- Limited Edition Minimal Pro Website

Visit a working Minimal Pro site

-Website expands to browser window size (looks amazing on Imac 27 inch)
-Images can not be dragged off
-Activate up to ten image galleries
-Contact form, means no spam in your inbox
-Technical Support
-Free installation

Visit PromoRockit for in depth info about the Minimal Pro website. Live Chat to answer your questions.

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Posts: 440

College Station, Texas, US

Hi! I'm Gavin Braman, #1114564

I co-own Drifting Creatives, your brand consultants and go-to media guys. We create brands that take you places through content-driven strategy and visual aesthetics.

Our websites are pretty rad too. Check out the work on our website here:

Or get to know us and our process with this here video.

Our prices vary depending on the project, typically $4,000 - $10,000.

Thanks! Say [email protected]

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Grey Imagery

Posts: 2

New York, New York, US

Professional Website's $199


I’m an award winning, freelance website developer. I have extensive experience building custom websites and optimizing sites for search engines. My proficiencies are PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Flash, (social media) Facebook and Graphic design : Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have an individual certification from Google in AdWords and Analytics.

Here is a link to my website: my latest project can be seen here @
If you have time to discuss your project over the phone, I can provide you with a quote and time-line for completion. I’m free for most of today; please feel free to give me a call when you’re available: (781) 315-9152.

Dorian Gray
Freelance Website|Graphic Designer
Phone: (781) 315-9152

- My latest project can be seen here @

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Andy Virus

Posts: 2230

Richmond, Virginia, US

Andy Virus

MM# 1003222

My rates are completely negotiable.

Sample work published:

PM me for details.

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Nancys Angel Disguise

Posts: 13

Portland, Oregon, US

Nancy Lerma
- $50 for a fully customized designed website layout with html/css and a special "link back" button (my free addition to my clients)
- freewebs,com/paw-designs
   I take special requests!  Please visit for all the details!

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Zindi Productions

Posts: 43

Methuen, Massachusetts, US

Zindi (aka Zindi Productions) MM500386

Rates NEGOTIABLE... Base rates
Complete design for new sites start at $500
Updates/Redesign of current site start @ $50/hr

Sample Sites - as of 1/21/12 this site is under Visual redesign, new look coming soon - pending site owner approval for redesign

I am open to working up a design from only your input, or I can work with you to come up with the perfect design to represent you.

Contact me if you're looking to get a site! I can get it done fast, with no compromise to quality.

Jan 21 12 07:14 pm Link


PR Zone

Posts: 853

London, England, United Kingdom

Greyhound-Photography wrote:
Stylish Portfolio Websites for only £149.99 / $230.FREE TRAIL so you have nothing to loose.See our website for more details

45 seconds to load - and the options link does not work... And you want to design sites for people? Raise your game chaps.

Zindi Productions wrote:
Zindi  (aka Zindi Productions) MM500386

Tired looking site boys.. Times New Roman?  You might have coding Kung-fu...  But 21st century design is needed here!

Nancys Angel Disguise wrote:

WIX site? So, basically, Flash? Which won't be visible by anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Mac?  Bit limiting in the design/photography world...  Can you provide an 'Apple detect - fall back'?

Jan 28 12 01:54 am Link


sightful photos

Posts: 7

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, US

mm# 2459610

I have been a freelance web and graphic designer for 10+ years.  I'm sick of seeing overdone flash photography sites, and free wix sites. lol- offering my professional web design services for cheap rates, or trade for canon or photo gear.

I build my sites in a cms or tie in a custom ajax script where you can easily manage content yourself and keep your portfolio images updated yourself.

I still haven't built a photography site for my portfolio- almost complete with my first one...msg me to see it

Samples of my work :

I chose to share my tattoo sites because they show some of the same functionality that most photography sites  should have.

I'll build sites starting at $200 which is a steal... msg me for a custom quote.

Jan 31 12 11:59 am Link

Makeup Artist

Makeup Natalie

Posts: 175

Los Angeles, California, US

Base price standard website $350-$700
Price are negotiable, will work with budget

Feb 07 12 10:42 pm Link



Posts: 7286

London, England, United Kingdom

Erlinda #773058

We create simple, clean and fresh websites for artists and also businesses. Our sites are not based on templates so we can customise any look or feature on the website exactly as you want it. (We create e-commerce sites as well) smile

We can also make the websites easy for our clients to maintain on their own or you may subscribe to regular maintenance.

Packages start at £300 and all include domain name and first year of hosting if desired. Optionally if you just require a current design to be tweaked or a new feature added please enquire for a quote.

Here are some examples. smile

This is the back end work to one of the websites. smile

Mar 08 12 11:49 pm Link

Makeup Artist

michael banks

Posts: 1

Los Angeles, California, US

With the all-inclusive web design of TimeToWeb, You will make a lasting impression. Presenting your work with a professional, state of the art web presence is not only a great idea, it is a necessity in the competitive entertainment industry.

Check out They have all-inclusive websites for $450.00. Design or redesign.
Price includes:
-domain name
-as much space as you need
-sophisticated web concept
-activation within 14-21 days
-professional web design
-website management of your choice
-personal support and introduction
-low cost for subsequent years

They do amazing work.

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Moved To 2613531

Posts: 107

Buffalo, New York, US

*My Name: DJ Jarak of Aperture Star Creations

*Logo & Logotype Designs: $35 each (PayPal only)

*Includes: A full-color (textured or minimalist) 300 DPI PNG image with a transparent background for universal use. It will come no smaller than 2000x2000 pixels in size.

*Examples Of Work:

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David Hirsh

Posts: 2379

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

David Hirsh - MM#1316847

I'm a full time photographer and commercial studio owner. I like designing websites on the side, and have recently started working with MM members. Here's the most recent example of my work - more will be posted soon.

Base rate: US$300 via PayPal for a full working site, complete with portfolio sliders, contact forms, and all the other fun stuff. I will work with you, give you some options to find a design you prefer, and go from there. You take over once the site is complete - I will provide basic instructions as to how to maintain and update it. It helps to have basic understanding of simple html coding, but not absolutely necessary.

Don't don't want to end up not knowing how to update a site you just paid $300 for? For an additional $200 per year, I will register your chosen domain name, host your site, and do all your updates for you. Everything is taken care of. Inbox me for details.

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Jimi King

Posts: 2

Los Angeles, California, US

Jimi King  –  141487

Services for Models & Producers:
– Website Design & Production – $500 - $1500
– Web Banners & Promo Graphics Packages – $200 – $500
– Model Cards & Business Cards – $150 – $300
– Photo & Video Shoots – $350 – $550

Apr 26 12 03:20 pm Link


Essence of Imagery

Posts: 684

Sebastopol, California, US

Essence of Imagery #877954

I've expanded my horizons into the world of web design and coding.  I use HTML5, CSS3 and php for coding my sites, in order to create modern, easy to use pages.

My rates start at $350 including 1 year of hosting, domain name, and 5 content pages, including one contact form page.

Samples upon request.

Apr 28 12 03:14 am Link