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In addition to the forum rules, OT also has its own set of unique rules.

Titles must reflect the topic
Nuff said.

No junk threads
OT will no longer allow junk/non-discussion/pointless threads.  OT is still for Off-Topic discussion... but for real "discussion".  The pointless "I ate broccoli" threads will be moved to SF2.

No more serious debate threads
Threads of a serious nature like news, politics, religion, etc. are not permitted.  Continuing discussion of politics, religion, race, or other controversial topics in other forums may result in locked threads, hidden posts, and/or removal of forum privileges.

What's the difference between OT and SF2?
- OT is where you post a thread to talk about Game of Thrones with other folks.
- SF2 is for proclaiming your love of Hodor.

Fundraising threads
Threads posted by members asking for money for personal or charity reasons are ok in the MM forums. These threads must be in Off Topic. Replies to these thread should follow the forum rules. Scams are never ok.

Please observe Model Mayhem's Terms of Use which state:

We disclaim all liability for any loss or damage arising out of your communications or dealings with any of the businesses, advertisers, Model Mayhem members or users of the Model Mayhem Services. Your communications or dealings with such businesses, advertisers, members and users are solely between you and them, although we reserve the right to monitor disputes between you and them.

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For complete site rules, please see:

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