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Updated Below - See New Rules

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For complete site rules, please see:

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Welcome to the EVENTS Forum
Please read over all of the rules BEFORE posting!

- Location, Region & State must be FIRST in the thread title (post prior to today will be grandfathered in)
- You must be the host or the organizer to post an event.
- Cruises, thread title should be Cruise - departure location, destination dates (see example)

Title Examples:
Las Vegas, NV - Shoot out
So. Cal - meet and greet in April 2008
San Francisco, CA - gallery show June 1st 2008
Cruise - Ft Laud. FL to Havana July 4th - 8th

-MM members are NOT to use Casting for Events.
-Casting is for HIRING models only; such as for a workshop.
-Photo/modeling service specials are not allowed.
-Pay to attend events are allowed
-Shootouts and workshops are allowed
-Veiled casting calls are NOT allowed
-Multiple threads on the same event will be considered spam.
-Do not bump your thread excessively.
-Continuing and post event threads are allowed.
-Non-necessary bumping of threads for completed events / zombie threads NOT allowed.

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