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** Updated 6/1/08.

Welcome to the Travel Notice Forum! smile

In addition to site rules and global forum rules...

Allowed in Travel Notices:
- Unconfirmed plans and dates
- Solicitation for destination accommodations, such as airport pickup and shelters

Not allowed:
- "Willing to travel" ads
- Travels that are basically within commute distance.
- Travel notice must be posted by the person traveling.
- If multiple MM talents are traveling together and have identical travel plans, no more than one thread is allowed.

Bumping Policy:
- No bumping unless the thread falls off the first page.
- Daily bump is ONLY permitted if the post is within 3 days of the trip.
- Excessive bumping and/or "vouching" will cause the thread to be locked.

Three thread limit:
- Members are now only allowed three active threads at a time.
- Members will be allowed to swap out a locked thread with another open thread within reason.
- Members traveling to multiple locations are advised to group locations into less threads (for example, listing multiple states by region, using their acronyms as the location).

** Other rules may be added in the future. Check back here from time to time.

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For complete site rules, please see:

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