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This is some legislation everyone should know about if you don't already; it's the Orphan Works Legislation. Please read this and and make your views heard. I don't know a lot about this yet, I just know that it could have a huge impact on the Photography industry and we all should be aware of our rights regarding our copyright. So have a look.

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During 2005, the Copyright Office studied issues raised by “orphan works”— copyrighted works whose owners may be impossible to identify and locate. Concerns had been raised that the uncertainty surrounding ownership of such works might needlessly discourage subsequent creators and users from incorporating such works in new creative efforts, or from making such works available to the public.

The Office issued a Federal Register Notice summarizing issues raised by orphan works, and soliciting written comments from all interested parties. The Office asked specifically whether there were compelling concerns raised by orphan works that merit a legislative, regulatory, or other solution, and if so, what type of solution could effectively address these concerns without conflicting with the legitimate interests of authors and right holders. Initial comments received were posted here. Reply comments received were posted here.

The Office also hosted public roundtable discussions on orphan works in Washington, D.C., on July 26 and 27, 2005, and in Berkeley, California, on August 2, 2005. Transcripts of the roundtables were posted available on this website (see left column). Additionally, audio recordings of the Berkeley, California roundtable are available as well.

The Office also hosted several informal meetings with various parties in late 2005 to address issues in further detail." From -

Of course there is opposition to the proposed legislation, which is touted as a "reform." See -

For, "Why this COULD BE Terrible for Photographers," see -

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this should never be an issue, congress is not worth pissing on if they were on fire

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6 Misconceptions About Orphan Works

Update of 2008 bill proposal

Orphan Works Bill 2008 - HR5889 - text of bill

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You know they're voting on this today at 2pm???

BREAKING NEWS, May 6, 2008 - The House is meeting tomorrow 2:00 > p.m. Wednesday, May 7, 2008, 2141 Rayburn House Office Building > markup of H.R. 5889, the "Orphan Works Act of 2008"

This means that if you oppose the House Bill as it stands, it is > extremely important to make your voice heard before that meeting > begins.

At this time, it is understood that the House believes that > photographers and other visual artists including their trade > associations are in agreement with the current bills. APA opposes both the House and Senate bills as written.

Please take a moment to be heard via a prepared letter of your > choice, or by including your own reasoned thoughts in a > professional courteous manner.

This link  will > allow you to be heard.
Scroll down about half way to see "For Photographers".

It is important to be heard. It is your future.

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Go here for a simple one-click way of contacting your senators about opposing this proposal.

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Just did, and told 6 other photogs Thanks!

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M.hana wrote:
Update of 2008 bill proposal

Orphan Works Bill 2008 - HR5889 - text of bill

There is also a Senate version but the House version seems to be the preferential one to the congress.

Also see

Orphan Works Bill 2008-HR5889 - Discussion thread

For non-US photographers I placed some comment there on foreign works [works not of US origin]


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