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Miss Roxy Valentynne

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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

i do both im very very pale alabaster, but i fake tan for some looks just depends on the look

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Danasaurus Rex

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Buffalo, New York, US

I do pale in the winter, tan in the summer, naturally in Buffalo.  But switch it up!  Take advantage of 2 possible looks smile

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Indianapolis, Indiana, US

I'd say pale, but that's just my opinion.

Pale is pretty to me. And BTW, you're very pretty.


And I'm pale, but that's because I think I look horrible with dark red hair and a tan.

I can't help but get a bit darker in the summer, I'm one of those people that tans through SPF 70 sunscreen no matter what. But I prefer pale.

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Zinzi Graham

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Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

I'm naturally pale, I just burn rather than tan! sad Some shoots I get asked to get fake tan for, others they prefer to keep me pale... It varies a lot.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Howell, Michigan, US

It looks like the pale is winning out over the tan.

You look good either way but being pale is so much better for your skin.  You will show wrinkles faster by tanning all the time. 

You dont want to look like this:

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Yves Duchamp - Femme

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, US


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New York, New York, US

I prefer natural, born-with-it skin. I've always been bothered by tans because they never seem to have that lovely milky-brown undertone, even sun-given ones seem orange-ish to me, and I hate that.

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Stevie Lynn C

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Tampa, Florida, US

I love having a nice tan, but I hate knowing that it is damaging to my skin. I tan every once in awhile, just so I'm not translucent, and do a spray tan the day before a shoot. I use the mystic tan at Planet Beach...if done correctly, you won't be orange and it looks like a well-earned beach tan, with out the damaging your skin. It lasts about 4-6 days and washes off.

So, in my opinion, stay paler and just use bronzing lotions or spray tanning before a shoot.

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Mann Made Imagery

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Lubbock, Texas, US

i prefer the 2 extremes actually.  really really super pale or super dark ebony. tan is alright but so common.

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Dark Attitude Photo

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Rochester, New York, US

Totally depends on the model.  If I have brunet wearing light colored clothing, then a tan is appropriate.  If I have a redheaded Irish girl, i just love that pale look.

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Monika Halina

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Chicago, Illinois, US

i am REALLY REALLY pale...and i like it that way.

i dont like to fake bake...and i dont want my skin damaged by the sun or fake baking.

edit: JEN!!! was that picture necessary...ew!


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Hollie Nicole

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West Hollywood, California, US

PALE! You can be so much more versatile when you are pale, because if you were to shoot you in a swimsuit for a shoot, you can be spray-tanned, stay pale! NO FAKE BAKING.

I hate it.


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Darren Wellhoefer

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Newport Beach, California, US

who says pale is bad?

in america, white skin is considered bad. in asia, its good. all depends.

work it to your advantage. and dont do anything unhealthy (fake and bake)- its a simple color change in photoshop, btw- now youre tan.


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New York, New York, US

Thuy Anh wrote:
i prefer the 2 extremes actually.  really really super pale or super dark ebony. tan is alright but so common.

I do, too. I love how dramatic Alek Wek looks for that reason, like polish ebony -- it's beautiful.

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Sarah Bryant

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Tampa, Florida, US

I think both skintones add a nice diversity to your port. Just my opinion smile

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Dances with Wolves

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You look healthier and more vibrant with a tan.

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Eclectic Vision

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Toledo, Ohio, US


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Dark Angel Photography

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Orlando, Florida, US

...pale flesh is infinitly more beautiful...

...leather belongs on cows...   tongue

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Stella K

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New York, New York, US

You're hawt either way.

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Los Angeles, California, US

I know you didn't ask us, but as a makeup artist, I would rather work on your natural skin tone. :-)

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Now Voyager

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MCHENRY, Illinois, US

I'd Kill to be as naturally pale as you are.

I'd go with pale.

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Akara Fang

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Riverside, California, US


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Akara Fang

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Riverside, California, US

Just like boobs, KEEP EM REAL! :-p

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Mistriss de morte

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Wilmington, Delaware, US

i feel here on MM, it doesn't really matter which you are
i prefer you with the pale look, jus' my opinion

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Dallas, Texas, US


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Katya V Vall

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Los Angeles, California, US


I have a very pale skin and photographers seems to like that! unless ur some beach/swimsuit calendar type of model)))

And its healthier for ur skin smile

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Vacaville, California, US

pale pale pale. i wish i could have white skin :[

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Honolulu, Hawaii, US


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missy Vinyl

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Huntsville, Alabama, US

to be honest...i cant tell which is the tan and which is the pale picture...maybe its my screen?
anywho...tans are overrated in my opinion...they do make people look more thin, but i prefer pale.
i think its pretttty

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Jennifer Barker

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Houston, Arkansas, US


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Chris Rifkin

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Tampa, Florida, US

OK,I'm a bit biased because I shot with you,but you can pull off either.
However,IMO,you have an atribute that tan skin would limit,your amazing artwork on your body,which I think is one of the reasons you are so unique and are one of the most sought after models on this site(you are coming to Florida when?Lol).
Pale skin brings out your tats.However,you can always use a spray on tan for a temporary tan(I'd be petrified to hit a tanning salon in risking your tats fading),or when we shot and only parts of your legs are showing,wear suntan pantyhose.

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Outsider Graphics

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Cleveland, Alabama, US

Stay natural, too many fake it up as is.

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Brian Morris Photography

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Los Angeles, California, US

Stay out of the sun. It is bad for you! You will be able to be a model alot longer as well!

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Samantha Green

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Wahpeton, North Dakota, US

I have pale skin and it tends to get washed out in photos. I know people like the snow white skin but I think it is harder to photograph at times.

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Saint Paul, Alaska, US

I like working with natural skin the most. Naturally tan or pale, or what not. If your naturallly pretty pale from day to day activities and what not, let it be, i say, but whatever, my opinion doesnt mean much.

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Jacksonville, Florida, US

Depends on the shot I want to achieve, but you have a great look and if tan is needed (photoshop) add

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George ephrem

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Jacksonville, Florida, US

depends on what your goals are.... look at most ads in the
magazines, (mainstream magazines) then you decide for your self as to what to do and what direction you want to take take your modeling.
best to you

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Ashland, Alabama, US

I liked both looks but honestly tan skin is hot, and I love having a tan in the summer. When I have a tan I get way more compliments and I do like the way I look in the photos. But there's no reason to tan all year long if you look great pale too! Just my opinion.

Also, I think you may get more jobs now because you're more experienced, confident, and you have a nice port to prove it wink

P.S: if you were a redhead I'd say don't tan because I've noticed redheads don't tan too well ... also if your skin is sensitive maybe go for a real light tan and some tanning lotion? No reason to destroy your skin when you have many beautiful years ahead of you.

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Portland, Oregon, US

if you naturally tan, than that's fine but there's nothing wrong with being pale :-P
Us who are pale are just living in the wrong age. Back in the Victorian era being pale was deemed much more attractive because it meant you were rich enough that you didn't have to work out in the sun. Now it's the opposite. Being tan signifies that you have lots of money to spend on leisure time and that you're healthier. But my vote is for pale.

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