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Jess True

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Chicago, Illinois, US

I just deactivated my account and told them "I'll reactivate when I have enough money to pay." Which will be never.

Thanks for the info and reviews, guys.

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Industrial Images

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Regal Studio wrote:
The general "you should never pay for anything - if someone believes in you, they will invest in you" comment that is made on these boards so often may be misconstrued by new/newer models. 

As with any career, building your own business, working as an independent model, etc. in most cases, you MUST invest in yourself before others are willing to invest in you.  Treat modeling as any other career path - someone who would like to be a successful doctor/lawyer/business professional, etc who is unwilling to invest in their own education is going to have a tough time building themselves into what they'd like to become career-wise.  Same with modeling. 

Not sure about the website/company that is mentioned in this post (and I'm sure there are plenty of scams out there), but there are plenty of companies out there that do charge certain fees whether it's for shoots, comp cards, marketing material, etc. that are definitely worth the price for new models.  I don't know of any successful models who have not invested their own $ in building their career. 

So for new models - just make sure you check things out, talk to people, get references etc.  But don't believe the whole "you should never pay for anything if you're a model" rant.  If you believe in yourself, invest in yourself. If you're not willing to, why would others?

Very true. As a former agency model, I paid for my own comp cards (didn't cost much since most agencies are web based now), my own photos by a photographer who was agency approved by every major agency in the midwest, and I had to read the guidebook I was provided carefully so I understood what I had to do during castings, jobs, etc. I didn't have to pay to be a part of the agency. The only thing they ask you to provide is the materials so they can promote you, and you don't have to update those materials often so it's not a big deal.

Explore talent called me out of the blue one day and I just laughed at their offer. I told them I was already repped by 7 agencies and named them off to him. He asked if I was getting jobs and what those jobs were paying. I told him yes, and that I had already booked several jobs that paid over $1000. He didn't really know what to say, and had to finally admit that maybe I didn't need their service. I haven't heard from them since. Good riddance! Don't fall for them. They are scam-city.

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Sandra Vixen

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Explore Talent is pretty much plastered all over, they just reek of SCAM.

I was listed on them (can't remember doing so) and they always ask me to pay them money in order to find work ("subscribe") to something.

They still call and say they list me even though I never subscribed or gave them permission. It's been about 5 years and zero jobs from them.

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