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Joe Branske

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For Sale Complete MegaVision T2 Digital (View Camera) back. $500 OBO
This is a 3 shot back that has a built in filter wheel in front of a 31mm x 31mm CCD imager chip. This system is IDEAL for studio & table top photography because the Megavision T2 incorporates a live monochrome video preview that refreshes once every 1/2 second for composition.
To capture it takes three separate images (one for each color RGB) and then the Photoshoot software combines the images together into one awesome full color final image. The T2 was always noted for it's superior image quality. Unlike most DSLR's on the market today there is no color interpolation and therefore no need for an anti alaising filter to degrade the raw RGB data, which results in a sharper cleaner file. This is useful for matching colors on hard to shoot items like leather or fabric. The images easily enlarge to 200% or more with no loss of detail . The software included is for Mac OS 9.2 and Windows.
This back features a standard Sinar mount
Most other view cameras are supported but require an adapter.
Also included is a Nikon lens mount for use without a view camera.
PCI card, power supply and all cables included.

Copy the link below for more information and a review from Shutterbug that contains more detail.
ShutterBug Review LINK:>
Brand New this camera system was almost $20,000

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