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Lea Halliwell

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Lexington, Kentucky, US

Aw.  That makes me sad.  sad

He was so cute.  I like how all you can see of his face is his eyes in your avatar.  smile

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Beverly Hills, California, US

am soooooo sorry.... I have a kitty, her name is Vita (Eva) she came to me in a Corona Bear box... at only 2 weeks old... she's my pride and joy... I would give my life for my baby girl... she LOVES bubble baths... and Conan O'Brian. You are strong to even post your baby's picture... i think I would die right after!!!

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

I lost my little man, Einstein, back in June, 2002. I still miss the guy terribly, and I have a sweet cat who is just a little doll who took his place about eight months after he passed. Somehow she made me not even look at the other cats I had passed in a humane shelter. I wasn't about ready to replace Einstein, but I went right towards her and knew I had to take her home. It was time.

One year, Einstein was 'Winner of the Week' in the 365 Cat-A-Day calendar. It was a great honor for him, and for me, it was the first time I had anything published on a national scale. Kinda fun!

It's kinda crazy how we all can get attached to pets, whether they are dogs, cats, gerbels or hamsters. It saddens me that there is any kind of animal abuse at all. They have no way to defend themselves, and somehow we as humans seem to feel empowered when we treat animals poorly. Or at least those that do. I'll never understand why.

Your story was a great one, honoring the little guy who gave you so much love and devotion. Somehow I'll bet he's reading all the tributes (now that he understands our language) and is wondering what all the fuss is about!

All the best!


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Annie RS

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Baltimore, Maryland, US

I always see this beautiful cat as your icon with those big ol' gorgeous eyes and noticed that this thread has not been bumped in awhile. Well rest in peace Jacob!

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Emma - Lee

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Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

This thread made me cry.

Such a cute kitty, and so dearly loved

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Emma - O wrote:
This thread made me cry.

Such a cute kitty, and so dearly loved

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Benjamin Linden

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Charlottesville, Virginia, US

I'm not going to lie. This thread made me sob. I was holding my own little kitty while reading this and i can't imagine losing her. I'm sorry for your loss.


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Paul Brecht

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Colton, California, US

Sorry to hear about your loss...


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Palmer - permanent station of the US, Sector claimed by Argentina/Chile/UK, Antarctica

Going to add another lovely cat that has passed on to this thread: 18+

Very sweet cat I'm glad I got to meet smile

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I am sitting at my desk right now hoping nobody decides they need something from me; a 58-year-old puddle at the moment.

It is particularly touching how many MM frinds took the time to comfort you in your time of loss.  It renews my belief in the goodness of humanity when I see how we can love our animal companions.

I have loved and lost many in my time on earth; each one still has a place in my weary heart.

Someday soon we will meet and cross the bridge together.

Thank you for sharing your story.


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London, England, United Kingdom

Sorry for your lost! He will always be loved and remembered!

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Rio Janiero

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New York, New York, US

I'm so so so sorry. :[

I have four cats and help in a rescue program out in Fire Island which gets kittens new homes. It's always so sad whenever any of them pass away, they really do become as much a part of the family as anyone else.

I'm sorry:[ he was so adorable. And what an amazing story of how he came back to you.

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Exclusive Photo

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

awww, poor kitty. I think there is a place cats go when they pass, a place where they run in fields of wild flowers as they chase butterflies. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's where Jacob is, that place where there are no angry dogs and an always full day of sleep, sun, & butterflies. I think my many cats who have passed are there too ;-)

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Jesse Bard

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Awesome tribute! I am sorry for your loss and I am also happy that Jacob continues to touch your life and others as well through this thread and your icon.

They love unconditionally and make our lives better in every way.

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Jennifer Barker

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Every time I come across this post I cry  sad

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Bargara, Queensland, Australia

RIP Jacob sad
I came across this thread after viewing your profile and I just wanted to tell you that your story touched my heart. It's always hard loosing a beloved animal. I know this is years later, but I'm sorry for your loss.

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SubQulture Studio

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Detroit, Michigan, US

Jacob's memory will live for a long time in peoples hearts and minds due to your having him as your profile photo.  RIP Jacob.

I have lived with four cats.  All females. They were all a joy, each in there own colorful way. All are buried (either them or their ashes) in the backyard of the house they all lived in for the longest time - my ex-wife's. Each has a memorial stone of some sort. 

Tasha - The dearest one to me and the one I had longest.  I got her in college days from a friend.  She was the runt of the litter.  She moved with me where ever I went, including a lot of moves within the Detroit area and a year in California.  I doubt she liked that but it never seemed to phase her, much.  Nothing really phased her much.  Not even a vacuum cleaner.  She lived to the ripe old age (For a cat) of 20 years old.  I still miss her.

Tiger - My ex wife's cat that she brought to the relationship.  An affectionate cuddler but also a great huntress.  Nothing got past her, not even the bird she caught in the house when she was quite weak, shortly before she passed.  She was 18.

Harley - Named for her loud purring.  Sweet but shy.  She only made it to 13.

Diva - The most affectionate and loving cat ever.  But not the brightest.  ;-)  She lived to 17.

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