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MelodyW Hair N Makeup

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Los Angeles, California, US

Jamie Choi wrote:
I am looking for a hair styling workshop in the LA Area.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Check out Susans class at.   The date of the next class changed to may 23 - 27.  Im taking it ! She teaches one on one workshops too. She is sooo talented and super nice, and always happy to give advice. The price may look steep but I think she will break it up in payments.....

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Le Noir Bazaar

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Tacoma, Washington, US

I'm in the Seattle area - any hairstyling/classes workshops out here?

Oops - wrong account!

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Julia Gerace

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Monroe, Connecticut, US

this is exactly what I was on the site looking for!

I'm a photographer but I've done a course in makeup application at the local school and have been doing my own makeup now for about 2 years but I'd love to be able to offering light styling too -

Ideally, I'd love to have a seperate stylist for hair and makeup but unfortunately, it just hasn't been unfolding that way...

I'll definitely ask the schools if they offer styling (the one I did makeup with doesn't) but to be able to offer 'light styling' is it really a question of practice and basic skills or is there a lot more to it?  Also, I'd like to learn the hygiene aspect behind styling too....

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I know this is an old post, but would love to to get it updated.  I am looking for some classes in the east coast and also a friend of mine.

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melanie medeiros

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Woodbridge, Virginia, US

Hey guys I know this is an old post i just wanted to update!!! It's Melanie Medeiros::000 Please let me know if your still interested! I'm in the works of putting a roster together coming to an area near you!!! Please use this email [email protected]!!!

Look forward to meeting you!!!

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Jodie Acty

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Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

For any London/UK-based looking for hair styling courses etc, here are a few:

London MUSE:
PAM London: … ses-london
The Session School:

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Tiffanny Cappiello

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Morgan Hill, California, US

Hi Everyone,
I know this is an old thread but this has the information that I am looking for.
I also want to know if anyone recommend some hair styling classes on the West coast (close to San Fran Bay). If anyone has any recommendation I really would appreciate it! 
-Thanks Everyone!

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Hey Tiffany! Try Tania out in San Fran. Her work is amazing and I know she had done workshops in the past. She may be willing to do one on ones or even do a small workshop if you get a group together. Definitely hit her up:

If anyone needs a workshop on the East Coast I am teaching one at my studio right outside of DC on January 12th. It's getting full but I'm keeping a few more seats open. It will be hands on and I'll divulge everything I know! It will be a lot of fun. Here is the facebook link for it:

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House of Westenra

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Louisville, Kentucky, US

I am in the Louisville, KY area, and I am going to do a search with some of the names that were dropped on this thread (ex. Paul Mitchell, Redken Exchange).

If I am not successful with this, and I approach a local hairstylist to offer lessons, what is a reasonable rate to pay them for hairstyling lessons?  Thanks!


P.S. Feel free to Inbox me if you don't want to publicly post this on here.  I am sure the rate will vary from stylist to stylist depending on their location, training, and experience.

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Robin Dorton Head Candy

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey, US

I could put a workshop together in my salon. If anyone is interested email me what types of workshops you'd be interested in learning and I'll get something set up.

What are the types of styles you need/want to learn? Basics? Volume, curls? Pretty updos? More avant garde? Etc...

I can get in touch with some great makeup artists too and make a day of it. Half day of makeup and half day of hair!

[email protected]

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Beauty by Clara Oh

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New York, New York, US

please email me [email protected]

I do train styling, updo's, and make up application.

You will learn to use different brushes for different results, tools as well. Grow as an artist.

Clara O

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Angel Graves

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Fort Collins, Colorado, US

Hey there!
I'll be in the Cincinnati/Covington area March 10-11 teaching a hair based workshop. If you're interested in attending this 2 day workshop please feel free to inbox me here or email me @ TOCSS dot angelgraves at gmail dot com


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MelodyW Hair N Makeup

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Super old thread... But this keeps coming up smile we are doing a 2 day hair styling class end of June 2013 Los Angeles  here is the description  (calander on site is down says 2011). Also the advanced master class will be aug 26-30. Questions? More info at


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