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A friend of mine is the department head for the L.A. production of "Wicked". She swears emphatically by the Mac Chromacakes (to make Elphaba): applies them with a Japanese brush, then buffs out. She swears that the finish looks airbrushed and it doesn't transfer (the actresses do a lot of hugging and holding hands) without a sealer. They have only 30 minutes to makeup/wig/and costume the actors!

What are your experiences and opinions on this product?


(I don't know if these are her makeups FYI):

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I've been made into Elphaba for another MUA's port.  You need to seal it.  They do in the shows...or else you'd be touching up all night.

Use a Hake brush and the green chromacake.  Other than that you just need white and black for the highlight and shadow, lashes, etc.

Other than that, any other cake works just as well.  I've seen other MUAs use Ben Nye, Wolfe, Mehron, etc.

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i love chromacake and i use them at all times
you need to seal it and it will work fine
the product is water base and you need to work on it a little bit faster

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Erin Slater

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It dries to a matte finish and is designed to be smudge-proof, however, with ANY amount of rubbing or sweating... it can become a little messy. I highly recommend a sealer. Kryolan makes a good one. I do think that out of all the body paints you can use... Chromacakes are the best. They have the least amount of transfer. Good Luck!

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I'm so glad you posted about this. When I saw Wicked, I kept wondering about Elphaba. I just assumed they airbrushed her.

A couple of months ago, I had to paint a very large body black and purple. I used both Mehron and chromacake and I have to say that I preferred the chroma for application. It just went on smoother and denser.

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I actualy used the yellow chrome cake for the details on the Pineapple body art ( pic on my profie page) and i mixed it with mac mixing medium alcohol base, just to give it a slightly creamier consistency, and she was the first model i did at about 12 30pm

and she put back on her dress till our segment in the fashion show at about 9:00pm. She then did a designers segment without me cleaning off her body art and it was still perfect with NO transfer on the clothing.

I didnst set with a setting spray because i used airbrush as the base and forgot to test if it will mess up the airbrush paint. but the mix of the chrome cake and the alcohol based mixing medium with a light dusting of ben nye neutral set to remove the slight tackiness before it dries and you have longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg smudge free DAMN WELL STAY PUT hours smilesmile

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