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With all the escort bashing (some justified), I had a great experience with a model's assistant yesterday. She was a longtime friend of the model. It was a location shoot so she carried the model's bag, helped touch up make-up, adjust clothing and hair as needed. All the things you would expect of a good assistant.

What made her exceptional was her ability to translate what I was saying to the model to get her into the best poses. As the day went on, she really picked up on my style and would start posing the model before I said anything. Now, some photographers may have taken offense, but she was so much on my wavelength that she made my job much easier! I complimented her many times on her great eye and she admitted she aspires to do some photography. If ever I wanted to help someone along...

Anyone else had such an experience?

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THat sounds fabulous! I have an Italian friend that I regard somewhat as my manager/assistant and I take her on shoots with me on occasion. THough the stylist/agent/friend/assistant I work with isn't as focused as I'd prefer. It sounds like a great thing that this other model has going for her especially because you are benefitting. Would love to know more about how their relationship came about. Best Regards! I look forward to seeing more of your works.

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Red Sky Photography

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The MUA that Hillary brought to our shoot on Saturday did much more that a great job on makeup. She helped with picking the clothing and suggesting posing.
Sarah, mm 24249, was a huge help in many ways, and a great person to talk with.

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David A

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My last shoot BF showed up as the escort.  The guy was actually pretty cool.  He told me to tell him if he was in the way.  I laughed and told him I would and that if anything I would make him help me.

Anyways, it was a lingerie shoot, model comes out of the dressing room and says to BF - I'm not sure I can do this with you right there.  We all laughed and kicked him to the other side of a partition.  I told him he was welcome to come running if she cried out for help.  Anyway, she must have known that he would have been more inhibiting if he was there so she took care of the problem.  I didn't have to.

I haven't worked through an agency and they haven't worked through me.  I guess until that's the case I almost expect a model to bring an escort.  In fact, I'm supprised when they don't.  I try to have very open policies until those policies burn me, then I modify them to prevent myself from getting burned again.  So far, I haven't been burned by an escort so I don't have a problem with them.

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After doing a series of glamour shoots, I've actually taken a liking to supportive escorts. They made the model more comfortable and encouraged her to try more poses and to be more daring. Then they get bored of the shoot and run off to get a beer after they decide I'm no threat. 

I've had model's boyfriends, sisters, girlfriends, and even a father + daughters were there for glamour shoots. The father walked out within half an hour. Come to think of it, my ego should be taking a beating for being such a non-threat to virtually everyone. 

At least the photos turned out well. Maybe I'll try getting a bicep.

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