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Jeff Saylor Photography

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Fort Collins, Colorado, US

I was looking in the faq's and searched the forum and either missed it or others don't have this problem.  I posted photos that I shot, own the copyrights to and marked them as safe photos since they are so work safe you could look at them at a preschool or government building.  Anyway, they all used to show up just fine.  I went to look at my port and noticed the avatar no longer shows up.  I decided to look at all my photos to see what is up.  Well my portfolio page has only 2 photos thumbnails that show up now.  You can clearly see that other should be there since there are "# views" all over the page.  When I click on one of the thumbnails that do appear, the page it goes to is blank but shows my title, copyright, etc only.

What gives Model Mayhem?  What happened to my photos?

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Palm Beach, Florida, US

I believe that MM is having some issues. Check site related.

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Clearwater, Florida, US

and the upload problem seems to have been corrected wink

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Jeff Saylor Photography

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Fort Collins, Colorado, US

Well next time I will just wait longer to see if MM irons it's self out before saying anything.  Thanks.

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GCobb Photography

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Southaven, Mississippi, US

This is fixed.

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Matrix Studio

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Columbia, Alabama, US

Welcome to the Mayhem! Hope you can enjoy all that MM has to offer! smile

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Chris Rehberg

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

FWIW I am having this issue the past few days. I upload several photos at once, then go to manage those photos - here I add my captions and so on, but on this screen, the thumbnails do not show for some photos. If I save changes, etc, then view my portfolio, some photos are missing the thumbnails. It shows text instead. If you click on the text, the full size image is there, together with my captions, etc. But in the gallery and list view of my portfolio, the thumbnail is missing. Likewise if I manage my photos, the thumbnail is missing. There is a URL generated for that thumbnail image, but obviously the URL doesn't return anything. Some of these have been like this for 2 days or so - so I don't think it's just a case of waiting for a background process to create the thumbnails.

Is there some way I can get MM to re-create the thumbnails?

I already have some comments and likes on some of these photos - I guess people have clicked the link to see full size - so I don't want to delete them and re-upload them. Would rather MM just kick off the process again to re-create thumbnails for my account.

To see the issue, my portfolio is here -

Also - this is not related to the "mature" flag - there are images both flagged/unflagged for "mature" that are both missing/showing. It is just a random failure to generate thumbnails during the upload process, I believe.

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Meghan Preston

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Grants Pass, Oregon, US

I can’t post a photo right now either. 

Is it because I’m not a paying member? 


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L'viv, L’vivshchyna, Ukraine

Chris Rehberg wrote:
Is there some way I can get MM to re-create the thumbnails?

Have you found the solution of the problem? I have the same one. I've downloaded 11 pictures in my Albums, but have only 9, when I'm looking to the Profile

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Andi Landsbach Studio

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New Haven, Connecticut, US

The same is happening to me, but it is after I have removed the default M setting on my photos. They are not M photos.

Not sure if they are being "approved," then will show up later?

Anyone else have this issue?

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Mod 7 (Cust. Svc.)

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Moderator Note!
When you are experiencing tech issues, the best place to post is in the Site Related forum. Or even better, use CAM
(Contact A Mod). You can contact us by clicking on "Help".

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