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Digital Arts and Retouching Critiques Subforum


This is a forum to help people get retouching-only/manipulation-only critiques of their work.  If you’d like a critique of the image as a whole, please use the main Critique forum.

Before posting in that forum, you must read and agree to abide by the subforum rules and restrictions.

Rules for this Forum

This forum is considered an "Industry" forum, and is subject to the Tier 3 No BS and No Drama rules, in addition to the regular forum rules.

This forum has a slightly different rule set for critiques than most other industry forums, however.  Only in this forum can you critique people's retouching/manipulation (and only that work). For an example and explanation of what that means view this thread.

Here you may discuss what is being offered up in terms of what post production was done, how it was done and why it was done.  By participating and offering up a retouched images here, you are agreeing to be complimented or criticized on your retouching work and your reasoning for it. You also assert that you have the right to display the image.

Critique Post-Production Only

Critiques are limited to post-production only. No critiques beyond that are permitted.

You may NOT critique models, images, photographers, lighting, makeup, styling, location, or other aspects of the image. When commenting, act as though the image was presented to be finished after-the-fact, where no reshoot is possible; you only have the supplied image(s).

For an added explanation of that, read this post in the Retouching learning thread discussion.

Critique Submitted Images Only

Other images of a poster are NOT free targets.

Do Not Bash

This forum is not a venue to bash retouching. If you are to be critical of work, you are fully expected to be constructive and offer advice and or reasoning for your critique.  It’s not that hard. (See the example thread cited earlier.) If that isn't clear, feel free to ask questions before you critique something not open for critique.

Posts that fail to follow the rules are subject to being hidden and possible briggings.

Be Civil and Constructive

In this discussion, it must first be civil!  It will be highly moderated and uncivil attacks or critiques with no merit will not be tolerated.  That does not mean critiques must be positive, but they must be constructive.

Do Not Post Large Files

Keep embedded examples to no wider than 800 pixels. Links to larger files are encouraged, however, as are close-ups of pertinent sections of an image. Posts containing images wider than 800 pixels are subject to being hidden.

In Summary

By posting in this forum you agree:
1) that you have the right to display the image
2) that the work you post here may be complimented,  criticized, questioned, discussed, and debated

If that is not acceptable,  do not post your image.

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Posts: 3307

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