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Was fun watching this in Miami Apple store smile

great work !

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Nice video!!! smile

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Will Tham

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M Fowler wrote:
Cow people? lol wow!
  I have already said Drew and Karl's model line-ups are insane and like no other. But why throw down gloves over the beauty of women from other states? I lived in Ca. for 21 years and now Tx for 15+ and have to say IMO both states have some gorgeous women.

Now lets see some more shots from this kick ass shoot! wink

aprilcheryse wrote:
Hey.. I was born and raised in utah. Don't glorify california so much haha. Love to the cow people

cow girls are cool. ;-)

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couple of images from this shoot

Aug 02 10 04:07 am Link


HWM Photography

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Couple more:

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Glamour by Chuck

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Some of the pictures I shot at Drew and Karl’s shoot AFTER Photoshop.

Aug 04 10 04:29 pm Link