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Ashish Arora

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Paris based beauty and fashion photographer, Benjamin Kanarek shot the lovely editorial, titled, "Gold Rush" for Harper's Bazaar China, Jan 2011. Retouching by Freddy Baby, Paris.


There are many legends about the Chinese Nian (å¹´), a beast that lives under the sea or in the mountains. One of them goes like this:

Every year at the eve of Chinese new year, the Chinese Nian (å¹´) monster will climb ashore to destroy crops, animals and to attack people, especially children. But it is afraid of fire, the sound of firecrackers and the colour red. People closed their door and threw firecrackers in to the yards before Chinese New Year. They decorated their houses in red to keep the beast away from their family. The Nian is still believed to exist, but that it is hidden in the jungle and mountains, never to appear in front of humans again. Since then Red is the symbol of happiness and chance in China.

In the Chinese culture, the golden colour as well as gold are considered to be an earthly element and are a representation of wealth in the Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny.

Mathilde Frachon used all of her magnetic red power to frighten the Nian away for good and celebrates her Gold Victory in wishing all of you along side the Benjamin Kanarek Blog’s team, a prosperous, joyous and fortunate Golden Year of 2011.

The behind the scenes video: … q8O3aX0dNk

Would love to hear thoughts from everyone.

I personally can't seem to express my feelings in words. Everything looks here like a dream captured on film, like precious gold on soft silk.

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Rara Retouching

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I think it's absolutely gorgeous, it looks almost surreal with the way the editing was done. I love it, and I love lots of the clothes. smile

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Kristina Vassilieva

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Ashish! - ....This is a SLIGHT tangent but wow, this is mad! When I was chatting to you earlier today, about retouching etc - you would NEVER guess the shoot that I had in mind to show you, that I have prioritised currently..It's work I've recently shot and you would NEVER guess the title! - Gold Rush! - Gold theme, and is possibly some of my best ever work, SO excited about it - and then lo and behold I come onto MM and see THIS!.... :p I had no idea! What an awesome coincidence. I must show you my shots! :p Hehehe

Back to the OP - this editorial is stunning! smile


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