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Tampa, Florida, US

Name: Orias
Location: Central Florida.  Tampa, St. petersburg, orlando, Sarasota, etc.
Primary Interests: editorial, fashion, fine art
Compensation: $200/8hrs, $250/10hrs   (from arrival to departure of set)
Qualifications and other Details:

Professional model for over a decade offers a woman on set for your models ease of mind,  your own legal safety, a different gender's opinion. 

Wardrobe assistance (i always have an emergency repair kit and accessories)

Makeup Assitance (keeping models touched up and looking their best)

Hair assitance (i always keep the bare essentials in case a model forgets)

Lookout/tactical interference for risque' shoots- i'm a great distraction ;P

Lighting helper (i've been doing photography for many years and know all different lighting setups and tactics depending on the look you seek)

Photoshop helper (want to get the models some quick edits,  i'll have my laptop and a trained digital manipulation eye ready to give u the look u want)

Model Matodor  (i'll get the models where they're supposed to be and not in eachothers or your way)

Test subject (get your look right before the models are done getting ready)

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Ethimo Foto

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

I recently made the jump to pro, so I am currently looking to find an experienced mentor. I shoot a canon 5dm2 and own a small lighting kit. I would be a knowledgable, able bodied, assistant. Please call and allow me to explain myself further. 856 491 1497

Brian Hunt

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Jennifer Jurca

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Portland, Oregon, US

Name:  Jennifer Jurca
Location:  Portland, Oregon
Primary Interests:  fashion, beauty
Compensation:  would love to work for experience or pay
Qualifications and other Details: I am in my 20's, a fast learner, highly motivated, looking to learn more about the industry. Lots of experience with photoshop and lightroom (would love to digitally assist as well)

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steven wrigley warner

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San Francisco, California, US

steven wrigley warner
location: metro detroit area
primary interests: all areas of photography
compensation: unpaid

I'm looking to assist brilliant photographer for no pay..I would like to learn any and all areas and styles of photography....i'm reliable, friendly , trustworthy and a very quick learner..

I just moved to the Metro Detroit area from the Bay Area of California...I've had a career in the music industry for the last 20+ years (artist/label management), just recently I started pursuing a degree in photography


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Quay Lude

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Madison, Wisconsin, US

Name: Cuica "John" Cafezinho
Location: Madison, WI
Primary Interests: Fashion, portrait, sushi
Compensation: Whatever is fair
Qualifications and other Details: Fairly experienced shooter, studio and location. I know every nook and cranny of Madison, WI. Tireless, strong as an ox, very good dancer and I make a mean caipirinha.

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Hunter GWPB

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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, US

Name: Hunter Wald MM # 2375327
Location: Valley Forge and Greater Philadelphia Region; Allentown region; Poconos; Lancaster
Primary Interests: All aspects of photography
Compensation: Willing to trade for ? on shorter jobs, close to home, or really great experience.  May require lunch or gas for all day work.
Qualifications and other Details: I am self employed and I know the meaning of work.  I am willing to share locations.

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Stella Morais Photography

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London, England, United Kingdom

Name: Stella Morais
Location: London and/or West Essex
Primary Interests: Gain more experience and help out when needed
Compensation:Negotiable, if the project can benefit my portfolio or my network.
Qualifications and other Details: Self Taught
Webiste :

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Brooks Ayola

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Chatsworth, California, US

Updated to here...

Post your...

Primary Interests:
Qualifications and other Details:

(just copy and paste that to your post, and fill it in.)

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C Lyons

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Lillington, North Carolina, US

Name: Carmen Lyons

Location: Harnett County, North Carolina

Primary Interests: Portrait, Glam, Action, Photoshop

Compensation: Knowledge

Qualifications and other Details:Some experience. Just looking to expand my knowledge .

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Palatine, Illinois, US

Name: Joel Geller
Location: Chicago, IL and surrounding area
Primary Interests: All Photography
Compensation: Negotiable
Qualifications and other Details: Hard working amateur looking to assist and learn from professional photographers.  Available weeknights and weekends.

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London, England, United Kingdom

Name: Andrew Hiles
Location: London
Primary Interests: Fashion, music, editorial, commercial and beauty
Compensation: Paid
Qualifications and other Details:

I am a hard working, creative individual with a genuine passion for photography. I work well within a team to get the required results and thoroughly enjoy a challenge. I am eloquent, polite and well mannered no matter what time of day it is!

I graduated from Kingston University in 2010 and immediately started assisting full time for a high profile fashion photographer. During this time I learnt and experienced a lot. As well as the usual roles of an assistant, I also worked on production, retouching, designing the photographer's magazine and castings. After 1.5 years I became a freelance assistant. Since then I have worked with several photographers on a variety of shoots and have built an extensive knowledge of equipment and lighting technique (both studio and location). I am a competent retoucher and familiar with the CS6 Adobe Suite, Capture One and Lightroom. I have a full U.K. driving licence and passport and I am always available at short notice to travel.

I have previously assisted on shoots for Vogue, Tattler, Stylist, Harpers Bazaar, and a variety of renowned musician/artist press shoots. I have no problem with early starts and late finishes, I make a great cup of tea and I am always professional, friendly and pleasant towards all.

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Robert Benitez Photo

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Los Angeles, California, US

Name: Robert Patin
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Primary Interests: Commercial, Editorial, portraiture
Compensation: $200 day rate
Qualifications and other Details:BFA in Commercial/ Advertising Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, Intern and Photo Assistant for Catherine Ledner, Digital Tech for many photographers,

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Paul Pardue Photography

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San Francisco, California, US

You can add me to the list.

Paul Pardue
San Francisco and I suppose out to Sacramento area too.
Open to anything.
Let's talk.
15 years experience, two degrees, et cetera...

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Rogers Creative

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Alton, New Hampshire, US

Bill Rogers Creative
Alton, New Hampshire USA

Primary Interests: Lifestyle, event, architectural, location, fashion

Compensation: Day and hourly rates available, will work within most budgets

Qualifications and other Details:
Very experienced in both on-location and studio shooting. I have experience with many different types of camera and lighting systems. I am experienced with both on location and studio shooting.  Able to multitask, mule carrying all the gear, set-up and tear down and making sure everything goes smoothly while you are shooting.  High attention to detail and great problem solving. Cool under pressure. Punctual and flexible.

Familiar with tethered shooting, able to function as digital tech, Excellent workflow, editing and retouching skills.

Have served as Photo Producer for many large international shoots and know the ins and outs of international cargo, transportation and customs brokering. Have passport.

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William Mitchell

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Sun Valley, California, US

Name: William c Mitchell
Location: Los Angeles SFV
Primary Interests: Fashion, Portraits
Compensation: $ 100 to $200 half or full day
Qualifications and other Details: 10 years member of APA 1985 to 1995 assistant to LA advertising photographers. Digital Capture with Lightroom. Strobes have used norman, speedo, photogenic. Own or have owned Balcar and dynalite. Cameras medium format, minolta-sony can work with nikon and cannon. AA in Business management LAVC. Mac user since 1988 former VP of Mac Valley Users Group. More info and portfolio at or my MM page MM # 30601.

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Michael Napier Photography

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Dallas, Texas, US

Thanks for organizing!!

Name: Michael Napier (

Location:  Dallas, TX (I can also work the Austin and San Antonio areas with a bit of notice.)

Primary Interests:  Studio and location simple to complex fashion style shoots; weddings; product shoots for publication only (looking for more experience working with art directors and stylists)

Compensation:  Rates are VERY negotiable based on shoot and location

Qualifications and Details:  7 years working both in a large studio and on location; I'm 40 which translates for these purposes to relaxed, patient, reliable (a rather important note), learn very quick on the fly when necessary and have no issues performing grunt work and taking direction when necessary.

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Rob Dennis Photography

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Middletown, Connecticut, US

Name: Rob Dennis
Location: CT
Primary interests: boudoir, styled shoots, portrait, studio work
Compensation: negotiable, willing to intern for studio work
Qualifications: I have assisted, for pay, with eshoots and weddings. I have done portrait shoots and weddings on my own.

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Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Name: Gemma Glynn

Location: Yorkshire, UK

Primary Interests: Fashion, Travel, Events, People

Compensation: Work Experience

Qualifications and other details: BA(hons) Photography

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Douglas W Burns

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Name: Douglas Burns
Location: Fort Lauderdale  FL
Primary Interests: Fashion, Commercial, Artistic Nudes
Compensation: Will work for experience
Qualifications and other Details: Mayhem #1890832 I use a canon 7d and 50d backup ,Two 430 ex available Sunday and Monday some evenings. I'm a picture framer the rest of time

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Madison, Wisconsin, US

Name: Adam Doyle
Location: Tampa, Florida - Willing to travel to various locations throughout Florida.
Primary Interests: Beauty, Commercial/Advertising, Editorial, Fashion, Lifestyle
Compensation: Negotiable
Qualifications and other Details: Experienced with Canon DSLRs and experienced in retouching using Photoshop and Capture One Pro. I have a decent understanding of studio and location lighting techniques. I've been shooting as a hobby for a few years now.

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Los Angeles, California, US

Name: Rebecca
Location: Orange County, CA (can travel to Los Angeles + other areas)
Primary Interests: Portraits, headshots, wedding photography, with some fashion/beauty/art stuff
Compensation: No payment necessary
Qualifications and other Details: Self-taught photographer with a few years of experience, looking to work hard to improve my technique + understand equipment and professional procedures more intuitively. I understand the basics of lighting/camera-work, learn fast, and follow instructions well. I'm great with sorting through photos and using Photoshop too.

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Stay Young Photography

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Cocoa, Florida, US

I'm on here but some things have changed.

Name: Steve Young
Location: Clermont, FL
Primary Interests: Fashion, Wedding, Equine
Compensation: Experience...anything beyond is just gravy
Qualifications and other Details: Willing to put 110% in, availability can be worked out if well in advanced.

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Kaylyn Leighton

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Brighton, Massachusetts, US

Name: Kaylyn Leighton
Location: Boston, MA
Primary Interests:Fashion photography, product photography, event photography, wedding photography.
Compensation: TBD
Qualifications and other Details: Check out my site with my work and resume

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Houston, Texas, US

This list changes so much, it's a pain to try to search for assistants on here.
One name I looked up in Houston is now listed in a different city.
So which is it?   Their post was in 2011.

Is there a means of searching for assistants like there is for other services on here like, photography, model, MUA, etc?

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Randy Poe

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Thank you for doing this.

Name: Randy Poe
Location: Colorado Springs Colorado
Primary Interests: All genres
Compensation: Negotiable
Qualifications and other Details: Owner Right Poe's Photography, Recent graduate of PPCC graphic design. Currently Photography student with only a handful of classes left. Photoshop tutor, Have won Awards and published. Have assisted other national scale talent. Familiar with Speedotron, Light Room tethering. Have limited strobes, modifiers, stands and several speedlights if you're traveling.

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Camdans Photography

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Phoenix, Arizona, US

Name: Theresa Webber (Camdan's Photography on MM)

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Primary Interests: Any

Compensation: No financial compensation.  I'm looking for experience and knowledge.

Qualifications and other Details: Most of my experience is in chain portrait studios.  I have done some natural light location shoots working with a Canon 40D but am a fast learner and am confident that I can assist you with any equipment you might have without you feeling like it's interfering with the flow of your work.

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Dragos Codita

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Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Name: Dragos Codita
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Primary interest: background-rich photography.
Compensation: depends on asignment.

I have experience with both in-studio and outdoor photography.
Can bring my own gear consisting in a full-frame and a crop camera, 5 zoom and prime lenses, bags, stands, fan, backgrounds, etc.

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MMR Creative Services

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania, US

MMR Digital

Doylestown, Pa

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Dan D Lyons Imagery

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Steven Barnhart

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Orlando, Florida, US

Name: Steven Barnhart
Location: Orlando, Fl/Central Florida
Primary Interests: Outdoor and environmental portraits
Compensation: Depends on the job.
Qualifications and other Details: Background is in editorial photojournalism, but I'm familiar with basic portrait work. I also have a lot of experience working with diverse clientele, can convert photographer to model speak.

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Steven Barnhart

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Orlando, Florida, US

Double post

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New York, New York, US

Name: Lorenz Sprotofski
Location: New York, Los Angeles or Miami
Primary Interests: Fashion, Portrait, Glamour, Beauty, Nude
Compensation: for free
Qualifications and other Details: Very good technical knowledge about cameras and how they work. I learned a lot from my dad who was used to be a photographer and the rest is self taught for example how to develop a film and how to do b&w prints in my own darkroom. I want to be an intern for a professional full time photographer for 6 months to learn how this business works and to build up a portfolio.


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Brian Walsh Photo

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Long Beach, California, US

Name: Brian Walsh
Location: Long Beach, CA (LA, OC)
Primary Interests: Interested in learning as much as I can from any photographer that knows more than I do.
Compensation: Paid work preferable but willing to negotiate.
Qualifications and other Details: Started working with DSLR Cinematography, went shooting landscape for 2 years, now trying to learn about fashion and other modeling photography. Have my own gear (Canon) if needed. I work hard, learn fast and take direction well.

E-mail: [email protected]
MM: # 2922176

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Renee-Claude Ouellet

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Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Name: Renée-Claude

Loc: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Primary interests: Fashion, portrait, food, editorial.

Compensation: Paid

Experience: 5 year of photoshop, a formation in commercial photography in progress. Low experience in studio but I know how to work with strobes and speed-lights.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Name: James

Location: London, but able to travel about Essex, Hertfordshire and the South East of England

Primary Interests: I would primarily love to gain experience in Old-Hollywood glamour type shots, environmental portraits, buts I'm interesting in learning more about all type of portrait/fashion photography.  Any additional teaching around post-production work would also be appreciated.

Compensation: Depends on the requirement (e.g. how far to travel/experience of photographer), but I would be happy to work for free or to do a few test shots if working with someone from whom I could learn a lot.

Qualifications and other Details: No formal photography qualifications, just a keen student.  I have been working in studio set-ups for about 2 years, and have been responsible for arranging the lighting for most images in my gallery.

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Brooks Ayola

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Chatsworth, California, US

Updated to here...

Post your...

Primary Interests:
Qualifications and other Details:

(just copy and paste the above to your post, and fill it in.)

You may contact me to remove listings if you like. You can also simply edit your post if you're no longer available.

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Telephoto Studio

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Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Name: Chris Telesca
Location: Raleigh, NC - but will work along I-95 corridor (DC/Baltimore, Philly, NYC and metro area)
Primary Interests: Studio, indoor and outdoor locations.  Commercial still life (food, jewelry, liquor, small products), people & products, fashion/glamor, corporate & PR work.  2nd camera.
Compensation: Paid - contact for rates
Qualifications and other Details:  BS in Professional Photography from RIT, 30+ years shooting and assisting experience. Work with analog film from 35mm to 8x10, Nikon & Canon digital gear, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 proficient.  Worked with Broncolor, Dynalite and Speedotron strobes - some strobe equipment available for rental.  Set construction skills.  Own 4-door sedan and pickup truck also available for rental (with me driving) for photographers in need of transportation

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Dant Heskett

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Bury Saint Edmunds, England, United Kingdom

Name: Dant Heskett
Location: Hollywood Riviera & Greater Los Angeles area
Primary Interests: All creative concept-driven shoots, Pinups, Hot Rods, Bands, Fashion, Runway, Commercial Product
Compensation: Negotiable based on location
Qualifications and other Details: Emerging photographer from the Santa Monica College photography program. Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Canon Gear, Studio/Location Lighting. Reliable, Responsible, Mature, Clean DMV.

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Innovative Imagery

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Los Angeles, California, US

Name:  Kirk Grodske
Location: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California
Primary Interests: People, animals, product photography
Compensation:  $200.00 per day, 8 hours.  Half day minimum
Qualifications and other Details: Own and operate all formats from 35mm film to 8x10 film cameras.  Familiar with many DSLRs.  Own Canon.  Own and operate many lighting systems from speed lights to mono lights to pack and head systems.  Hard worker, dependable, respectable.  Reliable transportation.

Jan 24 14 05:41 pm Link