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So I like to have all my eggs in one basket if possible, anyone care to help fill this basket in??


Auxiliary Magazine: Buffalo NY: Print & Online


Auxiliary Magazine is an alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle magazine available online for free and in print.


Auxiliary Magazine.  auxiliary = alternative, supplementary, to provide what is missing, to give support.

We have always had a love for the different, the unique, the creative. But from all sides we’ve heard what we love is on its way out, is suffering, is dying, is dead. Today an alternative aesthetic is seen more than ever. Yet the core, the base, the scene; everyone is telling us is in a sad state. Reality is what you make it.

Our goal is to provide high quality fashion editorials, photographs, and articles; unique reviews and insights on the best media out there; and to create discussion and passion about alternative subcultures. There is a lot of amazing and creative stuff happening. We hope to find it, highlight it, and encourage it to grow.

That is why we’ve created Auxiliary Magazine; an online and print magazine dedicated to fashion, music, and lifestyle with a darker aesthetic.  There are no other boundaries than that.  That is the strong point of alternative culture; and we hope to include it all.

And that is a lot of ground to cover.  So contribute!  Send us your fashion, your music, your events, your opinions, your projects, your ideas.  This magazine isn’t for a select few, we don’t know it all, this magazine is for you and what we all love.


[email protected]


Editor in Chief Jennifer Link [email protected]

Fashion Editor Meagan Hendrickson [email protected]

Music Editor Mike Kieffer [email protected]

Associate Editor Luke Copping [email protected]



Black Magazine is New Zealand's international fashion, beauty, arts and culture magazine.


To stand shoulder to shoulder with the international fashion and culture bi-annual publications we admire and respect.

BG Magazine

:: director general bg andrés álvarez : [email protected]

:: asistente dirección jenny gárate : [email protected]

:: director administrativo arturo andrade

:: director creativo andrés álvarez

:: editora katya cazar : [email protected]

:: asistente editorial e investigación adriana argudo : [email protected]

:: corrector de textos verónica neira

:: publisher alexandra crespo : [email protected]

:: diseño juan pablo fernández : iván cabrera

:: diagramación iván cabrera : [email protected]

:: www jhoanna castillo

:: produccion pedro cueva : [email protected]

:: fotografía julio torres : [email protected]

:: director comercial mauricio campoverde : [email protected]

:: comercialización, relaciones públicas job journal & bussiness communications

alexandra de varas: [email protected] magno cervantes montiel [uio]: [email protected] hilda cuadro[gye]: [email protected]

:: artes roque arias : [email protected]

:: suscripciones grupo ideas s.a. [uio] : [email protected]

:: d7 design ejecutivo de cuentas santiago andrade : [email protected]

:: d7 design produccion geovanny eras : [email protected]

:: bg models daniela arce : [email protected]

BLU Magazine: Print & Online

Blü Magazine is the fashion-forward magazine of Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA and now Charleston, SC.

Our mission is to illustrate the progression of Charlotte, Charleston and Atlanta culture by showcasing the most current trends in fashion, art, and design. We aim to expose our readers to local artists while also offering a glimpse into international talent. We appreciate artistic inspiration in all forms, but most applaud genuine originality. We target those who think outside of the box and express individuality through their own unique style of fashion or art.

We, at Blü Magazine strive to represent the creative side of Charlotte, Charleston and Atlanta by depicting all facets of the current art, fashion scene and street culture.


CHOAS: Print & Online

Photography Submission Guidelines:

Editorials must be 6-10 pages, not more.

Label images with your FIRST & LAST NAME as well what issue you are submitting. For example: reeseherrick_summer10_01.jpg, reeseherrick_summer10_02.jpg, etc. Images listed by LOOK1, LOOK2 will not be accepted and we will request proper file names so please do it right the first time, saves us work and you as well.

Please do not repeat outfits through the editorial, submitting 4 shots of the same outfit in your 10-page editorial will not be accepted.

All fashion editorials must feature multiple designers.

Complete team credit is required: photographer, stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, and models listed with their agency. All models used must be agency represented.

Complete wardrobe credits are required and crucial to your submission and must be in the following format or they will not be accepted, i.e.:

shirt WILDFOX jeans KUSBI jacket BEC & BRIDGE bracelet HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 necklace LOVE TOKENS shoes JEFFREY CAMPBELL

Everything above must be included in the submission. Submissions not following these guidelines will be rejected without notice, so if you don’t hear back from us you probably didn’t follow the directions, directly as directed.

email submissions to: [email protected]

Submission Deadlines: Autumn: July 1st Winter: October 1st Spring: February 1st Summer: April 1st (not a joke, seriously)

C’Heads: Online

You want to be inside of C'Heads Magazine? Suggestions are welcome!

General requirements *You have to be the copyright-owner of the work and holder of the model-release. *For an image-publication we need 8-15 pictures of one or a similiar serie/theme. *Minimum image size 1500 px high, 300dpi, JPEG/TIFF, without logos or text. *Unpublished work is generally preferred. *We have no special themes or topics. *We need a small biography from you. *A short artist-statement about your work. *Also the correct, complete and approved names of assistants, models, stylists and location.

Submission process *Only correct & full requests will be handled. *We don't accept submissions without a preview of the images or text-examples. *If we are interested in your work for one of our next issues, we'll contact you in the next 1-2 weeks - please be patient. *To get an idea what we are looking for, check out one of the our issues.

Chiffon Magazine: Print & Online

Culture Magazine: Australia : Print & Online

Submissions to

All Submissions must be accompanied by a statement stating that model release forms have been signed

and that you have them on file to be sighted on request if necessary.


All videos should have a duration of under 4 minutes.  Supplied as a, mpeg4 H.264 codec or flash video file (.flv) format.  These files must be 480x360 pixels @ 300 kbps and be under 15MB.

These files should be supplied on CD or we can download them from a ftp site with a supplied link.  A brief description of the video is also required.

NOTE –You can send higher resolution files on CD to be resized by us, and DVDs can be supplied, but a reformatting fee of $150 will apply.  All material should be sent to culture Magazine PO Box 1212, Toowong. QLD. Australia. 4066

All Material will be assessed to see if it meets certain criteria and there is no guarantee it will be published.


Six images maximum can be supplied. RGB web ready files size 600 pixels high with max width 800 pixels @ 72 dpi.

If you supply more than six images then we will choose the final six to be uploaded.

Supply the names of...

Hairdresser, Color Technician, Salon Name, Photographer, Hair&Makeup, Fashion Stylist.

These files can be emailed to [email protected] 

All Material will be assessed to see if it meets certain criteria and there is no guarantee it will be published.

Submissions to culture Magazine-

culture always welcomes general image submissions for use throughout the magazine.  We often use photos to illustrate articles... whether it be hairdressing, fashion or street-culture related. To Submit - Email low-res images to [email protected]

Hair & Fashion Shoots - culture thrives on fabulous hair and fashion collections.  These shoots are lovingly displayed in culture's Gallery and Vanities pages, so they are required to be fashion-oriented, with evidence of strong and creative hair styling and make-up.

Technical Specifications - All images should be shot with the intent of minimal post editing in photoshop. So all things that can be fixed on the day of the shoot should be, such as background papers and floors being clean and smooth where applicable. All hair, makeup, clothing and props shouldn't have to be fixed post shoot and will only be fixed if there is no other option. culture Magazine reserves the right to use their creative licence with all submitted images when designing the layout of the spread.

Covers - Front cover images are generally selected from the Gallery pages so you are required to shoot at least one set-up that could be a potential cover. You must allow space for the masthead and typesetting when shooting this image and be aware of the magazine's dimensions in the cropping of this potential image. To Submit: Send low-res examples of your shoots to [email protected] We'll get back to you within 4 weeks should we wish to publish your work.  Please note that all submissions chosen for publication are required to be exclusive to culture Magazine.  Once you get the go-ahead, follow the instructions below to send it in!

Film Capture - All photographers are required to select 4 or 5 choices of each setup with the first choice highlighted and supply these proofs to culture. The final spread will be selected from these proofs with your first choices being noted, then you will be required to supply a high res digital file (at least 40MB CMYK 300dpi tiff full frame) of the final selected shots. The CD supplied should be clearly labelled on the CD and CD case with thumbnails indicating files, file names, contact phone numbers, crew credits plus any photoshop editing requirements.

Digital Capture - All shots must be a minimum 6 million pixel capture. All photographers should select at least 4 or 5 choices of each setup with the first choice being highlighted. These selected files should be printed out in paper proof sheet form and also supplied on CD in two folders one low-res and high-res (300 dpi CMYK tiff) with all files names being consistent. The final spread will be selected from these files. The CD supplied should be clearly labelled on the CD and CD case with thumbnails indicating files, file names, contact phone numbers, crew credits plus any photoshop editing requirements

Credits - As stated above, crew credits must be supplied with your shoot.  Please include full names for the following: - Photography - Hair - Makeup - Products used (for both hair and makeup) - Fashion Styling - Models (including the agency they are from) - fashion credits for each image, including designer, garment description and stockists.

All enquiries regarding design, layout and technical specifications, please contact our Graphic Designer, Taryn Yat at [email protected]


Dress To Kill: Toronto: Print & Online


5445 De Gaspé suite 304A Montréal, Québec Canada H2t 3B2

tel. 514-272-6187


Sylvain Blais [email protected]


Stéphane Le Duc [email protected]


Fritz [email protected]


Eva Bilinska [email protected]


[email protected]

DuJour Magazine: Online

DUJOUR showcases an abundance of dreamy fashion spreads in each issue. We look for youthful, dreamy, feminine, whimsical, and high quality photography that has been created independently and features a mix of indie designers as well as high-end or vintage designers. PLEASE only submit your work after getting to know DUJOUR’s style. You can search Google images, use our Flickr and Tumblr or view the past art issue here. Email your submissions here with all your relevant details in the form of lo-res jpeg attachments, pdfs and/or links to websites, flickr or similar file-sharing sites. Priority will be given to shoots with agency represented models. DUJOUR was also founded with most of its excitement focused on showcasing the work of insanely talented emerging illustrators and artists from around the world. And don’t fret, we focus on all kinds of art, not just fashion-related illustration. Email your submission with a link to your online portfolioto as well as a few images included in the body of the email: [email protected]

DISfunkshion Magazine



Publisher/Editor in Chief:

Hugette Montesinos

[email protected]

Online Editor:

Valerie Warrington

[email protected]

Public Relations Director:

Tyson K. Joines

[email protected]




about fart magazine

FART is a young magazine built around diverse creative channels. FART stands for Fashion and Art. The obvious mainstream fashion photography, but also Art, a subject which will hopefully get greater attention in the upcoming issues. FART promotes the work of many different artistic people, such as photographers, models, Make Up Artists, Stylists, Designers, Painters, and other creative minds. We put those people on the spot, the pedestal, in order to inspire other people.

FART is the brain child of Joke Schaper, a freelance photographer and model. Early 2009 she had the idea to create a platform to share works and ideas for creative people like herself. Without any experience in the field of creating layouts or the general development of anything like FART, she together with her partner Harmen Piekema, also freelance photographer, had the guts to try. FART magazine as it is today is the result.

A few weeks ago FART's team has become valuable support. A third creative team member joined, Jantina Talsma. She is a fourth year student of graphic design. She studies at the ROC Friese Poort in Drachten. Her experience in the field of designing layouts has given FART a qualitative boost. Due to that the magazine, as well as its Web presence have become more accessible. FART is well underway with this team and expects to become only more beautiful, better, bigger, and even more professional. There have been ten issues published until now, and the atmosphere is fresher and more daring than ever, while putting together the following issue. Everyone in the creative world strives for perfection, therefore all tips for improvement are very much welcome. In every new issue FART is looking for creative heroes from any creative channel. Are you someone matching the profile, or do you know someone we should interview or display some work of? Please do write us an Email! In the section "Submissions" you can find all the requirements.

What should you send? Photo Series, artwork, stories and the like that fits within the theme of the upcoming magazine.   ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Photographer: • High resolution images • Minimum Image Dimensions: 1024x768 Landscape, Portrait 768x512 pixels • File Type:. Jpg • Filename: Naam_Nummer.jpg • The images must be in the proper order for publication. • Minimum of 4 images • Photo series title, with possibly a short introductory story. • Team credits (artists, models, stylists, etc.) (word doc.)

Writers: • File Type:. Doc • Filename: Naam_ArtikelNaam.doc • Minimum of 150 words • Any matching high-resolution image

Artists: • File Type:. Jpg • Filename: Naam_Nummer.jpg • The images must be in the proper order for publication. • High resolution.

How should you send your submission? Send an email with the following information to [email protected]:

• Name • E-mail • Website • Location • Product and team credits. (word doc.)

Email: [email protected]

* IMPORTANT * Submissions won’t be accepted or viewed, when they’ve already been posted on the internet before. (model mayhem, myspace, facebook, etc.) FART magazine cannot guarantee all submissions will be placed. If a submission doesn’t meet the required criteria, it will not be placed in the magazine.

Copyright The entire contents of the magazine is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without written permission from FART. FART cannot be held responsible for misuse of images or advertisements that have been submitted. FART reserves the right to edit, reject, rewrite or reuse submissions.

FAULT Magazine: UK: Print & Online


Suite 7, 40 Craven Street London WC2N 5NG United Kingdom

General Enquiries -

[email protected]

Editor in chief

[email protected]

Art Director

[email protected]

Business Development Director

[email protected]

Advertising Enquiries

[email protected]

FAULT Magazine defines our generation and focuses on the things that matter in a matchless style.

FAULT represents a new way of thinking and perceiving, and was created for any creative soul disillusioned with the mundane and superficial.

Published quarterly and accompanied by a yearly limited edition hardback book, FAULT stays true to what matters with the kind of uncompromising integrity our readers have come to expect.

We bring you style, meaning and substance from across the globe, with original artwork, music, culture and photography taking centre stage.

Additionally, FAULT is distributed alongside our sister imprint Beyond Black’s publications directly to high net worth individuals and across the full spectrum of Beyond Black’s strategic partners including: Private banks, Megayachts, Jets, Islands, Top resorts, Clubs and Five Star + Hotels. For further information, see

FAULT'S content and layout is designed with a unisex audience in mind and is known for its meticulous attention to detail and unmistakable artistic style. FAULT is praised for its innovative presence and has the innate ability to introduce inspirational and influential work from the newest credible musical and artistic talent.

Distributed by COMAG

Fashion Berry: Online

Filler Magazine: Online is a fashion opus for the new generation.

Defined by an innovative fusion of photography and video editorial, FILLER extends beyond the runway, purveying stories across the spectrum of culture, beauty and lifestyle. Collaborating with industry mavericks, renowned for their discerning eye & distinctive style, FILLER provides the male and female fashion astute with a seasonal assemblage of raw aesthetics & cerebral creativity.

Creative Director: Ryan Johnson [email protected]

Editorial director: Jennifer Lee [email protected]

For More information contact: [email protected]

Address: 800 Lansdowne Ave Unit #601 m6h 4k3 Toronto, Ontario Canada

FutureClaw: Print & Online

FutureClaw is a fashion, art, and culture publication with distribution at specialty newsstands across the United States and Canada. It is printed on the finest paper, mixing both matte and gloss coatings. The magazine was established by a group of creatives nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Our goal is set to document the spirit of our times through the most obvious format: the use of lots of very big pretty pictures and the written word. The energy that exists within the creative mind enables us to create FutureClaw. This energy also defines the culture of the future.

For submissions, send email to: [email protected]


Glam Rock Magazine: Online             

Glam Rock Magazine is a fashion based webzine bringing you interviews, stories and insight to the fashion and beauty industry. We concentrate on bringing you all the latest on the industries core representatives; including Fashion Designers, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Bands and Stylists, as well as the artists and designers who influence them. We are the ones who make the fashion, the music, the feeling of the life you’ll live in that fashion and we determine what you want, what you got and what you’ll hate in 6 months because so-and-so wore it on some “_____ of Love” show you can’t stand but still watch every week. We strive to take the phrase “Glam Rock” and make it so much more than an eccentric 80’s hair band phase. While we LOVE those bands for their teased hair, rockin’ attitude and fun music, we feel that Glam Rock means SO much more! Glam Rock is the fusion of hollywood glamour and sex appeal mixed with the rebellious and hardcore attitude of underground bands and fashion guru’s who rock the streets harder than any mainstream-lister possibly could. Glam Rock encourages self expression and the search for originality which is why we don’t report on trends. Trends go in and out of style quicker than some Hollywood marriages so we prefer to focus on great fashion throughout time. Bringing you the best of styles throughout different time periods and different countries, you will be able to see what you love and what you cant stand! This creates a much more interesting and long lasting wardrobe. With Glam Rock being the true fusion of glamour and rebellion, our style reflects that. We may have blue and teal hair and wear a mixture of goth-lolita and scene kid clothing but our hair is big and glamorous and our makeup is always picture perfect. This good vs. bad mentality in fashion is what we live by, and our goal is mix it together and create a beautiful tragedy. A new vision of beauty!

Feature Submissions: To submit for a feature, either email us at [email protected] or fill out the form to the right and it will be submited to our email! The more photos or examples of your work, the easier it will be for us to pick you out of the crowd! Please allow ample time for us to get back to you about a feature. We recieve an abundant amount of submissions monthly and it takes us a while to get through them all, so please, do not be offended if we don't get back to you right away

Glossy Magazine:



Idoll Magazine

IDOLL MAGAZINE - COMING SOON THE MARQUEE MAGAZINE OF PEERLESS MODELS - Idoll Magazine was created to give male and female model enthusiasts a backstage view at the sex, drugs, gossip, drama, joy and tears of agency models, observed from a peerless model point of view. From covers, contracts and campaigns to runways & after parties. Idoll magazine was built to provide true mannequins with intel, news and important updates from inside the original IMAGE industry.

The purpose of this sites demonstration is to disburse to market a more comprehensive vehicle for and from inside the world of agency models. Idoll Magazine deals with conversational & controversial issues surrounding the economics of modeling.

ION MAGAZINE: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver: Print & Online

ION Magazine- #303 505 Hamilton. Vancouver BC V6B 2R1

Phone: 604 696 9488/ Fax: 604 696 9411

General Comments or Questions:[email protected]

Inked Magazine: NEW YORK: Print & Online

Subscriptions: Subscribe here. For status on subscriptions contact [email protected] (888.465.3305)

Editorial and Sales Office: Inked Magazine 12 W. 27th Street 10th Floor

New York, NY  10001

United States

Office: 646-454-9192

Fax: 646-454-1865


Info: [email protected] Editor: [email protected] Webmaster: [email protected] Publisher: [email protected] President: [email protected]

Corporate Office: Quadra Media L.L.C.

174 Middletown Blvd.

Langhorne, PA  19047



Kitten Magazine

[email protected]


Life and Fashion Magazine: TORONTO: Print & Online Associate Editor and Fashion Director: Wendy deFrietas: [email protected]  ( John Ly said to hit her up).


Material Girl : Austria: Print & Online

plastic media Schottenfeldgasse 76/EG 1070 Vienna Austria

TEL: +43-1-9291570 FAX: +43-1-9291580 MAIL: [email protected]

Publisher: Clemens Steinmüller

Editor-in-Chief: Kira Stachowitsch

Art Director: Daniela Bily

Fashion Editor: Romy Uebel

Junior Fashion Editor: Silke Bücker

Beauty Editor: Claudia Hubmann

Homepage: Harald Hackel


material girl is published quarterly.

Upcoming issues 2008: Spring Issue: February // Summer Issue: May // Fall Issue: August // Winter Issue: October

Distribution Areas: Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as selected stores in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo

Copy price: Austria / Germany EUR 7.00 Switzerland CHF 11.90

material girl is published by plastic media & events / steinmüller und stachowitsch OEG, Schottenfeldgasse 76, A-1070 Wien

Advertising: If you would like to receive material girl's mediakit please contact [email protected]

Advertising and Managing Director: Clemens Steinmüller

Any reproduction of editorial is strictly prohibited without prior permission from the publisher. The views expressed in material girl are those of the respective contributors and are not necessarily shared by the publisher or the magazine's staff. We can assume no responsibility for unsolicited material sent to us.




Plaid Magazine: LOCAL TORONTO: Print [email protected] telephone: 647.998.1202





Spade Magazine: Ottawa: Print & Online

Head Office:

267 Dalhousie Street, Suite 2

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

K1N 7E3

Tel: 613 860 8585

Ax: 613 860 2446

Fashion & Style: Corey Ng

[email protected]

Editorial: Daniel Mackinnon

[email protected]


T & M Magazine: Print & Online

contribute: [email protected]

T&M magazine is an independent beauty and fashion magazine from Toronto, Ontario. published quarterly and available in print and online – 46 pages with little to no ads.

T&M features the work of international beauty and fashion photographers plus Make-up reviews & tutorials.


UCE: Online


UCE is a 100% digital "next-generation" magazine dedicated to Fashion, Design and Culture.

Providing content that rivals that of high-end print magazines: cinematic narrative-driven fashion editorials and in-depth articles in fashion & beauty, design and culture lace the pages of each issue. View feature articles and spreads from creative inspiration from around the globe. In UCE Magazine's interactive environment, original photography, embedded sound and video for story depth makes each page a richer experience.

UCE Magazine connects with a young, well-educated, affluent audience that is abandoning traditional media. Our readers will click through the UCE Magazine environment recognizing all the brands they love and discovering new brands soon to be adored.


UCE is a luxury interactive publication that offers a smooth and highly graphic navigation within eye-catching content. Directly link to articles from the index. Post and share your favorite pages and images. With a few simple mouse clicks, UCE is easy to navigate and a pleasure to read, watch and listen.

What's your carbon footprint? With UCE Magazine you leave a paperless trail and contribute to a more eco-friendly environment. More than just a trend, it's a way of life.

Dear Contributor:

We hope you enjoy Team UCE!

Theme of the next issue: "LUSTFUL GAIN"

This issue will document the instances in which a person succombs to the complexity and compulsion of lust. We want to portray the madness that often drives a person's investigation and pursuit of such desire. We hope to encapsulate moments in which lust leads a person into the dark world of coveting that which they cannot have. (STRIVE TO PRODUCE VIVID, WELL-DEFINED IMAGES THAT TELL A STORY)

Here are a few elements you could incorporate into storylines or photos: - Specific people that may serve as the object of desire (i.e. love, envy, jealousy) - Concepts that may serve as the object of desire (i.e. faith, freedom, safety) - Tangible objects that may serve as the object of desire (i.e. jewelry, clothing, cars)

As always, be sure to incorporate modern high fashion and beauty trends.



PLEASE NOTE Submissions WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED if they were previously posted on the internet (model mayhem, myspace, facebook, etc.), with the exception of your personal website.

What to send? Image or series of images that follow the theme of the next issue.

How to send? Send an e-mail to [email protected] with LOW RESOLUTION images and the following information:

    city, state, country
    short biography (optional)
    all product and team credits



    image resolution: 300dpi
    image color mode: CMYK
    image minimum size: 7" X 9.5" portrait, 14" X 9.5" landscape
    image type: .jpg or .tif
    image name: your_name_sequence_number.jpg or .tif
    the series should be enumerated in their order
    minimum of 4 images
    title of shoot
    credits for individuals involved (i.e. clothing, hair, makeup, stylist, etc.)


    image type: .doc
    image name: your_name_article_name.doc
    minimum of 150 words
    high resolution photo to accompany article (NOTE: Please contact us ASAP if you need a photographer assigned to your article)


    image type: .jpg or .tif
    image name: your_name_sequence_number.jpg or .tif
    the series should be enumerated in their order
    high resolution

All requirements must be met inorder for your submission to be approved.

Electronic files may be sent either via FTP (preferred), URL link ( or CD:

FTP Host: User Id: submissions Password: Pass1word

EMAIL [email protected]

Copyright The entire contents of UCE are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the publisher. UCE accepts no responsiblity for unsolicited manuscripts and/or photographs and assumes no liability for products or services advertised herein. UCE reserves the right to edit, rewrite, refuse or reuse material, is not responsible for errors or omissions and may feature same on, as well as other mediums for any and all purposes. All sent material may or may not be published due to space, editorial review and/or quality


Vanity Teen: Print & Online

Submission info:

Marta Parera

Email:  [email protected]

Vanity Teen is one of the most pretentious magazines around. And so it should be. Adolescence is, after all, a time for experimenting with social identities; trying to find a place in the world. With a name like Vanity Teen, it’s not as if this title could be accused of misleading us as to its potential intentions. The self-referential narcissism of youth is its reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

Enclaves of naïve youths may throw bricks at the screen upon reading such blunt words about a magazine aimed at them –and within which many of them probably dream about appearing- but it’s hardly a hidden reality that the patronizing old people should deny, going along with it like some Emperor’s New Clothes narrative.

Youth is sexy. Youth sells and, more importantly, youth buys. But, in all honesty, it is often difficult to work out exactly at whom this title is aimed. Is it actually at the youth audience that one might automatically assume from the title? Or is it at lecherous old voyeurs of both genders, eager to mainline that elixir in the form of fresh faces and fresh blood? The truth is probably a bit of both.

In the case of the former target audience, the title should be congratulated on its stark and clear art direction and photography, clearly leaps and bounds ahead of the usual diet of kooky and trite imagery thrown at young people. And, even if the matter of the latter raises certain difficult questions, then it would be dishonest to dismiss the strength of what Toni Perez has developed. Whether Mr Perez is a young victim of the industrial-media complex or whether he, young but wily, has beaten them at their own game is the stuff of bar room debate that is entirely divorced from the clarity of vision this title offers. If you want to learn about contemporary creative youth –as a participant or consumer- Vantiy Teen is essential reading.\

VAMPD Magazine





OTHER: 4PM Magazine: Milwaukee, US: Print & Online

[email protected]

4PM is a lifestyle magazine and media company with one goal in mind: value.  It is our goal to bring value to our readers and advertisers at every turn.  We do this by providing relevant, consistent and free content through multiple channels. While the magazine remains the focal point of our efforts, we will continue to utilize and tie-in new and emerging media formats.  As of today, we utilize online, social media and mobile to support our focal point: the magazine.

4PM delivers dedicated editorial redefining fashion and entertainment, and only the hottest of what’s going on. Our readers are both affluent male and female social urbanites ages 21-39. 4PM’s target is the image conscious, trendsetters who live fashionably loud, with disposable income to spare and tastes for the better things in life. Our creative department reinvents the magazine each time to stay fresh and on point with the trends. We capture the audience with an aggressive writing style that steals the attention of all. This allows us to be the go to publication for what’s going on, bringing worlds together through culture similarities and lifestyles. We are not only building a magazine, we are creating a lifestyle.


about 180

180 magazine is an internet publication with no budget and no plans at the moment for either print publication or advertising (unless a whiz-bang sales rep would like to step forward and volunteer). It is a reflection of the combined vision of the contributors and editors.

The magazine is optimized for a screen size of 1024 x 768 and a maximized browser.


While 180 magazine usually presents the work of invited artists in each issue, we are happy to look at the work of new photographers and illustrators who have a distinctive vision, and established artists who have intensely personal work that they would like to share. You are welcome to send links to websites or email photos to us at any of the addresses below.

Fashion and lifestyle stories should be at least 5-7 images on a common theme. Our focus is on the photographer and the team, so the fashion and styling can be personal, vintage, quirky or traditional. Anything as long as it's interesting (which implies a strong story). Credits are given to everyone involved in the story.

Thought pieces should have photos that are very tightly integrated into the writing. We will use the number of photos necessary to create the story.

Fine art stories should also be tightly integrated, with a unified visual presence.

Artist profiles need not be a single theme but the photographs chosen should express a unified vision or visual presence. In other words, one style at a time, and as tight as possible.

Photos submitted for use should be at a minimum 800 pixels on the long side and 72dpi in .jpg format. Photos should not be visibly "watermarked" or include frames that are not an integral part of the image. Photos can be digitally watermarked and/or identified in the IPTC fields of the jpeg file. Photos will be displayed on the website at about 800 pixels wide and 750 pixels high.

the fine print

By submitting photographs or illustrations for publication in 180 you are stipulating to us that you own copyright to these photographs or have permission from the copyright holder to submit these photographs.

By submitting photos for publication in 180 you are granting 180 magazine a non-exclusive license to use the photograph in its submitted form, subject to re-sizing to fit the magazine format, for publication in that specific issue and on the 180 website for as long as the website exists. Please note that back issues of 180 may remain available in the archive for as long as the website exists.

Should you, for any reason, wish your photographs to be removed from the website, we will make every effort to do so. However, please note also that third parties such as educational institutions, search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive this (or any other) website with or without our knowledge. 180 magazine will have no control over such downloading and subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any such use.

To emphasize, any photographer who is considering publishing or posting their images anywhere online, must be aware that any image that can be seen on a computer screen has been downloaded to that computer and can be saved. If this concerns you in any way, do not submit your images to 180 magazine (or any other site on the web).


180 welcomes submissions from writers who would like to have their work showcased in the magazine. Art criticism, artist interviews, thought pieces and book reviews are all actively encouraged. The magazine has a focus on the artist and the process of creation.

book reviews

180 welcomes submissions of books for review. We are especially interested in books from small publishers or from the artist. If you would like to submit a book for review please send it to:

180 reviews: Attn Kim Taylor 44 Inkerman St Guelph Ont Canada N1H 3C5

editor: Kim Taylor

publisher: 180 degree imaging 5 Old Mill Road Cambridge Ontario Canada

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Dave Kai Piper

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interesting !!

Mar 27 11 07:41 am Link

Wardrobe Stylist

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Well,.... Okay in Toronto, I know ALOT of people. And I seem to be one of the "MOM" type figures where everyone asks me who to go to, where to get services for this or that, and well where they can submit images.

So one day I thought, why not make a list, the ultimate list for submissions.

The only problem being,  I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!

But I try. So I start compiling this list, with help even in the past from MM, and well in my limited free time.

I wonder why something like this isn't more available. I personally share all the information I have learned over my years within the industry here.

I don't have a problem sharing  the information of where to shop, or where to submit a image.

Anyhow, My MAIN reason to post this, is to SHARE AND GROW IT!

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Huh? Is this a list of worthless digital "magazines"?

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Mister Monday

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This is very helpful, especially for people who are newer and wanting to venture out a bit. Nice work!

Mar 27 11 08:51 am Link

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Lumigraphics wrote:
Huh? Is this a list of worthless digital "magazines"?

Feel Free to ADD some more Worthy Magazines,.... its just magazines I find here and there, some print, some online.

Mar 27 11 12:12 pm Link


Omar Abdelmoaty

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Greg Kolack

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5+ year bump...not a record, but still impressive...

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Is it open for people from Asian countries as well ?

Dipty smile

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