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Brittany Rose N

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Hey guys, a friend of mine applied for a job through the Internet with the company global talent management, I was just curious if anyone has actually heard of this company. She didn't apply directly on the website and it just seems a bit sus. I can't seem to find much about them on the net at all. They have one website which is mainly focused on acting but this job was for promotional modeling. Please help smile I'm thinking it might b leike the Australian talent management scam.

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Emi Rose

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Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Not sure on 'Global Talent Management' but there's a certain Talent Management in the UK which is a huge scam and from what I'v seen/heard scams a lot of people and regulary.  You should google/check the alba list and gain some insight onto this agency.  Also, if your friend is on MM tell her to educate herself into spotting these scams smile

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Makeup Artist

Glamorous Dolls

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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

I was interested in signing up with them as well. However I believe if a company wants you should audition for them. If they the are happy you shouldn't have to pay for the shoot or anything else as the only money they should make is commission off each role you land. However this is just my opinion and I could be wrong and they could be a great company. Here is an email they sent me below, hope it helps!

As per our discussion; if you are interested in having us representing you within the Industry, please go to our website and register as an Artist with us. From there, I can help you get your Professional Photo Portfolio sorted by an accredited photographer with the Film and Television Industry. If you would like, I can also help you to get your Showreel done (for as you are aware that opens up so many more doors for you).

Once we have your Portfolio and/or Showreel we can begin promoting you to casting directors, production companies, etc.

Further to our conversation please find relative information re:  bank deposit for booking fee (mentioned below) of $199 along with some necessary information for you to read through.

    PORTFOLIO DETAILS: $199   (fully Tax Deductible) 
    You require 3 outfit styles for your Photo shoot:     1. Casual      2. Corporate    3. Evening (funky)   
    20 –30  shots taken, you may keep as many as you like (un water marked)


    SHOWREEL DETAILS: $199  (fully Tax Deductible)
    Your Videographer will film you doing 2 scripts that you can either choose yourself or we can supply a range for you to choose from, these scripts will need to showcase various emotions.

You should look at obtaining these as soon as possible so you do not miss out on the current opportunities available.


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Once you have made the transfer please forward me a copy of your receipt form via email OR fax.  Your Photographer/Videographer will then be forwarded a copy of your receipt of payment and contact details.  You will then be contacted to arrange a suitable time for your photo-shoot or showreel, if you haven’t heard from them within 48 hours PLEASE CALL YOURSELF, he/she will also explain to you what you will need to bring with you if you are still unsure.

I look forward to speaking to you again so as to get the ball rolling!

Have a great day, and if you have any further queries please feel free to contact me on the information provided below.

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