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Deep Shadows Pictures

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Hi, I have a model that wants to submit pics to Hustler magazine. Does anyone know how I could go about doing that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Good Egg Productions

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Matt Schmidt

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I think the rule is . . . all images must come thru me first, right?

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Good Egg Productions wrote:

I love that - haven't stopped laughing for 5 minutes!!

That does highlight the problem with Google though, I know it's great to use but once you go on the Google page how the heck do you know what to do?  So your link helped me enormously - thank you.

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guide forum



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I suggest that you write not call.

Larry Flynt Publishing Inc.
8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 900
Beverly Hills, California 90211

Telephone: (323) 651-5400
Fax: (323) 651-3525


You need to be prepared to specify which magazine you may want to submit to and ask for the submission guidelines.

the current LFP magazine titles are:
Hustler Magazine
Taboo Magazine
Barely Legal Magazine

LFP also has a range of websites where there may be other opportunities to sell them images.


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Do they still do the "Beaver Shoot?" tongue

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