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Cole Morrison

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Portland, Oregon, US

Coworkers have found them. I reacted with a shrug.
Friends have seen them. I have to console them that I'm not going to be killed.
Girlfriends and potential girlfriends have seen them. I show pride in my work.

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Dan Brady wrote:


LOL, just realized I responded twice to this thread tongue

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nathan combs

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Waynesboro, Virginia, US

I photoed a husbend and wife nude and his mom called him and sead she seen his wife posing naked with some man he just told her that was him LOL

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Jen B

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Photography InFocus wrote:
Did anyone in your family ever find your nude photos online?
Did any of your classmates or workmates find them?
Did anyone in your church find them?
Did any of your friends find them?

How did you react? How did it make you feel?

Old thread, love model mayhem...

I've only been doing art shots for the last two months but, my mom [has] already had one printed out and has it hanging in her house. smile Awww, gotta love support! So, my neices, sister, brother, and all know about it.


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Kam Arose

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Berkeley, California, US

Damianne wrote:
Yeah, everyone finds them when I tell them about it.

Yeah, this. I don't dick around with the "Ooh, I'm a secret nude model" thing. Shit just invites drama.

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West Hollywood, California, US

I don't pose nude but who would care anyway, you are who you are. There's nothing to be ashamed about.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dekilah wrote:
I am pretty much the poster child for "they will find out somehow."

A couple months after I started my mom (who was working at the same business I was), called me into her office and told me my boss had found my photos. My mom has always come across as really conservative (and I still think she mostly is), but instead of her freaking out on me she just told me I might want to put them somewhere he could find them because we both knew he was a perv. He had not asked her to do this, of course, and she didn't tell him that she told me he knew.

Okay, now this came as a shock that he found them at first. But then we pieced together how he found me (most of which he told my mom) and it just made the whole thing seem ridiculous. I had MySpace at the time and was using the name Dekilah on there. However, I had the profile set where you couldn't search for me. What he had done was searched for girls in the area fitting a certain description and I had popped up via that route (thanks Myspace tongue ). I still didn't have any links or anything to my modeling there. So then he googled the name and found my ModelMayhem which wasn't set to make 18+ viewable only to members at the time.

But the best part was just a little while later when he talked to me about it himself because I had hidden the photos before he got a chance to save them to his hard drive (which he told my mom). Remember how I said Mom didn't tell him she told me he found them? Well, he calls me into his office and tells me he found my photos. I pretend to be surprised. He tells me it's okay. I (still feigning worry and shock) ask him how in the world he found them when I'd been so very careful. He then proceeds to tell me that one of the students at the martial arts school where I worked was a photographer and he showed him. So of course naturally I question who it was (knowing full well it was no student). He tells me that's not important. I tell him that it kind of is to me and that it's horrible unethical for a photographer to do such a thing to another person in the industry and that I needed to know who it was so I would never work with that person. He then switches gears and says he never said it was a student and that he knows all sorts of people in the industry. Fashion, nudes, and porn. He then tries to talk to some "industry jargon" to convince me. I continue to insist that whoever this person was that told on me has violated all sorts of codes and ethics.

In the end, he ended up tangled in his own web of lies and nothing he said matched up. Later on he tried getting me to give him nude photos so he could help me best design a workout for my body type. Basically, the whole thing just ended up being something my mom and I joked around about.

Aside from that delightful situation, I think one of my little brothers found my photos somehow, probably googling again, and then told the other two siblings. The only immediate family member that I don't believe knows is my dad. And I'd rather keep it that way. I'm not afraid of how he'll react, but my dad is older and I'd rather not stress him out over something I know he won't approve of.

My friends are all people I made through modeling and the like so they all know, especially up here in Detroit I'm definitely known for being a nude model (in a good way). I'd already graduated college before I started modeling so that's not relevant for me. And I don't regularly attend church.

This guy sounds like a real loser. LOVE the way you handled him, you rock!

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ShivaKitty wrote:
I've shot with, and modeled for, probably hundreds of people. I really can't even estimate how many nude photos of me are out there on the internet.

Agree, I know some have been found, none were a surprise to people

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San Francisco Nudes

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A model mentioned to me that she got this text from a friend who was at a party and a nude I'd shot of her was hanging in the guy's living room.  Luckily the friend thought it was cool, and the model was thrilled that her work was actually hanging up somewhere.

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For every "found out" with repercussions of one kind or another, there must be many more when someone saw a picture and very rightly kept it to oneself. So the model was "found out", but not really...

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York, England, United Kingdom

Those questions are exactly the reason I'm unlikely to ever do nudes (at least anytime in the near future). I know for a fact my mum, dad AND stepdad would be horrified and I'd never hear the end of it. Normally this wouldn't bother me, except I'm already getting "Be careful, photographers can be dodgy!", which is annoying enough.
Where did that stereotype even come from?
Rant over.

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Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Photography InFocus wrote:
Did anyone in your family ever find your nude photos online?
Did any of your classmates or workmates find them?
Did anyone in your church find them?
Did any of your friends find them?

How did you react? How did it make you feel?

Yes, although they liked most of them. I how ever did a light fetish shoot earlier this year and my aunt found the images... best to say she was not a happy bunny.

My classmates from secondry school (high school) follow/like my tumblr and facebook so they frequently see my updates. The ones who like my facebook do only see the censored/clothed versions of my work though...

I don't go to church, so nope.

A lot of my friends tend to critique my work. I went to the art college where I live so a lot of my college friends moved on to photography courses and enjoying viewing my work when they get the chance. Other friends that are not in the buisness have varied views on it however, most of them enjoy my maternity images, even the topless ones, but they do tend to stick to my more seasonal/horror images for their own pleasure.

My reaction to the people that view my work is always the same. "Yay, someone new has seen my work." Unless it's someone I really look up to, a llama that has inspired my since I began working as a llama recently told me she loved me work and I 'fan-girled' a little bit.
Personally, the feeling I get depends on the viewers reaction.
When my family compliment my work I feel slightly awkward but still proud that I've made an image that several generations find nice. When my friends compliment and critique my work I feel flattered by some of the compliments and also inspired by a lot of the critique... How I feel depends on my viewers smile


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Damianne wrote:
Yeah, everyone finds them when I tell them about it.
I specifically tell my dad every place there are nude photos of me so he can avoid them, or at the very least if he sees them they will be on purpose and not on accident.

This is the very reason my parents stick to viewing my model mayhem or my facebook. Model mayhem, obviously, because of the 18+ option, and as they're not members they can't turn it off.

Facebook; all of my topless/nude work is censored so they don't see anything there either.

They will not go any where near my website or my tumblr though... haha.

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