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Christina McNulty

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Is this a legit agency?

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Maybe a link to the website or MM profile or something might help someone get you an answer? Just trying to help.

Best of luck, and I hope you find the answer you're looking for.

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Flex Photography

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Have not heard good things about them. Some "agencies" charge llamas large up front "fees". Do your research. Google is your friend.

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Clothing Designer

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guys, i know this thread is old but I'm going to add to it.
I'm a designer/musician- and decided that i'd try out some acting since designing can be so lonely, acting can be a way to socialize and be creative. I have experience in the field (being so involved in the arts.)
so I've been shopping around for agencies.

2 days after I send in a request: I get a strange email from "management" asking if anyone has contacted me to set up a meeting.
I say no, and that i look forward to hearing from them. no email response
my first clue that it was a scam:
I got 6 phonecalls. I never answer my phone . i thought the repeat number was a telemarketer. I finally check my messages. all from max talent. "you've been scouted" several different agents with different names contact me.

hrm.... I'd love to believe that this is legit... can it really be so easy to get an agent?

So I go online and read reviews. none give any specifics as to why exactly they think it's a scam, but some believe it's to get you to purchase expensive photos....
well! as i mentioned: I'm a makeup artist and a designer. photographers (famous ones) are not hard to come by for me even though i'm small time.
so i said to myself: give them the benefit of the doubt! Maybe it's a disgruntled employee that is slagging them on the internet!

The woman was not friendly or interested in knowing about my acting experience. she looked at a clipboard and asked me  questions.
these questions were already answered on a questionairre that i already filled out.

she puts the clipboard down, and aggressively passes me a photo card.
"this is how we get you gigs"
and begins selling me a photo package, with a makeup artist

"we recommend a few photographers that have been published editorial photographers" she said. "they must be published editorial photographers."

"i don't mean to interrupt, i said."
"but, I did mention that I am a fashion designer, as well as a makeup artist, I actually know many published editorial photographers, I myself am a published editorial makeup artist and designer- If you give me specifics of what you would like- I can get whatever you need done,

The Agent ends the interview by saying "we will contact you-"
I was mid-sip on my juice- and was so taken back that i actually taken back and in shock. i said "can i just take a sip of this for a second?"

I paused.
"you know there is a great deal of negative things on the internet about max agency, and i came here to see if they are true or not...."

the woman becomes enraged.

"i understand," i said
"but it would be helpful- and i would be less hesitant in purchasing your photo package if you gave me an explanation as to why there has been so much slagging and people saying it's a scam, I'm just letting you know because I almost didn't come for the meeting but I wanted you guys to prove me wrong- but as soon as I wasn't interested in paying your people for photos you ended the meeting abruptly, which shows me where your priorities lie."

Real agents would have said to me:
"these are the examples of the headshots I'm looking for. That's awesome that you know some great photographers. Once you have gotten them done, can you send them to me- and I'll tell you if they are okay and we can proceed from there."
"can you send me the website of the photographer you want to use? i can tell you whether you can use them or not"

there you have it folks.
This happened only minuites ago--
I have a feeling that employees go online and make posts about "my friend got this job from them, they are legit"
after a crappy post is made about them.
Don't waste your time.
Max agency: shame on you. at least if you are trying to scam people be more charismatic about it.

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