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Ken harris photo

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US

Would enjoy feedback on the image at the link:

Apr 20 12 05:15 pm Link


noel marrero

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Menlo Park, California, US

I like the pose, I like the feeling.  The tattoo on the arm is distracting because it's just easy enough to see, but hard to make out so it pulls my focus.   I also wish the outfit wasn't quite so wrinkled.

My biggest issue however is the huge white logo at the bottom is whiter than the blown out window and it's really distracting me from the image.

Apr 20 12 07:53 pm Link


DVP Photography

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Broomfield, Colorado, US

Pose and use of light is very good.  Composition, not so much.  The huge black mass of curtain that takes almost the right half of the photo is so imposing it pulls my eye away from the model.  Perhaps should have moved in closer, pulled the curtain away, or cropped out all but an edge of the curtain.  You lost focus on a very appealing shot.

Apr 20 12 10:26 pm Link


Dave Schofield

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Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Nice model and nice idea, but it looks like you took it in a social housing apartment in a rough neighbourhood. 1) the curtain is horrible, 2) it looks like its falling off the rail, 3) it looks like there's a notice taped into the window.  I think if you cleaned up the location a bit and kept it nice and white and clean, then put the model in again and use a reflector just to lighten her up a bit more.  Reflectors are less than $10 on eBay if you don't have one.

All the best.

Apr 24 12 06:42 am Link