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Dominic Dean

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London, England, United Kingdom

Hi, how would i go about adding the effects in post like below, the faded 'yellowish look' thanks

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Greg Curran

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

try a gradient map set to color blending mode (or other) and lower the opacity to where you like it

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Workshot Photography

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İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

One of the way I know is duplicating image and resizing like %80 than adding huge gaussian blur like 200 pixel and  add big curve for brighten midtones  than resize the image again same size of your image and paste it top of your layer than you can add some levels ( something like bring the black slider to the middle ) than add
gaussian blur again blend it on screen mode like %40 opocity and warm up to image.. ( all of this process for creating a gradient with your light source )

but my personal opinion non of these work well and look realistic enough ..
best way to get this shoot wide open in the sun here some of my samples with natural way..

hope it helps a little

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Is Photo Art

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Pueblo, Colorado, US

I did it by accident once.. No help I know! I would back the saturation, Dodge, lower the contrast and color match

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Dominic Dean wrote:
Hi, how would i go about adding the effects in post like below, the faded 'yellowish look'

It's cross processing. Look at RGB values in the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows. These links explain how to interpret those values. … st15855107 … st15225821 … st16402491

The "flare" can be painted in with a soft brush.

May 05 12 03:50 pm Link

Digital Artist

Andreea Cernestean

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Baia Mare, Maramureş, Romania

It can be done with a color to transparency linear gradient and reducing layer opacity.

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