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Jay Farrell

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Nashville, Tennessee, US

Jhono Bashian wrote:
I'm putting on a workshop next weekend.
Its for photo assistants and up and coming shooters.

That's nice.....this doesn't help the discussion. hmm

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Looknsee Photography

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The Original Sin  wrote:
As a photographer attending?

A good ratio of lecture versus activity. 

Great light.

Ability to break off into small groups.  Bonus:  multiple activities, with an effort to mix up the groups.

An interesting location with multiple shooting areas.

Privacy -- only the workshop people in attendance.

Good model:photographer ratio.

Scheduled breaks (more for the models than the photographers).

Good catering.

Availability of props & backgrounds & costumes & furniture & other inspirational stuff.

Did I mention, "Great Light"?

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Motordrive Photography

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A reasonable size, a happy medium if you will. I don't want the promoter
to take a bath, but at a certain point it should be a class.

Proper organization, start, take a break and stop on time, have lights 
set up a working before people arrive.

Something that I might not be able to get on my own, like cool location
or prop (mansion, WWII plane, custom chopper, horse ect.)

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