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Jacob Davis

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Boulder, Colorado, US

Bear wrote:

Maybe. I might not think to contact you, as I don't see anything in your profile/port that suggests my style of shooting would be up your alley.

I'm not sure from your port that you would be up to the task of working in an abstract scene. Your expressions are hit or miss, as are poses. For instance: … 8#30074708

Nearly interesting pose, but bored expression. It seems like there should be some tension, but there is little or none.

Pose here is great: … 5#29856855

... but the expression is either bored, or anything that was interesting about it is obscured by angle.

This image: … 6#25225296

... shows great body language and matching expression. You could tell a story with it, and that's what I'm looking for. More of that, and I'd be more inclined to say yeppers.

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Tracii Taylor

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Me, please?

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I havent done something like it but would love veriety in my port. Do you think I can pull it off?

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Garry k

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i thought you were speaking figuratively until i looked at your port


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Jacob Davis

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Boulder, Colorado, US

KristinaxC wrote:
Interesting thread. I'm interested in knowing now.

Nope. Your port is a bit limited for now. I don't see much in the way of interesting poses or convincing expressions, except maybe this one: … 7#30217777

If asked you to show some tension in pose, or dramatic facial expression, I'm unconvinced you could do it.

That said, I'll sometimes consider for a test someone with the right look who also has an apparent interest in the dark and/or weird. Your look, actually you remind me of someone I've worked with a few times. But I don't see anything bordering apparent interest in the subjects I tend to shoot.

edit: This statement is a little off-putting: " Modeling is a hobby for me. While I don't plan on getting serious about it, I do want to have fun with it =]"

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How about me? smile

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Jacob Davis

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Stark Swearengen wrote:
How about me?  I could use some variety in my portfolio. smile

Yep. You've got a great sense of poise with appropriate expressions, coupled with a  creative, dramatic flare that would probably fit well with my work. I like your entire port, though this one is just mesmerizing: … 9#23736739

While the answer is yes, I might hesitate on certain projects that require aggressive expressions. Sometimes the concept needs anger, a good "fuck you and die" war cry. Can you do it? If it calls for terror, what then? You describe yourself as laid back, and I see that in your poise and expressive range, but sometimes that's not the right fit. Maybe that's not a big obstacle for you, though.

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Lynn Elizabeth

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I wanna play

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Curious, I love sci-fi and darker work, though I don't have a lot up at the moment.

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Jacob Davis

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Boulder, Colorado, US

Mischief Vixen wrote:

Yes, you! You've certainly got some weird and dark/gritty stuff going on. I especially like the more abstract work you do with other models, but I like the entirety of your port...

... except, I see one image that's more or less in line with what I do, before beating the hell out of it with photoshop: … 9#11951539

... but it's so placid and lacking the drama and tension of the rest of your port. Intended, I'm sure, but imagine a scene where you bring the same motion and poise as you demonstrate elsewhere. This image, while ok on its own, is mildly boring by comparison; I don't think it shows what you are evidently capable of doing. Maybe you're more comfortable in front of the lens nude than with an outfit. smile I see no reason to believe you couldn't rock a theme with a costume or outfit, though.

While your port is convincing enough, it's good that you throw into your profile that bit about being an actress. That usually tells me I won't have to direct too much in terms of expression and concept.

On the subject of expression, it's a critical point. I think you're capable of it; your port and credited photos imply it. Maybe a little more subtly than one might first catch on. Maybe more explicit range is in order? There have been a few occasions where I needed the model to jump, hit a pose, and do a certain expression.  What is your facial expression here? … 5#18346015

To be clear, I *love* the picture as it is. It demonstrates your form beautifully. But I'm also curious, for example, just how pissed off, or even ecstatic, can you look while doing that? The only negative here is that I expect we would have to make several attempts at an expression to match pose and the imagined context. But, again, I see no reason to believe you can't do it.

So, yes, tentacles for you. Or something like that.

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Jane Smithly

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This sounds fun, me?

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