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Digital Artist

Joe Diamond

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Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

My first try creating a caricature
Original movie scene

May 26 12 02:11 am Link


Ledo retouch

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Lodi, California, US

I love the color palette, harmony and overall look, great job on the hair.
There are a couple of things that I think would benefit the image, the feet
are pretty faithful to original, but I feel the toes distract and could be just
me, I would have skin in that spot (makes it look like her shoes don't fit)
thats just me. Something I think is needed is contact shadows for shoe and microphone stand.

May 26 12 12:39 pm Link

Digital Artist

Joe Diamond

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Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Thank you for letting me know your opinion and regarding the shoe i dont know what to say smile)

May 26 12 01:17 pm Link



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Wenatchee, Washington, US

I like everything but the face and armpit.

I think you can work a little more on the armpit to be in the same "level" as the rest of the picture.
The face looks wrong. I can't really point what I dislike about it, though.

Great work, though! Keep it up!

May 26 12 10:41 pm Link



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Phoenix, Arizona, US

the floor is shot from a completely different angle than the foot, so it looks wrong. we're seeing the top of the floor, and the side of her foot. they don't match.

use a photo of a floor and microphone that's shot at the same angle - or try transforming the floor layer so it looks more convincing.

here's a shot with the floor and the heels shot from the same angle - we see much less of the floor. we're not looking down at it as much.

May 26 12 10:53 pm Link


Robert LC

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Pretty awesome :]

Agree on some of the things mentioned, like contact shadows and perspective of the floor.

But I think what really stands out is her powdy lower lip.
Yes, she should have full luscious lips, but both of them, instead of only her lower lip. … 52-820.jpg

I'd also reduce the buldgy upper leg.

May 27 12 04:12 am Link



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San Diego, California, US

Needs hosiery. Otherwise, very nice.

May 27 12 01:14 pm Link